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  3. so who was molested and loved it?
I was molested and loved it first time i ever came was in his mouth with his fingers in my ass and my legs over his !! It was cume ive ever !!! I was 12
It was long ago but it was where I learned I loved the taste of dick and man cum.

I was 17 and drunk sitting on a bus bench when a car stopped and offered me a ride. I passed out woke up on the floor naked. My ass was sore and I had dried cum on my face. Two men were sitting on he sofa talking. I herd them say that I'll be a good little bitch. They thru down some pictures of me sucking their dicks, of them fucking me pictures of my Navy ID. Good morning bitch( now they were standing over me) with their dicks in my face. Meet your new best friends. The first few times I hated it, then starting to like it. Now I'm loving all I can get at 72. Lindawantabe
I was 15/16 he was 40+
I was about 12, 19 year old babysitter caught me looking down her top at her titties, she kept teasing me as I was trying to hide my hard on, she took her bra off and let me feel them as she said she wanted to see what was in my shorts, she grabbed me , I sucked her nipples as she stroked me , I came all over her, do you think it still makes me horny

A few friends used to get together back in VCR days (early 80s),and would watch pornos. One day my friend pulled out his dick and we watched him stroke a bit. Few times it was only us, and we stroked each other. After that, he started sucking me and rubbing his on my asshole. Never penetration,but i loved it

I was about 10 in some guy's car. He had a large Black dick. He taught me how to masturbate and cum. I never saw him again.

I was 7 and my uncle climbed into my bed and lied down and put his arm around my wink wink sleeping body, and his hand reached over my whole body and kept caressing my shorts til his hand made its way up to my elastic waist of shorts and hey was having trouble getting inside my shorts so I slightly sucked in my belly so he had room for his big hand to fit inside my shorts and as he finally reached his target I remembered him moan as his hand realized what he was touching, see I had stole my cousins panties and wore them and forgot to take them off and they were satin, and at that moment I felt his massive cock spring to life and pressing into my ass, and he slowly pulled my shorts off enough so when he pulled his cock out of his zipper it rested on my pantied ass, than he started sliding his huge cock up n down quietly as we were in the downstairs bedroom which was beside his moms room, but just as I was feeling incredibly horny I was covered by his cum as it splashed all over my pantied covered ass my back! His stomach than he got up and I thought was leaving, caus e I dared not open my eyes, I felt a warm moist sensation on my cock as he was sucking my cock while squatting at end of bed and he had his huge cock in his Hand which was a blur, I opened my eyes but more, and saw my cousin walking up from behind him as she must of watched everything caus she had her knuckles buried in her panties and he saw her and smiled as she wispered something in his ear than climbed on top his huge cock and he just grunted and remember his balls twitching than they left and I was still hard as a rock ass soaked with cum. I still jerk off to that memory and secretly wish I could find a dirty old man to diddle me to this day.

I had an enjoyable experience as well. I didn't think of it as molestation but I'm sure the courts would have. I was about thirteen. I went with a highschool friend over to a guys apt (he knew him). He was much older than us. He invited us to check out the sauna. When we were naked he was very nice in asking if he could suck us. He was an oral master. We had many enjoyable encounters over the years... Yum.

I was 15 he was 70 this man walk up to mr ask me if I wanted to make some money an I said yes doing what he suck my cock I walk away from him went home an thought about it what would it feel like having a cock in mouth I started getting hard on thinking about it so a few days later seem him again I just look at him he took his hand started rubbing his cock thru his pants an said do you want make some money I said yes while took me to his place I was a little worried what I might be getting to. So he came up behind an started kissing me on my neck & ear an playing nipples I was really getting turn on he undid my pants started playing with my cock man it felt good them he turn me around took off his pants & underwear & shirt was naked now he had a nice size cock he pull me closer to him he said touch it I did it felt funny he had playing with it them it got super hard and pre cum was dripping out he put his hand shoulder put my knees an lick he off the pre cum I did it wasn't bad he said open your mouth I did he put it mouth he started fucking my mouth I started gagging he pull out said I'm sorry just suck a little at time till you get use to it so I did an stop gagging I took more in my mouth till I had it all in I like it took my hand on his balls an said rub then easy I was really getting to sucking him and so was he I felt his go the back of neck holding me there he started fucking my mouth hard an fast he was cumming he said swallow it so I did wasn't bad I like it them he ask me would I like to suck him regularly so I left his house a few days I went back and suck him off I was becoming the making of a cocksucker after a few months of this started fucking me that I really love cum shooting in ass. But after that I sucked other cock but they had to be 60 are older.

I was molested at 14 by an older cousin. He was 19. Came home late one night crawled in bed with me, started humping on me, kissing me on the lips I turned away a couple of times then just opened my mouth and the french kissing began along with passion. He pulled by briefs down and went cock to cock for a few then he turned me over and started knocking on my back door. Soon he had pushed inside me. He had his way with me for a few moments then shot his load inside me. Rolled over got up and left me there. That was my start in the world of same sex hookups.

These stories are so hot. Yes, we all welcomed the advances.
The ones who did not... That's not so hot..

I was 13 and he was 56. He loved giving me oral.
i was 11, my moms boyfriend seduced me, dont know how old he was, I LOVED it, i spent about every weekend at his place one summer...stroking my cock thinking about him still...I am 57...msg me and I will tell you in more detail....

I was 18 she was 16

I was 11. Two older boys (approx 18) who lived down the street introduced me to M2M oral fun and I loved it from the first time I saw and tasted their hard cocks. We moved away at the end of that summer and I didn't play with another cock until I was 17, but that's another story.

With me, I was 14, he was 24, and cousin was about 12. He would have us jack him at times and myself and cousin would jack each other and sometime some oral. We would also do oral on him as well. Never did to coming. I do miss m2m fun. Been many years. Wish was someone close to have some fun with.

I'd love to deny it but I was about 10 when my brothers group of friends raped me!! was awesome!

I was 6 and the neighbor boys couldn't cum yet so they pissed on me instead. I didn't even begin to think any of this was wrong until I got a little older and put 2 and 2 together. It bothered me somewhat however as I matured I realised it wasn't the act that bothered me so much as I couldn't talk to anyone about it.......... as I moved on to adulthood I told my closest of freinds and felt a relief beyond words. Now as an old fart I'm totally ok with it. It introduced me to same sex potential and I have a wee ( punny) fetish never been able to do it as an adult.
I discovered gay porn around age 10 or 11, about a year later I was with a man around 50ish and he pulled his dick out to take a piss on the side of the road, I saw it and got excited instantly, once he got in the truck I asked him if I could suck it, I was surprised he said yes and even more surprised that after and hour of worshipping it, I got a huge load of hot sperm. After that day, I became his personal toy for him and his friends for a couple years. Man I wish I could go back and do it again

I was about 10 when my older brother had several friends over, they were about 15 or 16. They asked if I wanted to play a game, sure so they blind folded me and then they ask me to open my mouth and I didn’t know what it was but shortly after it was in my mouth it was squirting a salty flavored fluid, then it happened again, I finally got my blindfold off and they were all standing there naked, waiting. They pulled my clothes off and my little dick was rock hard wasn’t sure what was happening but hey, we all sucked some dick that day. That was the last time until a few years ago more practice needed.

It started at 13 with older brother, and looked forward to it every time

I wasn't molested but at either 10 or 11 I was looking through my parents dresser drawers and found a 12" double ended dildo . I for some reason decided to see what it would feel like . Being that young I didn't know about lube ( wow did it hurt the first time ) . The next time I used cocoa butter hand lotion as it was next to bed . I have been toying ever since. I am now 43 and have been fucked on many occasions either with my ex g.f. or bi myself . I have also swallowed a few loads so far .

It happen to me when I was about 12 almost 13 years old. I would not say I was molested, far from it. I don't think it molesting someone then I enjoy it to much and I went along with it freely. I was first played with one of my sisters. We had fun four or five times before we got caught by our mother. The conclusion of it is: I considered my mother of getting my cherry not my sister even tho it was her pussy that my cock ever touch or enter before my mother.
Wow....... just thinking about this is bringing back some fine memories which is making my cock hard.

ted when I was about 10. An older cousin would talk about “screwing” and I was curious as to what he was referring. So he told me more. As the years went by, he kept getting more and more forward and eventually, when we were alone, showed me a Penthouse magazine. Even as young as 12 I was getting hard with my hairless cock, and no cum being produced in my balls, as I read the forums and looked at pictures of beautiful naked women - sometimes in a sex scene with another woman or man. Then he started asking if he could see me naked as I read the magazine. Finally, he was at the point of sucking me off and it felt FANTASTIC!! And if you weren’t aware, when the body hasn’t matured, a boy is able to have orgasm after orgasm for what could be an eternity - my dick would be swollen from being sucked for literally HOURS of orgasms.

There was a point when my cousin was attending college, living on his own, and my parents would let me stay at his apartment. I would get SOOO excited about weekend sleepovers because he would suck my cock continuously throughout the day and I would be in sexual bliss for two or three days under stacks of porn mags - he eventually got me Hustler and raunchier magazines with explicit kinky scenes of creative sex.

I eventually went my own way, but the seed of sexual promiscuity was planted. I wanted to try everything. Luckily I married a woman who was also molested by an older female and also enjoyed experimenting sexually. We were a match made in heaven. We even had a threeway with my cousin, who by then was fully out as gay. He fucked me in the ass as I screwed my wife and helped me have many more mind bending orgasms. From time-to-time we get together and screw around, but there is no doubt I am GLAD he molested me - I LOVE my sex life and achieving GIGANTIC orgasms through kinky edging, eating girl cum, getting fucked in the ass, having my nipples teased, tongue fucking a woman’s ass and pussy, sucking cock, and cleaning up cream pies!

My wife often says, especially as I’m screwing someone else’s wife or getting fucked in the ass while eating pussy, I should’ve been a porn star!

My husband was molested for years by his older cousin / uncle. I think it started when he was about 13 and his cousin had just graduated college. After sneaking a few drinks his way during a family event, he snuck my husband away and convinced him to suck his cock. My husband claims that it only happened three or four times but also claims he wish it could still happen!!

I have always had a thing for dressing up but I got to feel a real dick for the first time when I went to prison. Three guys came into my cell and forced me to my knees and made me suck them all off then they took turns fucking me filling me with cum

Wow! I was never molested but I would have loved it. I was constantly horny from the time I was 8yo until today.
Some years ago, I was at my sisters home and I had to many drinks and fell asleep. I woke up to my sister's hubby fucking me. It felt so good that I let him continue.

Is this a question of submissive vs DOMinant, or consent vs non-consent? What makes this interesting to so many?
I was molested by a guy and didn't love it at all . . in fact, quite the opposite.

I think many of you are confused about being molested, experimenting, and mutual sex. Just a thought, but you may want to check it out.

I was molested by my grandfather and have nightmares about it to this day. I think most of the people who posted here have NO clue what molestation is.

I was molested and it was the beginning of so many wonderful relationships! Well here is the 100% true story of my first cock sucking experience. I learned of sexuaility earlier than I should have thanks to an Uncle that couldn't keep his hands, or mouth, or cock to himself. The first time it happened we were on a camping trip and I was in a pop-up camper asleep. I suppose it was pretty late. I heard the door open and it woke me. I then peaked out from under my covers to see what all of the noise was. I lifted my head to find that it was my Uncle D. He was trying his best to be quiet and like usual he climbed on in to the bed with me, carfully trying not to wake my two brothers in the other bed in the process. He then told me "goodnight" and I drifted back to sleep. I can't say for sure how long after, I woke up again. This time though, he was rubbing my thigh slowly and softly. He'd make his way up to my tighty whities and slowly rub back down. He then asked me "Does it feel good?". I knodded my head up and down. "Can I make it feel even better?", he asked. I said, "Yes Sir." At which point he slid his hand higher and overtop of my underwear. He started to massage and rub my hardening little member. He reached into his shorts to do the same to his. His hand felt hot and I was enjoying the way he was touching me. He said to me, "It can feel even better you know." I wasn't sure what he meant and I shrugged. He then proceeded to slide my briefs off of me while repositioning himself lower on the bed. "Are you ready?", he asked whispering. I again shrugged. He took my cock into his mouth. I was unable to move or make a sound. Not as a result of fear, rather as result of intense pure pleasure! He sucked me and licked me all over. It was incredible. Then he stopped. He moved back up the bed and said to me, "Your turn". "Do it just like I did." He slowly slid down his shorts and his cocked kind of popped up from behind them. He grabbed my head by the hair and slowly pulled my face toward his cock. I felt it on my lips and it was sticky and leaking slime. I was hesitant. He whispered to me, "Don't you want to make me feel good too?". I trembled a bit and slowly opened my mouth allowing his bulbous slippery mushroom tip into my mouth. I opened wider and wider but still it stretched my mouth and pushed my tongue nearly into the back of my throat. I gasped for air as he began shoving his gooey rod in and out of my mouth. He held my face tightly as he thrust deeper and deeper into my neck. He began to softly moan and then it happened. He commenced to erupt in my mouth. The first hot squirt was more than I could hold and it began to run out of my mouth. He held my cheeks tightly together and sternly whispered, "Drink it...".

I began to swallow down each spurt as he emptied himself into my belly. When he finished, he pulled out his still pulsing cock and rubbed it on my lips. He pushed the globs that I had spilled over my cheeks and face then back into my mouth. This was just the first of many lessons I would learn over the course of the next few years.

 Rather than see it as a tragic span in my life, I've embraced it for had I not been touched I would have missed out on an entire world of pleasure. 

I think that this is a subject that needs to be explored more.
I was five years old and my real daddy was forty-seven at the time. Daddy woke me up late one night with mama sleeping beside us and made me crawl down underneath the covers and between his thighs. Daddy said his cock tasted like candy and I wanted to know what kind of candy. He said it tasted like a peppermint stick, lying fucker! It was salty and slimy, daddy put his hand on the back of my head and pushed his hard cock into my mouth and made me suck on it. It became an almost every night thing. At six years old daddy was sodomizing me late at night, it hurt like hell too. When I said, daddy it hurts, he said he was going to teach me to like it. He did, and I do now. Although I am shy about taking another man's cock I can't help myself. I keep trying to stop but it's very hard to do. I haven't been laid by another man now since News Years night of 06. Now here I am starving to death for the taste of a hard, salty cock once again. Of course, I don't know anyone here in town at all to get with. I love to burn smoke and play naughty, a beer is cool too. I had many experiences with men, women, and teenage female babysitters all before my eleventh birthday. Then I was put in a foster childrens home for boys and girls by the state of Florida, it was a one hundred and ten acre ranch. The first night in the home another older boy was teaching me how to play cow, it should have been bull. Anyway, he had me nursing on it like a baby calf. No one ever found out and I was in the home for four years. An older man who was a councilor there was molesting me too which no one knew about. I have many true tails that no one knows, mama and me never told anyone at all, it was too embarrassing for us. Daddy was doing us both together late at night while our neighbors were fast asleep and couldn't hear anything. So much for a West Virginian with a third grade education from the backwoods of Hogscrapple, WV.

I was a very shy boy but during the ages of 10, 11 I became rampantly horny. I couldnt cum of course but my cock was always hard and i couldnt stop masturbating. My scoutmaster was first to notice and asked me to stay behind one time and rubbed my cock through my trousers. I liked it but when he asked if I liked i got shy and said no so he never did it again. My much older step brother also noticed and came to my bedroom a few times and would put his finger in my asshole and probably wanked himself off but never did anything else to me. I really hate that I was so shy because I would have loved much more attention and wanked myself off everynight thinking of both of them doing things to me - genuine story.

I'd like to hear from girls when they were molested at a very early age and enjoyed it...
I'd like to know if ripping her hymen (if she had one) caused any pain or blood.
In high school I fucked/seduced a virgin, It was hard to get into her and she pushed me away.
It hurt. I told her I would go in slower.. you can even hold my cock so I don't hurt you. I felt a real tightness
on the head of my cock and then she let go and I pushed straight up as far as I could and we just laid there
resting.. Did it hurt? ,, I'm OK. and we kept on fucking until I cum deep up insider her. She didn't cum that time but we were b/f and g/f for a year.. That first time was a bit scary because I pulled out and saw streaks of blood on my cock.. She used her panties to wipe her cunt and there was blood but she said it was too exciting and it really hurt.
I'd like to here from virgins who maybe had a thick hymen .. or no hymen.. or fingered (or toy) ripped their own hymen. Like one girl I met later in life who said she use the plastic post from her ring-toss game, It was an inch+
wide and plenty long for her. and she used Vaseline and tolod me how she pushed and twisted that toy until it went in. ha, I asked her if it went in deeper than my cock .. and she smiled.. It went in pretty deep but I never measured.
I've always wondered how long a cock or toy can go up into a cunt. They talk of 12 " but how about 20".
Can I hear from girls/women who have tried to go in as far as possible.. Maybe thru your cervix and into your womb??? Mmmmmmmmmmm
Was never that lucky, buy you can't molest the willing.

I was molested by my uncle at age 8. He live four blocks down from us. After school I would go over there until mom and dad got home. He was very sensual and put me at ease. After about six or eight weeks I would just go in get undressed lay on his bed and be ready for him. I have to say that it was absolutely terrifying at first. I continued by choice to go down there throughout my teenage years. It was truly a great thing and it allowed me to play with my guy friends that's spent the night. I also played with my younger cousin she was 10-ish and I was 17 I was so turned on by her. My neighbor also when I was about 13 or 14 play with me. It was positive for me and is the reason I'm bisexual today. I would love to chat with other people that have had positive experiences and that when they think about being young and having that happen to him it's still make some horny as hell. Message me if that would be something you'd be interested in. I fantasize about having young boys or girls play with.

Ooo o so many stories and most enjoyed it makes me wish I had some one else's life
When I was 12 and my sister was 14, four of her friends came over when our parents were away. Two of sis's friends came into my bedroom while I was still in my pj's and sat down on the bed. After a few moments they both started teasing me about being a young virgin and reaching under the covers. When they finally grabbed my small (but hard) cock things really got wild from there. Both of them started tearing my pj's off and they in turn took off their tops and shorts. I could hear the quiet from the other room where my sister and the other two girls were along with their giggles while the two in my room were now totally naked. They were asking if I knew what a cock is used for and one of them leaned over the bed and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. The other girl, who was now sitting on me pinning my arms down, said that boys need to have pussies in their mouth too. She then slid forward and shoved her wet pussy in my face. I never fucked either of them but I sure did learn about oral sex that day. Two days later when I was alone with my sister, she carried on with the assault and showed me what having sex was. That continued for a little more than four years ..... I knew it was wrong but I did thoroughly enjoy it.

When i was 10 i was in my fort my cousin came in and sat down and said he hurt his cock could i take it out and look at it to see if it was all right so i did it was thick and hard he said it realy hurt could i kiss it to make it better so i did and precum ozzed out of the head i said whats that he said taste it i slowly licked it and tasted sweet he said wow u r aking my cock feel better keep it up so i did i wanted to help he then said oppen your mouth and put it in the heat will help it feel good so i did then he said here i have more sweet stuff for u he held my head down and fed me so much cock i couldnt breath i was gagging on it he said just a min then il stop he came so hard it gushed down my throat he feed it all to me as i was pulling my mouth off he said wait and dumped a huge glob in my mouth and said i told u i had more sweet stuff for u i said dam i loved the taste then he said i ha ve more u want it i said yes he pulled me close i put his dick back in my mouth he slid his hand down my pant and put his finger in my ass he said if u want another big load let me slide it in your ass then il feed u a big load so i turned sideways he took the precum lubed me up and sat me on his lap i couldnt get away he pushed down on my shoulders anb pushed all 10 inches up my ass it hurt but he said it would feel better soon he fucked me hard and deep then said quick suck my cock i took it in my mouth that load was bigger then the first i choked in it he said dont spill any or u cant have any more he fucked me every monute he could he said he loved my tight ass i would just sit in my fort and wait for bis big cock i would blow him any time i loved his cock now im a cocksucked i cant get enough cum can anybody help

Wen I was 10 years old, I landed a part time job at the neighborhood convenience store. The man who owned it, Mr. C, always liked me. So when I asked he said yes. My job was to dust and stock shelves. Around the third day I was there Mr. C told me he wanted to talk to me in the back room. So I went back there and waited. He came back a few moments later sat down on a box and motioned me to sit with him. As I got to him he picked me up and placed me on hos lap. " Son," he always called me son. " it seems like you've got a little problem." He said as he started rubbing my little hardon. " if you want to not scare my customers, let me help you ." I simply nodded my head not knowing what to expect. With that he told me to stand on the box next to him. He unfastened my pants and in one movement down went pants and underwear. I was both nervous and excited, cause no one had seen be naked in years. Then turning me towards him he started sucking my dick. I was confused. For as much as I knew it was wrong, it felt twice as good.
I hadn't com yet, but had one he'll of a dry orgasm.
Every week from then till school started and I had to quit, this man would suck my dick. Never once did he try anything else or expose himself to me.
At that point I became hooked on oral sex.

True or not very hot store's

there must be more wonderful storys

in the 3rd grade my best friends older brother taught me how to suck and love dick. by the time i was in 5th grade i was sneaking in his room 2-3 times a week begging to suck his dick. after 40 yrs im still sucking on his dick. and any and every cock i can wrap my lips around.

is there anymore true life stories?
I was 16 or 17 at the time spending the night at a buddys house. a family friend of theirs was home on leave and came into the bedroom after everyone was asleep. he got in bed beside me and asked in a whisper if he could suck my dick. I laid there for awhile listening to my heart pound. I remember nudging him with my foot. the next thing I knew he was quietly moving his head down toward my cock. he began slowly sucking my dick. he had a 2 or 3 day beard stubble that felt fantastic when his chin touched my balls. I shot a load of teenager cum into his mouth and he kept sucking. I've never felt anything that good before or since. I always have regretted not sucking him off too. I've been straight my entire adult life but the yearnings for that feeling gets stronger everyday.

anyone else have any experiences?
I was 5 he was 12 or 13 He fondled me, to young to know anything, but maybe that's why I lick cock now.

Emailonly85 and Lynn imho the reason you are not seeing many women is because women (and very few men) actually understand what rape is. If an adult over the age of 18, 16 in some states, has sexual foreplay, or physical sex (penetration), it is called statutory rape period. Not I liked how it felt. Not I wanted to do it again. Not even but I didn't really is still statutory rape. Whether you were 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, doesn't matter. Wishbone excuse me but you can rape the willing if they are younger than the age of consent in your state (diff everywhere) and you are over that limit. Anyway I did not mean to run with it. Just wanted to say I think women (and some men) prefer to go by the legal def of rape. Rape is rape
Lionessa I didn’t mean what it sounded like, I was talking about women’s first time not being raped.
When I was young I had a older lady touch me with out my consent and it was very uncomfortable. Both people should agree and want it but never under age and rape should never happen.

There is a difference between molestation and consensual sex. There is also a difference in a young person being manipulated into doing something and choosing on their own.

I personally know several women who had sex with older men when they were teens. They didn't do it because they were horny and wanted a good fuck. They did it because they had self esteem issues, were co-dependent, or were afraid if they didn't do it the man would get mad at them and perhaps physically harm them or harm their reputation.

I fooled around with friends when I was a kid. That's normal curiosity. I remember being 14yo and babysitting for a family with three kids. The oldest was 12yo and she had a crush on me. We fooled around a bit (just touching and looking), and when I didn't become her boyfriend she cried for days and told her parents what we did. They called my parents and my mom explained female emotions to me. It was a valuable lesson. I'd never take advantage of someone. I've never even fucked a drunk girl. To me, it's not right.

Yes we are all bi here on this site (well most) But - You all need to stop and think about what you are doing and condoning here!
IF YOU ARE TELLING A STORY OF UNDER AGE SEX, CONSENTUAL OR NOT I.E. YOUR MOLESTATION EXPERIENCE, YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN CHILD PORNOGRAPHY !!! Don’t believe me? When this site gets shut down and you idiots get arrested I’m going to laugh and applaud those that do it. I know every last one of you are saying I’m nuts and over reacting and what do I know, well apparently a great deal more than you all do. No one can discuss these things on a sex site like this without breaking the law. Look it up. (Be clear, I am NOT saying you should have these conversations anywhere but in a clinical setting). Yes, you are entitled to your own history and experiences but no one is allowed to share them in a form for who’s purpose is to arrouse and promote sexual activity. This is not a therapeutic setting with qualified clinical professionals. Many of you have gone way to far in postings like this for far to long and it’s time it stops, NOW.
To be clear, I have never been molested or molested anyone at any age ever. But some of you have that’s abundantly clear.
You can yell and scream all you like but you all know I’m right!

My first time was at a campout, i woke up to having a mouth on my cock. I let him do it, and came in his mouth

have any of you doubters ever thought that this is a way of handling all the feelings and emotions that come with this subject?
My big sister my big sister was 10 years older than me and a horny controlling kinky bitch she caught me jerking off while I was11 and from that day forward I was her slave when she walked in on me with my dick out she didn't even hesitate she came over sit down on the bed rolled her legs back take off her panties and shorts sprinter legs the back of my head and shove me into her pussy I couldn't even breathe she pull my hair hard and go around the clit against my face tell him he has a dirty little fucker and cuz I was going to be sisters little sissy bitch I had never even seen a real pussy before but I had thought about my sister naked how many times because she was a very sexy bitch long black hair green eyes perfect 34C chance with big thick long nipples fat juicy pretty pussy and ask them if you want to bury your fucking face in the free days and I never seen even to this day a woman who looks as sexy as her when her legs are open she's looking down at you servicing her I loved it I used to come everywhere and she would make me get on my knees then force my face down to my own come and make me sleep and lick it up well she put fingers first and as it went along strap-ons and other things in my butt got it felt so good she loved to talk dirty and be a raunchy bitch saying things like you love getting fucked by her sister's cock don't you dirty little bitch Tamika that come do what your sister tells you you fucking slut love this pussy don't you brother this pussy isso good that you are going to let me shave your whole body put you in some of my panties thigh high stockings and my sluttiest club dress and let my boyfriend fuck your sissy mouth before you watch him fuck me and then when he leaves I bet I can't make you slurp all of his fresh hot come out of your big sister's pretty pussy well heelys to say I loved every minute of every depraved dirty abuse that my sexy mean big spent spent using me

I love one comment that was posted here.. You can't molest the willing..
Now I ask you.. If you're asleep and wake up with someone sucking your hard cock..
Think.. You had an erection because it excited you and you really want it to go on until you cum in his/her mouth...
Brother, Sister, Father, Mother, Aunt, Uncle, Stranger at camp..
A good molester won't let you cum until he has his cock in your mouth..
I was told it was man-milk.... just swallow it.. it will make you strong and make your cock grow bigger..
A good salesman???

I've never been molested, but I would think that anything nonconsensual is bad. I'm a horny bastard and if anyone wants to play with my cock they are always welcome to...don't care who you are. But most people aren't like me.

Real molestation isn't about the sex anyway, it's about the power and control someone has over you. That why so many people, especially young people, are scarred by it. Someone they trusted took advantage of them.
It felt like HEAVEN......

I say..... You saw the subject mater....
If you don't like it.... don't read the posts...
It's just a story that some people relate to..
It's a healthy way to vent those feelings..
I'm just lucky there is a site like this.
Being brought up as a nudist is healthy.
I rather my children learn sex at home and not in the back seat of some car.
You should read some of the sex-ed books they teach to 11 y/o's here in Hawaii..
Mutual masturbation, oral sex, anal sex... are said to be safe sex. Anal sex was added for our gay students
the same time transgenders got to use the bathroom of their choice.
Puberty here in a tropical climate starts at age 11,,
I volunteer at a public swimming pool and when the 5th graders (10 y/o's)come for swimming lessons I see some of them use the the free machine that holds menstrual pads,, "Wings".. Shower before and after class. Most all do it completely naked,,. I see the strings of tampons.. I see the used pads in the trash after they leave. I see boys and girls of the Elementary school kissing in the dug-outs of our 5 ball fields,, Girls openly gay kissing and fondling in the same dug-outs.. ( a popular place to make-out). Walk by and see 2 girls, dresses pulled up above their waist. ing and fondling each other. Girls sit on a boy's lap facing him.. Her dress spread like a tent the hid the fact the boy has pulled his shorts down.. Free sex clinics.. Confidential pelvic exams and a selection of birth control items/methods..
It is common to have a father bring his 10 y/o daughter in for a GYN exam and selection of birth control.. and female nurses examining the girls. Her choice but many girls chose a male nurse to examine them. Browsing and picking up free literature about sex to further her school's sex-ed books.
Our library with well worn pages about sexual subjects.
Not long ago I see a father daughter shopping for intimate wear... small size... silky panties and see through teddies..
I watched them pick out training bras and some a-cups.. A full basket of intimate clothing ... They walked into a private booth together and I bought a coffee and sat and waited for almost an hour. He must have had her model those hip hugging panties and string bikinis . Helping her pull them down and stepping into another one... She standing on the bench and him eye-level with her crotch . Adjusting her new A-cups, maybe a B-cup because this maybe 11 y/o was quite developed for her age. Helped her fasten the front hook of different bras. It was a fancy store with crotch-less panties and bras with removable nipple cups. I didn't see him put those items in the basket but they were there along with one panty I went in to look at more closely. It had an attachment like a pacifier sized rubber knob that inserted in a lady's vagina when she pulled them up.. I wanted to see if it vibrated,, ha..
Anyway............. He was generous to let her pick out so many items including a pocket-rocket he thought she might like to try out. I think maybe he wanted to try it out on her... She hugged his arm and he bent down and kissed her on the lips.. she hugged his neck and he lifted her up holding her ass cheeks... I couldn't see where his finger was but she leaned back and giggled and he set her down and I see her very short skirt stuck in her butt..
It reminded me of shopping with one of my daughters... It was the pocket-rocket she grabbed and then looked up at me with pleading eyes.. OK.. and she slipped in her purse instead of the bag when we paid for the items.
Girls love to model.. A couple came to visit us.. They brought their daughter.. a friend of our daughter.. and they put on a show for us.. Changing in front of us. It was quite exciting for both couples and we talked about nudism and sex education.... We started with a toga party and waited to see our daughters exchange togas with the neighbor girls ... They wore nothing else... They enjoyed the brief nudity with our neighbor couple and we enjoyed full nudity after that...
I am not old,, just older.. and these memories are what keeps me alive...............

Very real, very honest. Grew up with a VERY open-minded uncle growin up. I was a very curious, precocious boy and was just totally infatuated with his huge uncut cock that I caught a glimpse of "accidentally".

Over time I did whatever I could to catch another peek at his hangin meat. In my head I thought I was some devious mastermind coming up with all these clever plans to walk in on him and catch him with it out. Taking a piss, getting into or coming out of the shower, changing clothes, etc.

At first he'd yell "hey! I'm in here!" Or close the door. Eventually he put 2 & 2 together and stopped yelling, and stopped trying to cover up. Especially after a piss he'd give it far too many shakes and pulls necessary, but I didnt mind.

After a shower, he'd take his time drying off, especially loved when he'd towel off his back, twisting his hips side to side, and his cock would swing back n forth, slapping against his thighs, getting more n more plump....

My mom needed a babysitter to watch me so she could go to work. My Uncle who is 10 yrs older. I was 7. My uncle Volunteered. After she left he started the shower yelled for me and whe. I got to him pulled me into the bathroom got me naked
..he got naked then sat me on the toilet. He held my head in both hands and I remember him forcing feeding his uncut cock into my mouth and fucking it til he came. I can still feel it filling my mouth and tasted. I never gave it much thought. The guy that sucked my cock and swallowed my cum is the one that set me on the path.... Nice smooth botfom

I was 13 and my cousin was 18. His parents managed an apartment complex and one time I was there we went to an empty apartment when his parents were gone and he brought some vasoline with him.
There was a couch left in the apartment and he had me get on it on my knees and bend over and he rubbed some vasoline on his hard cock then put some on his finger and worked it in my tight boy ass and when he felt he got it loose enuff, he told me to spread my ass cheeks and placed his cock head on my butthole and slowly pushed it in. It hurt sooo bad. Once his cock head pushed through my ass ring, he started stroking in and out. It felt like I had to shit but he kept stroking and it hurt but felt good until he started pumping harder and stuck it all the way in. I tried to pull away from his cock but he put his arm under my belly and held me where I was and jack hammered me hard and I was almost in tears telling him to slow down or pull it out, but he continued and then I heard him breathing harder and grunting and then I felt it, his warm cum shooting in my ass, filling up my tiny boy hole. After he came, he slowly pulled it out and it felt soo good to have his cock out of my sore butthole. When I stood up to go clean up, I could feel his cum leaking out my ass and down my inner thigh.
I was 12 when a retired schoolteacher in the neighborhood invited me in to play pool. As we played he made a lot of sexual comments, finally asking if he could suck my dick. I said no. He asked if he could feel it through my pants. I said no. He offered me $10 if he could just see it. $10 was a lot of money in 1976, so I pulled down my shorts. He handed me the 10 with one hand and grabbed me with the other. I told him to stop and he offered another 10 to let him suck it real quick. I agreed, because being 12 with $20 was like being a millionaire. He was old and grey with a beard and skinny with glasses, not attractive at all, but when his mouth engulfed my dick it was great. I came for the first time in that old man's mouth. I wanted to immediately leave and he let me. A week or so later, he invited me in again to play pool. This time his demeanor was different. He told me he was going to tell my parents what I had let him do and that they would be mad at me for it. He said he wouldn't tell if I just went along with him. I agreed but reluctantly. I already felt bad about the first time. I lowered my shorts like he asked and he sucked me again, but this time put his finger in my ass. It hurt and I told him to stop. He said he would stop but I had to put his dick in my mouth for a minute, and if I didn't he would tell my parents I did anyway. I bargained that I would do it but after that I could leave and he would never say anything. He agreed and to this day I can still see that flaccid dick with a long pointed foreskin and gray hair all over it. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes and took that smelly old piece of flesh in my mouth. He grabbed my head and pushed further into my mouth and I hit him in the balls and ran out of the house. To this day I regret I came my first time in his mouth and can't stand the sight of an uncut penis. A couple of years later, he raped a friend of mine. My friend told his dad, who nearly killed the old bastard. He moved away after that. 50 years later I still feel guilty for not telling someone what he did to me, and that if I had Paul wouldn't have been raped by him. I feel like it has also altered my sexuality in many ways. Not many days go by that I don't hate that old man.

That pic was taken by my Molester just before he was about to have his way with me!!!

not all molestations are really un wanted . I looked forward to my encounters
I was 12 and both were brothers and cousins we would stay all night at each other houses and I always woke up to both sucking my dick licking my balls and ass hole then when they were ready both would jack off on my face my ass my dick I never told them to o stop...thanks cuzin
Me and one of my best friends both found naked pictures I found naked pictures of my mom and he found naked pictures of his aunt so everyday we would trade and while he looked at my naked mom picture I would suck his dick and then he would suck me while I looked at his naked aunt eventually we started eating each other ass and fucking and cumming in each others ass while sniffing there panties
I've been sucking and licking touching the same way I was taught so for a little over 37 years I have had the pleasure to still suck my cousin dick as long as I let him fuck me in my ass....

I was 12 and my 2 cousins were 17 and 14........ they made me lick their asses and suck their cocks...... the 17 yo had at least 9”........they wore me out...... they took turns coming on my face twice each......

does anyone else have anymore stories?
When I was 10 years old, my parents sent me to a summer camp for 2 weeks. I didn't know anyone and was pretty homesick until one of the camp counselors took me under his wing and arranged for me to stay with him, alone in his tent. I remember watching him getting dressed and undressed. He never hid his nakedness. He was a tall man, very smooth and well endowed. One night he caught me staring at his cock. He walked over to me and told me that I could touch it. I reached out and rubbed the head of his cock. Eventually, he took my head in one hand and guided his cock into my mouth. I didn't know what to do. He told me to simply "suck on it". So I did. I liked it. It tasted sooooo naughty. Pretty soon he shot his cum into my mouth. My first reaction was to spit. That was the last time I did that. He asked "if his cum tasted bad?" I told him it didn't but it scared me. He assured me that it was alright and that someday I would be able to do the same thing. For the rest of my summer camp, I sucked off his cock every morning and every night...….swallowing every delicious drop of his cum. I haven't stopped sucking cock since then. Some may call this being abused. I call it it training.

I don't think I'd call this molestation....but I was 19 when I was sorta tricked /seduced into a FFM night.

For me I didn't consider any of it molestation. I enjoyed it very much

I was never molested but I used to watch my mom masturbate using a candle, She caught me once watching her and I was playing with myself. she just kind of smiled and pointed to her cunt and I kissed it. I was 12

I wish my childhood would have been this exciting. I just jerked off constantly....and still do.

is it realy molestation if I as a teen would go and seek it out

Yes one it is still molestation (sigh) This is a definition of molestation. After reading these posts, I think it needs to be clarified...molestation
n. the crime of sexual acts with children up to the age of 18, including touching of private parts, exposure of genitalia, taking of pornographic pictures, rape, inducement of sexual acts with the molester or with other children and variations of these acts by pedophiles. Molestation also applies to incest by a relative with a minor family member and any unwanted sexual acts with adults short of rape.
I used to love when my grandmother would touch my cock and tell me to relax lay back and close my eyes, she would squeeze my balls jerk my cock and finish me in her mouth, I couldn’t wait for bedtime I loved it.

I was 9 he was 14 God I loved it I was still bald and dry cumming, it's why I love cock today, and smells, I still can remember his musty sweaty stink and really love jerking off thinking about it

I know this is a touchy subject, but I don't consider myself so much as molested as introduced to the joys of sex . after I was introduced to it I went looking for it and in most times I was the one that started it.
When I Was 9 my Dad had poker night every other Friday with several of the neighborhood Dads . One night Mr. Sinclair came upstairs looking for a bathroom and saw my light on and came into my room . I was looking at a book. He sat on the edge of the bed talking to me and petting my hair , telling me what a cute little boy I was . He pulled my pajama top off and began to pinch my tiny nipples . Ohhhh .... I whimpered .
Then he pulled out his huge cock and jacked it hard ..... pumping .... and shot his cum all over me . I didn’t know what it was but loved how it felt and how amazing that big cock looked. So every poker game he would always come up to see me . Eventually teaching me to suck his cock . I would eagerly wait in silence .... listening to them play .... wondering and begging for him to come up . He told me I was a good boy and his is special little guy and called me a cute little cock sucker . He loved cumming on my face . I loved it too.

When I was 12 I was molested by the babysitter, when I was 13 I was molested by the baby sitters friend, when I was 14 I was molested anally by a stranger,when I was 16 I was molested by my mom late at night while I was sleeping within 4 feet of my sister,I couldn't believe my eyes when I was woke up with my mom on top of I was older my dad molested me but sliding my cock in his ass while jackin off in my mouth.
These are true stories. !!!

Well I was 4 y/o knowing I was bisexual because I I got a tiny woody watching speed racer and other cartoons. I remember my landlord’s son babysitting me for a while, he was 11, setting me down on my bed and pulled my pants down, I can’t remember the rest but I believe he sucked me. Years later an older cousin 13 (I was 10) showed me how to jerk off, I touched him the next few times when he did it, then he blew me. Then when I was 12 another cousin who was 14 ( I knew he was gay) talked about sex and wound up blowing me. This happened a few times until he asked me to fuck him. That happened when ever we got together. I don’t advocate being molested or rape ESPECIALLY WITH CHILDREN, I was extremely sexual as a kid and never felt molested or raped. This is my personal experience and opinion. No one should ever Feel uncomfortable sexually. My encounters were situations where I enjoyed and allowed to happen. I understand some people are gay/bisexual because of genetics or because of environment. I know I’m bisexual because of genetics. I hope all the the people molested and have issues have help and come to terms with what happened to them
I was molested by my mother and a guy she called a doctor who made house visits, he would give me an inspection and therapy and would give my mom a check up afterwards sometimes always brought her some 'cough syrup' in a brown paper never paid him but I saw him give her money (change she said) ...I love to chat about it if you are interested or have stories to add.

I have never been molested probably because i was 12 yo when i sucked three older boys dicks I was walking along the Rio Grande when I saw them skinny dipping and I was looking at their dicks when one asked if I wanted to suck them with no hesitation I said yes I do and I proceeded to suck their dicks swallowing each of their loads of cum when they had em. I became their private cocksucker and i blew em all on demand one at a time or whatever... since then I have never refused to suck a mans dick when he asks if I will Even if the asking is not romantic of=r even polite. "get down and blow me, bitch" is a friendly request that deserves to be responded to in my special way

when I was 17 I was camping with my cousin and we went swimming naked with an older group of college kids and there was this couple asked that me to stop by there tent when we got back to the campgrounds which I did so they invited me to come in and she started taking of her clothes and the guy was talking about how hot and sexy she was and that it would only be fair if I was naked too so I did and he told her to come closer to me and that if I wanted to touch her I could and so I did and then he said that since it’s his girlfriend that it would only Be fair if he got to touch me too with his hands and that it wasn’t weird at all and could just do whatever you want to her so while I was kissing her and playing with her body he was playing with my cock and balls and he kept saying how much he liked my cock and the size of was amazing and the he said he wanted to see me fuck her with my big cock but I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have any condoms I was not going to take the risk of getting her pregnant and so I started try ant put my cock back away in my pants but he said that he had a condom but it might be too small because it was just a medium and wanted to me to try it on anyways but when I tried it on it broke then he said that it was okay and that I didn’t have to fuck her he just wanted me lay down on my back and let her grind on it And I can keep sucking her boobes and so I did and it felt amazing her sliding on top of it for a few min but then he got behind her and between my legs and startstarted licking and sucking my balls which did feel good but also scared me a little and made heart beat faster which made my cock even bigger and she started sliding faster grinding harder on my cock and that felt even better and it was about 20 minutes of this had gone by until she had a Orgasm and fell on top of me and my cock was pulled free by his hands and then he was trying to get it all in is mouth but I couldn’t see what he was doing because her boobs were in my face and I could only feel him gagging and choking on it for a minute and he then took it out of his mouth and said that it was just to big to get it all in and down his throat and told her to help him I was so scared and excited I couldn’t move and then she just spun around and started to suck and lick my cock with him and playing with and sucking my balls I don’t think it lasted more than ten minutes which was just too much for me and they made me cum and cum they kept sucking it all up until They said I was clean now and impressed by how much cum I had and that I should probably go jump in the river to cool off because I was all sweaty I was quick to get dressed and thanked them for letting me play and ran back to the river to cool off.

I hope that someday this happens to me again and I don’t think that I will be scared at all more like excitement and I have Trojan magnum XL condoms so I am prepared to go all the way.
Unfortunately for me that was my only threesome and bi experience and thinking back on it now after all those years I really loved the way they seduced me and made me let the guy play with my big cock by using his girlfriend as a distraction and eventually blind folding me with her boobs it was rather smart and made it so much easier to except being bi and go with the flow.
At what point did being "molested" become a good thing? You and a lot of others obviously dont know the definition of the word.

When I was about 7 I was caught by the baby sitter jackin off he said you wanna have some more fun I said yes he pulled his dick out and my mouth fell in love with it.i sucked it so good he gagged me with his load and he told me to swallow which I did.i did that for years until I was caught suckin his dick by his said so you like to have fun huh.i said yes again he whipped his dick out and man to my surprise it was 10 inches and the head was nervously I started suckin on the head cause it was so big then I loved swirling my tongue on it and I sucked it so good he gagged me exploding out of my mouth I was chocking on told me to swallow I did the best I could.
I suck him off for a couple of yrs before we moved away.
One day a stranger asked me I wanted some candy I said yes he said come over here,we climbed into the back of a camper and he pulled my dick out and started suckin it it felt so good,then he flipped me over and slide his big dick in my ass it hurt like hell but he kept fuckin me till he came he never did give me any candy.
One night my mom whom by the way was beautiful came home one night after work
And I was awoken by a strange feeling.i opened my eyes to my disbelief my mom had my dick out and was riding on top of me while my sister was less then 4 feet away.
It only happened one time.
Then one time my dad was sitting on top of me with my dick in his ass and was riding it while jacking off. When he got ready to cum he jumped off my dick and shoved his swollen dick in my mouth and I couldn't help but suck it,he chocked me with such a big load and told me to swallow it which I only happened one time.
Then later on in life l learned how to self suck,
.ah man I was good at it cause I know how I liked my cock sucked.
These are all true stories honestly.😋😋😋

dja69,the best thing that can be said about most of these stories is that they are just that: made up stories. Mostly just men working themselves into a lather with fantasies about children having sex with adults. When I get a message from anyone, the first thing I do is go back through their forum replies to see if they’ve posted bestiality or pedo stories.

Belly button covered my experience was real
I don't blame you, Ionsawmill. This site was never like this, at what point it seemed acceptable that sex with children was ok is beyond me. I really wish the admins would address it already. It's disgusting.

I was young....3rd grade maybe he was my 15 began he would kiss me so deep and have me lift my shirt and suck on my tiny titties! Every day I would try to be the 1st one home..... so he would pick me....I didn't know it was bad and I loved every second!!!

5 years old by next door neighbor. Just the one time. Didn't think it was bad. Felt good.
What the fuck is going on with the comment above mine? JFC!

It really seems like some folks are confusing sexual exploration and experimentation with molestation. The two are vastly different.

When I was 5, the 11 year old baby sitter used to take me and my best friend out into the woods. She would show us her pussy, and make us get naked and play with each other. This left me with a whole raft of fetishes, including bi, forced bi, brat domme, CFNM...

I was molested when I was 13 out in the middle of the ocean close to Canada , no at the time I didn't like it at all I bled hurt and broke down crying, I went twenty years trying to understand and not letting another man get close to me. I went to a friends uncles for a party not knowing it was a swingers party. I got a eye full had a couple drinks and all of a sudden I was hot and could not help myself wanting to touch and be touched. I had my first bisexual experience that was pkesuable to me I was sucked off by a man and woman till I came. After that I met a guy that liked cars like me he invited me to dinner met his wife and two kids. About a week later went to his shop to check it out I stayed till closing went in the office as he went into another room to wash and clean up. He came out had a towel around him opened a locker grabbed some clothes laywd them on his desk dropped his towel exposing everything , he didn't cover up right away but put deodorant on and touched up his 5 o'clock shadow. I know he was watching me as he did and finally asked if I ever had a man give me a blow job I said yes one time a married couple both did it to me , he said you like it I said I was very turned on. He said can he blow me I said ya I guess so curious to feel the good feeling again. My pants went down with my shorts he stroked me a little then started to suck me and as he did gr reached around and started to feel my ass and that was a rousing then his hand went between my legs and I felt his finger tip lightly play with my ass hole and that did it I came so fucking fast. That's when I first liked it and have explored more since then.

I was 19 at the time. I loved porno movies a lot ( still do ) and at the time, I went to the local adult theater, when it was still open. I was really aroused by watching films with lots of sucking and cum facials on the girls, and even bondage turned me on a lot. But it was then I realized I had this feminine side to me and I would wear a bra, panties, garter belt and stockings under my "usual male clothes" when going to the theater. On this one visit, a much older guy came sat next to me and gradually eased his hand on my thigh. My pants were thin so he immediately felt the garter belt straps. I purposely pushed his hand off to resist a little, but he pursued. He then discovered my panties and bra. He offered to take me back to his place and tie me up where we would have lots of fun. It sounded very enticing, but I was rather afraid and decided not to. I asked him however if he would force me to touch him and suck him, but he indicated he was impotent and left abruptly. I probably would have been hurt or worse if I had left with him, glad I did not.
Since then, I fantasize about returning to a theater or adult shop, dressed like a girl, and have something similar happen, but to be able to maybe get my hands tied and told to jerk off a guy or 2 and get their loads shot on me. Not sure how safe that would be to try anywhere though. I dont want to be brutalized as I am not into anal.
I still remember that day and it gets me so hot
i was "assauted" by a man when I was 13. I had went out for dinner with my parents (late '70s/early '80s). As I had done on many occasions, after eating, I excused myself from the table rather than wait an hour and a half or so for coffee and cigarettes to go explore the surrounding area. I followed a trail that led into the woods and found a stash of porn around some fell trees (IKR, sounds like an ABC After School Special, but this really did happen!). Never to pass up an opportunity to gaze upon large boobs and fury bushes (70s/80s!!), I plopped my ass down on a tree and browsed the selection available. I had see Playboy and Penthouse, but these were different Name I'd never heard of. While there were big boobs aplenty, there were others featuring 2 or more er! Naked! I couldn't miss the fact that these men had what seemed to me absurd sized dicks. Turn the page and I see dude 1 with his dick buried in dude 2's ass, while dude 3 was sucking dude 2's dick. Even back then this didn't turn me oft. On the contrary, I noticed my little 13yo dick starting to take notice. I kept going through other magazines when this older man (ha mid 30s) comes strolling up through the woods. I thought I was busted with my hand in the cookie jar, but he said no, he was just out strolling (through the woods, behind a restaurant) and saw me sitting there reading magazines. I asked if they were his, but he said no (big shock I know). He picked one up and studied it, then looked at me, but not at my eyes. He was blatantly staring at the tent in my pants. My Spidey senses were ringing alarms in my head, but i wasn't thinking with that head. i knew I should have hauled ass back to the restaurant, but I stayed where I was. I could see the man shift his stance, then noticed a growing buldge in his pants. Hmm, any correlation between age and the size of a dick, I wanted to find out. H walked to me, then stepped in back of me, resting his hands on my shoulders. Leaning close to me, he asked I liked the pictures in the magazine. When I nodded my affirmation, he asked if i wanted to do anything on the pages. His hand slid down to my zipper, then he gently squeezed. He suggested that I might like a blowjob from him. Yeah, I was young, but I knew what a blow job was. Had no idea how one felt though. There I stood, a classic battle of good vs evil taking place in my young mind. for about 5 seconds that is. Sure, I said, i'd like a blow job. Kneeling in front of me, he unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my jeans, and pulled both my Levis and my Jockey's down, my now erect cock springing forward in anticipation. He wrapped his hand around the head of my cut cock, spreading pre-cum all over more he moved his hand, the more clear liquid oozed from the tip of my cock, and it felt great. Leaning forward, he sucked the head of my cock into his mouth, running his tongue all over my glans. I had been jerking off regularly at that point and knew I wasn't going last very long. He grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me into his mouth, all the way. a few minutes later, I feel his fingers rubbing my asshole. Without warning, he slid a finger into me to the second knuclke, followed by another. He didn't get a chance for number three as I came harder than I ever had. he kept up the pressure on my glans with his tongue, swallowing everything I had to offer. When I recuperated, he asked if I'd like to join him at his house, maybe I'd like to stick my dick into his ass. I said, thanks, but I gotta go, and hauled ass as fast as I could back to civilization. I've only told a small number of people about this over the years, never saying anything to my dad, the cop! Even today, I think back on that day when I'm masturbating, and I cum just as hard as I did that day.
I was by my female babysitter who was a lesbian. She continued as I got older even into the teenage years. We would fool around in pool and my bedroom. It felt so good. Never told a soul. I wish she was still around. I also want to be used by an older couple.

My mom got remarried when I was 9. We lived by the beach. My stepdad decided to have a guy’s trip and took me camping on the beach. We pitched our tent and built a fire. Then I swam in the waves and we fished. My stepdad (average height and weight and a little stocky), started drinking beer and we had a good time. It got dark and we sat by the fire. I had fun poking sticks in the fire and doing other kid stuff. We decided to go to bed and got into the tent. It was very hot and we both took our clothes off except our underwear. We laid on top of our sleeping bags and he scooted next to me and started rubbing my back. It felt good and then I felt him begin moving his hand down and rubbed my butt. That felt good too. He asked me to roll over so he could rub my chest and belly so I did. I was already hard from the new sensation of him touching my butt and he saw my dick poking up. He rubbed my chest and belly but was soon moving his hand down to rub my little hardon too. He started to squeeze it and gently pinch it through my white briefs. He asked me to lift my butt up and he slid my underwear down and off when I did. I watched him put his hand in his underwear and then when he put his hand back on my dick, it felt deliciously naughty. It was slippery and wet and felt so good. I had never done anything like that. He pumped his hand up and down, jacking me off. He felt all over my balls and even ran his hand into my butt crack and got it all slippery too. When I got too dry he would put his hand inside his underwear again and it was wet. I was confused but didn’t want it to stop. He focused more on rubbing my dick I felt pressure start to build in my lower belly and my dick seemed to get harder. I had my first orgasm in my stepdads hand. My little dick twitched and jumped and I squeeked and grunted as it flowed through me. After it was over I just laid there as he continued to gently rub his precum all over my groin. He asked me if it felt good and I told him yes. Then he asked if I would make him feel good too. He took his underwear off and I saw his hard dick for the first time. It seemed huge as I wrapped my small hand around his shaft. His precum was flowing out and his dick got very wet. I started moving my hands up and down like he did and he started moaning, telling me how good it felt. After a little while he told me to lay down and he turned me on his side, facing away from him. I felt him lift my top leg up and then he started rubbing his warm dick on my ass and into my butt crack. Once everything was coated in precum he slid his dick between my legs, right underneath my dick and against my balls. Then he lowered my top leg. He started to thrust slowly in and out of my closed thighs. His dick would poke out my front and he had me grab his cock head and gently squeeze it as he fucked my thighs. He started going faster and told me that it felt really good and that I was doing so well. Suddenly he grabbed my top leg and lifted it up. He wrapped his own hand around his dick and started rubbing it. He grunted and I felt something squirt onto my butt. More squirted onto my balls and even onto my back. He moaned and then closed my legs again and slowly pumped his dick in and out between my soaked thighs. I felt him use his hands to rub his cum all over my ass, into my crack and on my hole and also all over my back. It smelled like the ocean water that I swam in earlier. We both fell asleep like that. He did it again when we woke up the next morning.

That was just the beginning. We did lots more after that.

Okay I was molested I was maybe first grade riding my bicycle home on a canal path there is this guy always sitting out in his yard burning sulfur and one day we started talking and the next day we started talking again and one day he said well my I have a medical problem and my doctor needs to have me do this will you help me so we went into his a little Shack and he pulled my pants down and rubbed his dick on my balls and butt crack and he can that's what the doctor told him to do that was being molested
I was 11 years old when my younger brother 6 years old and I began playing "Doctor". We would fondle each others peters and we had done this several times when on a Sunday night after going swimming we were in the old barn naked playing with each other. I was on my knees between his legs as he sat on a hay bale when he said the words I wanted to hear "I dare you to suck it". I didn't even think about saying no, I just lowered my mouth and began sucking my first peter. I loved it and sucked his balls also. After several minutes of enjoyment for us both he got real excited then said it hurt. I had just learned how to jack off so I said "Now it's your turn" and he sucked my cock until I climaxed. I was so excited that I promised him "I will suck it anytime you want" Later that summer my brother and I seduced two of our cousins who were 5 and 6 years old. They watched me suck off my brother and then I would suck their peters also. They enjoyed my succulent mouth as I sucked them both then promised to do it again whenever they wanted me to worship. My brother and I continued sucking each other and the thought of anal sex never entered my thoughts. I continued to give oral pleasure to their peters almost every weekend until I quit giving blow jobs with one exception. The summer of my 13th birthday I camped out with a best friend in my grandparents barn. Dan was a year older then me and had a big 7" uncut cock, We had went swimming in the pool a couple blocks away and went to the barn where we had our beds set up. I was on my knees seting up my bed when Dan stepped over near me and said "Its to hot for clothes" and stripped off his swimming suit and T shirt. His big cock stuck straight out only a foot from my mouth. Dan said exactly what I wanted "I dare you to suck it" I didn't reply but turned my face toward his big cock. Dan moved closer as my mouth opened to receive his thick cock. I knelt worshiping his beautiful cock until he said "Let me lay down so you can get between my legs. We lay down and I put a pillow between his legs and began sucking his mouth full. I sucked several minutes then I quit and said "I dare you to do mine" Dan sucked my cock for about 5 minutes then quit. I asked him "Do you want me to suck some more", Then Dare me" He said it and my mouth worked another 5 minutes but I was stupid and didn't know how to suck an uncut cock. I gave up embarrassed that I couldn't give pleasure to my best friend's cock. I quit sucking at the age of 17 and didn't touch a cock until I was 32 and got drunk at a bar and walked home but was picked up by a guy in a pickup truck, It was about 30 minutes later when I realized he thought I was gay and that is why he stopped and took me to a park. I caressed his cock and he pulled it out for me. The feel of his beautiful cock brought me back to my first love of worshiping another man's flesh. I sucked his cock then his balls and he began jacking off, then I couldn't resist sucking his ass until he gasp "I'm going to cum do you want it" I jerked my head up, grasp his cock head as his seed filled my mouth. It was wonderful to drink cum from another man's balls for the first time. Upon returning home to my wife I located a rest area that had a glory hole and I began to enjoy sucking every cock I could find. Then a couple weeks later my cherry ass was taken by another gay I took home when the wife was on a trip. She returned home a couple days later admitting she had sex with a high school friend she met in Denver. I also admitted that I lost my virgin ass to another man's cock. I have been barebacked by 25 men and one Master used my mouth and ass for his enjoyment for 11 years.

Had my uncle make me suck him when I was 10 ... then he would suck me... I loved it !!!

I was 14. I went to an all boys catholic high school. One of the brothers (friars) befriended me because I was poor and had to work in the monastery to pay my tuition. He was probably in his mid 60’s. It started out with him taking me out to eat. Then teaching me to drive. My mother thought it was so nice that he was taking in the father role for me (my father was in jail). One day as I worked the switchboard at the monastery, he told me he needed some help. We took the elevator down to the basement where there were several altars for the retired priests to say mass, and he sat down in a chair and very coldly ordered me to take off my pants. I said no but he just kept saying it. I finally stripped down to my underwear and he made me lay across his lap while he spanked me very very hard. I protested that I hadn’t done anything wrong. He didn’t care and would spank me until tears ran down my cheeks. We did this every couple days for a year (now minus the underwear). One day as he spanked he started to rub my ass. It made it feel better. I guess I began to breathe heavy and to push my hips into his lap. That’s when he knew he had me. He inserted his thick finger in my ass. It hurt at first because he didn’t lube it but curiously it started to feel good. I moved my ass in a circular motion and he inserted another. He took them out and ordered me to lick them clean. Something always made me follow his orders, so I did. As I started licking his fingers, he began to unbuckle his pants with his other hand. I was afraid of what was coming next but it wasn’t all that unpleasant. He pulled out a huge cock, started stroking it and told me to lick his balls. I did as I was told. The musk turned me on. It’s when I knew I’d love being in this position for the rest of my life. Over the course of the next three years, he eventually had me sucking his cock, licking his balls and rimming his ass. I found the last so repulsive but I was in my usual pattern of doing what he ordered. He just had that power over me. My senior year he started fucking me. The sick part is this hypocrite would fuck me on the same altars where mass was said by the retired priests. After I graduated, he continued to come by my house, pick me up and take me to that basement. I willingly went with him since I was 14, so I guess I really wanted to be used. I’m married with children now but not a day goes by where I don’t have gay fantasies (always with religious imagery, I wonder why). This guy single handedly turned me into a gay man who surfs the internet looking for cocks to please.

I was 9 he was 16 bout 9 in I was getting changed into my pjs when he walked in told me don’t say a word n took out his dic n force in my mouth could only get his head in then threw me on the bed held my little Legs up n spit on my hairless hole then put his finger in me after that he forced his cock in me n came on my belly it turns me on so much now

Auntie was a big, middle-aged lady from Eastern Europe - a friend of my mom’s who visited summers. As a young boy, she was my “summertime nanny.” She wore loose house coats around our home - whenever she bent over, one or the other of her pendulous breasts would flop out. She’d make a big show of tucking it back in making sure I was watching, often commenting on my little-boy boner poking at my pants like a tent pole. When she sat on the sofa, her legs would be open , and I’d get glimpses of her hairy cunt. She’d say what a bad boy I was staring at Auntie’s cunny.

She’d often bathe me, paying extra attention soaping my boy cock - which would quickly get erect. She’d call my penis her “captain.” She’d encourage me to pee while holding my dick, urine shooting straight up in the air and falling on me and into the bath water. She’d also stick a soapy finger up my butt hole saying how important it was to keep my shitter clean. Sometimes she’d get in the tub with me. On those times she’d encourage me to soap her “mountains” and her hairy “forest” between her legs. Sometimes she’d hold my wrist and slide my entire hand into her “secret cave.” And she’d have me wash her ass and finger her “shitter,” too. I knew there was something “dirty” about this play - it only took place when my mom was not around, and she swore me to secrecy. I loved watching her pee on the toilet. A few times she pee’d on me in the tub. And she’d hold my dick and aim my pee to wash soap off her massive tits. Or she’d aim my stream into her face, hair and open mouth.

When I was 12, I went to camp and missed Auntie’s visit. But that is the summer I learned about sex between boys. I was at camp when our 17 yo counselor convinced me to play with his 5” teen penis. Us boys had been having circle jerks around the camp fire - I think our counselor felt left out. He asked me to his tent and stripped to his jockeys and asked me to do the same. He took out his penis and started stroking asking me to do the same. We both got hard and shot our cum. Next night he wanted me to stroke his penis. I did. It was wonderful seeing his reaction as he shot his load. I went back to my tent and suggested to my tent mate, Billy, that I would jerk him off. He loved it and came quickly. After several evenings of jerking off them both, our counselor showed me a playing card with a picture of a lady with a mans penis in her mouth. He then asked me to do this to him. And I did. I’d barely got his penis in my mouth when he ejaculated - the taste was strange but not awful. I raced back to my tent to tell Billy. His boy cock was hard before I even touched him and he came quickly, too.

This continued over a week - sucking one then sucking the other. They were able to last longer and I got better at doing the sucking. By then I loved the taste of their cum. Then one evening our counselor showed me another card - this one had a picture of a man’s penis in a lady’s asshole. Of course he wanted to do this to my tight pink anus. But I was game. He had some Crisco from the kitchen - I dipped my fingers in it and shoved them up my ass getting it really slippery. I sucked him hard and got his dick wet. I got on all fours and he placed the head of his cock at my asshole slowly pushing in the head. It felt just like taking a fat turd - not at all bad. I pushed back and he was totally imbedded inside me. He shot his load instantly. Felt like a warm enema.

Back at my tent, his cum still puddling in the crotch if my jockeys, I couldn’t wait for Billy to penetrate me. With the cum and Crisco, Billy had no trouble sticking his boner in my still open asshole. He, too, came in moments.

Luckily we still had over a week of summer camp. And every evening I got screwed two times. It was a great learning experience for me. I have loved sucking cock ever since - and taking a cock or strap on up my ass.

The summer I was 13, I was back at home and loved to masturbate - as many times a day as I could. It seemed I had a perpetual hard on. And Auntie noticed my boy-boner was now more of a teen-boner. In retrospect I now realize how her carelessness with her house coat and splayed legs on the sofa was intentional teasing. She loved arousing me and staring at my prick poking at my pants. She’d leave the bathroom door ajar - I would spy on her while she sat on the toilet peeing or pooping - I’d take my penis out of my pants and stroke it. She’d come into the bath while I was showering and plunk her fat ass down on the toilet telling me not to look. If course I’d look and my cock would be rigid in my soapy hands.

One day she “caught” me masturbating while she pissed. She told me to come into the bath room. So, you like watching your old Auntie peese? Get over here boy on your hands and knees for a good look. I knelt in front of the toilet - she opened her legs wide revealing her wet cunt lips poking through her moist curly pubic hairs. Within moments a stream of piss streamed out of her pussy. My cock was so hard. She the told me that either she’d tell my mom what a dirty boy I was unless I’d do as she asked. I immediately agreed. Now, lick me! She commanded and pulled my face into her crotch. Her scent was overwhelming - the smell up close of her cunt - her piss - her sweat - was a scent I would come to love. My tongue burrowed between her lips into her cunt. My first taste of a lady and her piss. She even squirted some more piss into my mouth as she held my head - I could swallow or choke. I swallowed.

This was the beginning of a summer of sexual tutoring from my wonderfully uninhibited, perverse, sensual and loving Auntie. It would include pissing, pussy eating, asshole tonguing and cleaning, nipple sucking, cumming on tits and licking it up, screwing in her cunt and asshole and licking up after, screwing a young girl she was also tutoring, sucking her men friends, performing for her ladies card-playing friends (both solo and with my friend Billy), and some time spent with her lady friend and her pet Labrador retriever. All of these lessons have proved valuable through my long sexual life - and these early experiences are fondly remembered, often while masturbating or sharing with a new friend. My Auntie was a very special lady.
I was 12 and was walking home from camping with raining and he stopped and asked if I needed a ride.I said yes and got offered me a sun country cooler..I drank it and he asked if I wanted to go to his house for a movie.I said yes and went put a porn in and I was pulled his dick out and was stroking himself and I was staring at asked if I liked what the girl was doing and I said asked if I wanted to play the girl role and I said I told me to go down on him like the girl was doing..I was scared but wanted to do it so I went a few minutes he stopped got up and went into his daughters room and brought me some panties and a training me to put them on and I undressed and did as then put his hand on my head and pushed me down on me he was huge!After a few minutes more he called me his little girl and said it was time to fuck picked me up and put me on his took my panties down and started fingering and lubing got about 2 inches in me and I was in to much pain so he stopped..I looked over at him as he was laying on his back with his big dick in his hand..I paused for about 10 minutes just looking at it then I went down on him and he fucked my mouth and shot his load down my throat, took me home a few hours later but we played a lot till I was finally was able to fuck me around that age.I put on his daughters cheer outfit and when he saw me wearing that I knew he wasn’t goi to take a no for an bent me over the counter and put lube on my and his dick and he got all of it in have been 5 minutes of fucking then he came in me and told me I belonged to him now,.he was 37 but I loved every bit of it

My stepdad is the one that broke me into it when I 9. And loved it. Went on for 5 yrs til my mom came home from work early one night and found him with his cock buried all the way in me. She just was in shocked and pasted out. He was so into it that he didn't stop til he finished inside me and packed his stuff and left that night

I just turned 17 when my uncle, who was 40ish, molested me. I have to call it that because that what it was. I still was a virgin and horny and he took advantage. That being said, it went on for a few years. The first time was a sleepover at his apartment. I was sore from football practice (high school) and he offered to give me a rubdown. I thought it weird and was a little embarrassed when he asked me to take my clothes off, even my underware he said when I was down to them. He had me lay on a towel and he started the massage. I was sore and it felt good. I was on my stomach as he slid his hands up and down my body. I remember feeling my dick react as he slid his hands down my inner thighs close to my balls. I was embarrassed that I had that reaction and tried hard not to get an erection. He was using lotion and I felt his hands massaging my butt cheeks. I was trying not to get turned on as he massaged my ass and as he massaged he “innocently” spread my cheeks apart. I knew in my mind that he did this on purpose and that it felt good so at that point I felt confused. Then he reached under moved my dick back towards my ass so that I could be “more comfortable”. I remember thinking how that looked to him as he was straddled behind me as l lay showing him my ass with my cock and balls exposed. I knew at this point what was happening but I didn’t know how to stop it and didn’t know if I wanted to stop it. So then he moves up to my shoulders. We were on the floor and he was behind me, basically on top of me rubbing my back up and down. As he moved up my shoulders he would lay on me and I could feel his hard cock through his pants. I knew he was dry humping me but again I did nothing. That’s how far it went and he backed off and I went to take a shower and we hit the sack-in his bed. We talked a bit before I fell asleep and he didn’t make a move on me and I thought that was the end of it, that is until I woke up with my hard dick in his mouth. He was blowing me as I slept! I remember trying feebly to push him away and every few seconds he would look at me and tell me it was ok. I tried so hard not to cum but in the end I just had to bust loose. I have to say it was a traumatic experience but I also have to say to this day I jack off thinking about it and also get off thinking how hot it would have been to be more aggressive, like responding to the massage (lifting my ass to him). In any case, he would come pick me up on the weekends and I would end up being sucked off. He would show me porno while he sucked me off and I was liking it. It got to the point where he would start sticking his finger in my ass as he blew me and I liked it. Liked it to the point where I asked him to fuck me, which he hesitated but I turned around and gave him my ass, he did try but it hurt too much so we stopped. I also asked to make him cum and I jerked him off. Also I tried to suck him once but it was too big/fat for my mouth lol. This was over a year. I believe I had anal once with him on a trip. He went out to the bar and I stayed in the hotel. He left me some booze and I got drunk and horny. I remember being naked and waiting for him on the bed with my ass in the air. Last thing I remember was him coming in and his tongue in my ass. Not sure if I got fucked lol. Anyway, this went on until I joined the service at 18. What he did was wrong but I am ok with it. Just wished now I could have been shared a bit.
You guys are deranged, i was molested by a cousin when I was 11 by a 16 yr old cousin. The course of my life changed at that moment. Fun little me was gone, never played sports again, and still haunts me till today

I was 9yo when me and my bestfriend were playing fort and didnt know his older brother was following us we had found a place to make a fort below a small wooden bridge there wasn't much room in there so when his brother blocked our escape I thought we were goner's he was 15 and 6ft tall he would make us fight each other all the time he asked what we were doing in there we said nothing and he said we were sucking each others cocks we weren't but that was the first time i thought of it he later caught me down at the fort days later and blocked the way out saying i would have to suck him to get out and pulled out this huge cock and grabd my head and pushed his cock to my lips and said if i didnt open my mouth he would beat me up i was scared and opened my mouth and he shoved it in deep and i gaged i reached up and grabed his cock and sucked on the head slowly and he stoped trying to force me i sucked him and stroked his cock till he shot his hot load into my mouth after he was done he asked me not to tell anyone what he did or he would hit me I said ok and he asked me if i would do it again if he saw me down there again I said if you make me he just laughed . he caught me there 8 times and never figured out i was waiting for him I wanted him to play with my cock but he never tried i allways was hard as a rock when he let me suck that huge cock it was at least 11 inches long and so thick I really liked stroking it as i sucked his cum out they moved away that year and they tore out that old bridge at the end of the summer Ill never foget that big cock

Bijohnny, I’m sorry that happened to you.

Wow I had no idea so many were grew up just like me. I really don't know exactly how old I was, maybe 10. The guys in the neighborhood would camp out in my back yard during the summer because I had a large army surplus tent. Most of us were the same age. It always muggy and hot in south texas in summer so we would lay aroun in our underwear. So naturally we ould end up touching and playing with each other. One of the boys older brother came by and caught us. He laughed and made fun of us. He told us we didnt know anything and we had little dicks and pulled out his. He showed us how to jack off. A few nights later we were all supposed to be camping out but it started to rain and every body went home except for the boy withe the older brother. The rain got worse and the older brother showed up to check on his little brother. We were playing as usual. He sent his little brother home. After his little brother left he started asking me to such his dick. I said no. He kept insisting . He had his dick out and grabbed my head and tried to force me. I got away a couple of times. He started punching me. He was quite a bit bigger than me. I finally took in in my mouth and he held my head and shoved it in and out then came while holding my head. When he let go I spit his cum out all o er my cot. He was laughing his head off. I thought he had peed in my mouth. He left and I got dressed and went into my house but couldn't sleep for thinking about what had happened. A few days later he came to my house. I was alone because my dad was at work and my mom was somewhere. He wanted me to suck him again. This time he did not have to force me. That began a summer of me giving many blow jobs fo Jim Tom.
This happened a year or so later. There was a single guy I'm thinking maybe who lived across the street. He was very friendly to all the kids an to everyone really so my parents didn't mind me hanging around his place. He had motor cycles and would give me rides. I would go over knock on the door and just go inside without waiting for day I knocked and went in and Joe was not there. I figure he was in his back yard. I started to the back when I saw a Playboy magazine on a table. I started looking though it when Joe walked in. I closed it quickly embarked and scared at being caught. Joe said go ahead and look. So I did. So frome then on there were more magazines every time I came over. Looking at them made me hard and Joe noticed and asked if I jacked off. I told him I did so before long we would jack off. That turned int him asking to suck me and me sucking him. Joe had a farm out side of tow and I started going there with him. He would let me drive his truck and tractor and ride his horse. We would swim in his pond then lay in the sun naked and suck each other. That led to him fucking me. That was not a big thin because Jim Tom had introduced me to anal the year before only Joe had a man dick. That went on for a while then one day the F'BI showed up and took him in for questioning in the assassination case of JFK. U never talked to him again. I turns out ge knew Oswald and Joe was a sniper in the military. No charges were filed but he moved away quickly. Turns out I was fucked by a famous person.
I knew all the things that Joe did to me were wrong but I never felt molested.
A few years later I was seduced by the mother of a friend's girlfriend. I sure didn't feel that was molestation. That was a gold metal event.
I do feel all this may have led to me being such a pervert

I was about 8 years old when my cousins cousin asked to stay the night at my grandparents house with me, he was about 11 years old. He laid with me and started playing with my cock in the middle of the night, then pulled my hand onto his large cock. After a few minutes he pulled my underwear off and started to shove his cock in my ass. This went on for a few years and would threaten to tell everyone if I didn't obey him. Growing up I hated him but now 46 years later I get excited thinking about it and would like to feel his cock in my ass again.
Not actually molested, because I thought it was fun. At 15 I was the cute guy in the group and a local adult guy would buy us booze if I would let him mess around with my dick. The group would pick me up and head to his place. His buddy was always there, we would ride around in the old car, me and the two gays in the back seat with my pants off. They would argue over which one could do what with my cock and I had no say in the matter. It was fun.

Aside from secretly masturbating whenever I could a little clumsy fumbling with equally inept girls in high school was all there was until I was married. Nothing but plain vanilla missionary position, lights out sex with her. These tales are a revelation to me. I was nearly forty before my horizons were expanded.

I was 24 family camping trip only my mom and sisters stayed home my two brothers and 3 cousins and their friends first night my cousins friends came into my tent stripped my clothes of and started rubbing their legs against my ass and cock I didnt say anything the next morning then while we were swimming one of the cousins kept going under water and grabbing my dick He looked at me and said theres more coming tonight well that night i layed there wide awake until 3 am figured they were afraid or something fell asleep and was awoke by someone sliding his cock in my ass when I tried to stand up i was pulled back down and my brother forced his cock in my mouth Him and I had experimented with each other a few times but never like this but it was kinda appealing and I was getting excited as my cousin pulled his dick out of my ass the other one stuck his dick in but moved me around so I could stick my dick in my other brothers ass the rest of the weekend was one big suck fuck party after that weekend nobody ever mentioned it again until a couple of weeks ago when we all got together and got drunk the first one to say anything was my brother he started laughing saying you should have seen the look on my face when he stuck his cock in my mouth right after Danny my cousin started fucking my ass and we all started talking about it as the night grew on we even took turns stroking each other and me and my little brother we let a few put their cocks in our ass again just for fun but i had not seen my brothers for more than 10 years and i dont think i will see them again for a while but it will always be a special time in our lives

My uncle lived with my mom and I when I was 9. He would play with my cock when she was at work. One day he started sucking it. He sucked it a lot. At 11 1/2, he was sucking it and I cum in his mouth and remember how much he loved it. He kept sucking it and I got hard again. I cum again. Almost everyday after school he sucked me off and at that age, sometimes he sucked me off 3 times. Sometimes he’d suck me off before school. He did me every day. Then he had a buddy come over and they both sucked me. I never at anytime touched or reciprocated my uncle or his friend. I never saw either one them exposed. One would rim me and one sucked me off or both work on my cock together. At 14, I got my first pussy and she was 19. Then still 14, a 21 year old female seduced me. At 16 I was screwing. 27 year old all the time. At 17 I was screwing some guys 50s wife and man I loved to fuck the while I was going to a cruise spot and letting men suck me off. Sometimes I got 2 or 3 bjs by 2-3 men. I was one horny guy. True stories.
i was 10 my brother was 15 fucked me for three years
iwas 10 when all the kids in the hooh sucked each other's cocks, luved it then, luv it now, i remember sleeping with this older boy, our naked bodies rubbed together, it felt sssoooo good

I was 22 and he was 40. He seduced me and fucked me up the ass and I loved it.

I was 14 there was this guy around 25 that I would see cut through the school underground tunnel at night so after noticing that a few times I snuck over that way and as I'm walking up I could hear what was him jacking his cock off so I was peeking and then hurry up and snuck away and thought about that any times a few days later I noticed him going towards that tunnel again So I leave the backyard and head over there thinking I bet he's jacking off again and I wanted to watch maybe watch him cum and I was making noise thinking he might hear me and he did I said hey it's all right He said what's going on come on down I was like all right He was like what are you up to I was like checking you out I seen you here a couple other times He said oh I didn't know that Did you like that I said Well yeah it looks fun He's like well we can do it together so I pull my dick out He pulls his out and both start jacking off He starts touching mine and then goes to his knees and starts sucking my cock for the first time I've ever been sucked that felt so good and I thought man I want to suck a dick So after a while I eagerly got on my knees and started sucking his cock. We met several times after that at night and I couldn't wait to suck his cock and have me shoot my load in his mouth again but this time I wanted to take that load so he did and when he comes in my mouth I couldn't believe it It was so slippery and nice So I kind of provoked that I guess

I was 13 when a 24 year old man up the street slowly began seducing me. I finally gave in one afternoon and let him suck my cock. He would try to get me to suck him as he would suck me off. On a Saturday I decided that I would do as he wanted so after dinner I went to his place. Afraid I may chicken out, the second the door closed behind him. I turned around and started pulling his pants down. As he stood there, I took his cock into my mouth and suck his cock did as he had to me a couple of times. As he came into my mouth, some did get my lips but I did swallow what was left. Within a matter of a couple of weeks, we would suck each other off more and more and I became to love it. One night while his friend was over, he wanted to watch me suck his friend off, I got excited that he wanted me to do it that I didn't hesitate for a minute before I went over to him enjoyed sucking cock. Afterwards his friend watched as sucked him off. As time I was sucking off several of his friends on a regular basis. Later that summer, for his birth day wish, I let him fuck me. This went on for almost 5 years. I can't get enough of sucking cock and swallowing cum

I was 8 when it started. And I did like it.

Wow These first time stories are so hot I have some stories to my first time experiences message me I’ll tell you more

Me. I had my first orgasm at 10, and was molested all through my teen years.
It gave me every kink I currently have.
Slut life forever!

i was about i like boys too
I suppose I was when I was 11,
I remember I was putting on my sisters panties and heels..
When my older cousin and my sister's friend came walking in my room. .
They seen me wearing a little half shirt and slutty little see threw shorts. .
They told me they were going to tell on me.
So I beg them not to, that I would do anything. .just don't tell.

I didn't expect what they wanted me to do. .
They said anything, okay.
Since you like dressing like a girl how about, being a girl and suck there cocks.
I said, gross, I won't do that, I don't even know how.
Well then will tell on you, and say we seen you and your friends licking each other between the legs.
I said alright, I'll do whatever you want me to.
He took me to the back rental, put some porn on. And then had me get on my knees, and suck just like the girl in the porn was.
So I did. Licking his cock up and down, putting it in my mouth and thinking I was supposed to swallow the whole thing, I begin trying to. .Then he said suck his cock to, And had me going down on my cousin at the same time. .
They said to keep doing like I was, put it all in your mouth. .and swallow it down then back up fast. I said alright, and started sucking both of them as fast as I could. .
Then I heard him say, he was going to cum.
Should I cum in his mouth and started laughing.
I better not yet, so he stroked himself and told me to look at him and open my mouth,
I cam on my face and a bit in my mouth.
I licked mylips, and he told me you like that huh? I said yes, I tasted silky.
As my cousin shoved his cock in my mouth, he then did cum in my mouth, and told me to swallow. I did just that. .
And like the way it felt. .They said we won't tell, but you better not say anything about this okay. ..I said I won't. .
Did you like sucking dick? I said yes, it was fun. let's have some more fun tomorrow. .I agreed. .I didn't realize that I was some what molested. At that age.
But liked to dress slutty.
Till I was a little bit older. Like 15..
But even then, my friends uncle got us drunk, my friend passed out. And his uncle and his friend Took me to the back room, took all my clothes off, and started playing with my ass, finger fucking me, while I was some what passed out. Then slapping my face and mouth with there cocks. .I remember, but it's foggy. .I started to suck there cocks, after a while. .
I remember them putting my ass up in the air, and taking pictures of me with my ass spread, cock in or by my mouth.
If he tries to say anything, I'll show his girlfriend these pictures.

I layed there pretendinga bit, but let them do whatever they wanted to me..I likedthe way it felt.
So I guess I was molested a couple times. .But didn't say anything cause I like it to much

I was 14 when my uncle started playing with my . I already knew how to masterbate because I had a wet dream when I was 12. Since my mom would let him sleep with me he would take out his cock and slide it up and down my ass crack. I told him no at the time because I thought if he fucked me my asshole would stay open and I would have problems controlling my bowels. But I did my best in sucking his cock instead. His semen tasted like salty Ham. He would suck my also and I would cum but he left for Mexico and became Gay after that. Because he was Hetero before we did it. After that I did several of my cousins who are still Hetero to this day. Those were fun times in my youth. I wish I could re-create them now. You just gotta be careful nowadays though.

I guess by the legal sense it was considered molestation, but I was 17 and they were in their young twenties. I was working at a Boy Scout summer camp as a camp counselor, for the Summer. One Saturday evening around 8pm, two of the older camp counselors asked me if I wanted to take a ride with them to grab some beer and ride around an drink it. I said sure. Kirk drove and Mike sat in the back seat with me. As we were drinking, Mike put his hand on my crotch and tried to rub my package. Being buzzed, my responses were slow, but I resisted. After a few attempts he apologized that he was horny and asked if he could just pull out his cock and jerk off. I thought it was weird, but being buzzed, I said sure. Mike unbuckled and pulled out his cock and balls and was already hard as a rock. He was porn start hung! I never seen a hard cock other than mine, so I kept watching him, though I tried to hide it. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. This time I was sort of in shock so I just left it there. he had his hand on mine and proceeded to have my hand jerk him off. He moved his hand once he knew I had the rhythm and let me jerk him off. Meanwhile, Kurt pulled the car over in a wooded area and turned off the car. I looked at him and he got out and slid in the back seat so I was between Mike and him. Kurt whipped out his cock, which was smaller but still nice, and took my hand and placed it on his cock. I was playing with both their cocks, stroking them, as they were drinking their beers. After about 10 minutes if this action, I am not sure what came over me, but I asked I asked Michael if I could suck his cock. With no words, he moved so his knees were on the seat and proceeded to guide my head onto his cock. Kurt then opened his car door and I had more room to be on my knees and sucking Mike. The next thing I feel is Kurt undoing my belt buckle, unzipping my pants and he started to stroke my cock. After a little time passed, with Kurt's cock still out, he slid totally out of his pants. He was standing outside the car door as I was still sucking cock. All of a sudden I felt two fingers and some sort of lube being applied to my asshole. He stuck a finger in my ass, then a second finger and gently started to finger fuck me. It hurt like hell, but it was also hot! I asked him to stop but any time I tried to talk, Mike would force my mouth back on his cock and use his hand so my mouth could not free up to talk. Kurt took his cock and penetrated my ass. He started slow and I just bared the pain. Just about at that time, Mike started to cum in my mouth and emptied his load in my mouth and on my face. Kurt then told him to push my shoulders down to the car seat so my ass was higher in the air. I could not move my upper body as Kurt started to fuck me harder and faster. After about 5 minutes, Kurt came deep inside my ass. We cleaned up and I was just numb. We road around the country roads for about another hour when Kurt made me climb into the front seat and blow him as he drove around. That was the summer that I lost my innocence for sure!

I was about about 11 or 12 , was playing with my next door neighbours labrador who got a little too excited and tried to mount me but i was on my knees so it was humping my chest , back and head. I didnt try and stop it but it jumped off and our neightbour was standing there wanking his big cock watching us. He lived alone and told me to go in his house and play , he first got my to strip down to my pants and then i wanked them both before he came in my face
I wouldn't say that I was molested, at least not technically, but I felt shame about this for years and years until I came to terms that I've always been a sexual person and that young people have sexual feelings and act out on them too. To be clear also, I also stick to play with people in my age group; I know that this is dicey subject matter and don't want people to get the wrong idea.

Brother and sister were 9 and 12 respectively. I was 11 when this took place. Kids in the neighborhood kept telling me about how this brother and sister had these "naked movies" and that they had all seen them (the kids' dad was frequently away for work and their aunt was out of the house for work a lot too). I had no idea what a "naked movie" was. My parents were super strict and I had never seen a Playboy or anything, much less a pornographic movie. So after running around in their backyard (it was July at the height of summer), they invited me in for some water, and next thing you know they asked me if I "wanted to watch a movie".

I'll never forget how the brother had to stand on a chair so that he could reach the top shelf of the front hall closet to pull down this stack of movie reels, or how the sister needed extra help lifting the movie projector on top of this stool. We drew all of the curtains and these kids fired up this reel to reel movie projector as we sat next to one another on the couch.

What happened next was a formative moment for me. I think the film was in Swedish, but then again dialog wasn't important. This couple was straddling one another while swinging on a swing. Next thing you know they go indoors, clothes come off, mouths touch all kinds of body parts that I had never imagined they would, I had never seen fucking before and had no clue about what it was until I saw it in the film. And when the guy blew a huge load on the woman's tits it nearly blew my freaking mind.

The film came to an end and flapped around. I remember feeling queazy and I know that my mouth was agape. They asked me to help them put everything away and these kids were meticulous in knowing exactly the order that stuff was stored. Then we sat back down on the couch and we literally talked about what we just saw and how it made us feel. Obviously I had questions. These kids knew everything about sex. Pretty impressive for people of that age. Kind of creepy too. And then they said that they liked to take off their clothes after watching one of these movies. Somehow they talked me into joining them. We were all standing there naked, just looking at one another. Then there was a little bit of touching, and they touched me a lot, maybe because I was new. I don't know. Then the kissing started. They taught me about frenching. I kissed the sister and brother. They kissed each other. I won't get into any more specifics, but I did not have sex that day although I did have my first orgasm that day (I didn't know what the rush of pleasure was at the time) although nothing came out. I felt weak in the knees and suddenly panicked. I grabbed my clothes, hurriedly got dressed, and ran up the street to where I lived. My mom thought that I was flush so she gave me some aspirin and put me to bed. I didn't have the heart to tell her what I just experienced, and that was probably a good thing.

This experience, while one I felt guilty about for years, definitely was a contributor to where I've landed sexually.
I was 14, every vacation I go visit my aunt and stay in my cousins room, used to wake with dry and hot cum in my face and mouth, after few night noticed he was poking my face I pretended to be asleep, didn't take long I noticed he was rubbing his dick on my face and lips trying to get it in my mouth, eventually he got in my mouth and I felt him pulsating a lot and my mouth started to fill with a bitter taste, didn't take long to find out he was cumming on my every night and morning and I let it happen every time..

This is all fine, good, etc. There was six grown men and I was 14. I sure didn't know I liked it at the time, and for a long while afterwards if that is even an accurate self assessment.

I was 10 years old when I had both make a d female experiences. The make experience turned into an everyday several times a day situation.
The female experiences were random.
I can elaborate on private.

I was 16 and in a McDonald's bathroom at a urinal, as soon as I opened my pants to pee a older man in the urinal to the left of me ( probably 30'ish with what looked like the largest cock I could ever imagine) reached over and cupped my balls and slightly stroked my dick for a brief moment. That completely took me by surprise but at the same time made me very excited. I got nervous and pulled my pants up and rushed outside as my dick started to get erect. It was a while later as I relived the experience over and over again in my head that I realized I really wanted to experience a sexual experience with a man again.
I jerked-off and cummed to that fantasy until I experienced my first ABS visit

I was never molested. There was a single older guy in town who used to always have pre-t and r boys at his house. You knew they were there, they’d park their bikes right in the driveway. Rumor was that he would provide alcohol and weed to anyone who wanted to come over. I knew what that meant and I was intrigued. I was too afraid to knock on the door but I was always trying to get his attention. I’d always ride down that street every opportunity that I could. I was hoping for the weed, beer and whatever else came with it. I still view it as a missed opportunity and I’m 50 now.
I was shown just how incredible having anal sex could actually be. And I have actually thanked my uncle several times for coming to my room that night and having sex with me.

I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed it. I was horny from age 4 on. Oral with a man would have been wonderful. Anf if he was gentle and patient, anal too. And if a woman had "molested" me-- heaven. I didn't have sex either a woman until I was 21 and didn't suck my first dick until 69. I hated being a late blooner

It was an experience I really do not want to remember. It certainly brings no good memories other than loathing and fear.

pumpsu that's not love. Totally sick and illegal

Role play time. I'm in

....I was only I was used by a 9 year-old was definitely well beyond her did and knew tings that a lot of adults probably don't know or haen't tried today
I was as a child and im pretty sure it’s made me into the slut I am today for older men

I was 11 or so, he was 15 or 16. We were in a shallow wooded area near the apartment buildings. He started asking me questions about sex and my cock. Shortly after that he asked if I wanted to see his dick. I said I guess, sure. He pulled it out and it was a hard cock. he asked me to touch it, after hesitating for a bit I reached over and touched it, he said to put my hand around it and stroke it. I pulled away, cuz i was embarrassed.
He asked to see my dick, so I pulled my pants down to my knees. My cock was hard as a rock. I wasn't Cumming yet but my cock was full grown and ready. He asked if he could touch it. He reached over and started stroking it. It felt good and I liked it, he then asked if he could put it in his mouth. Hesitantly I said yes. He got on his knees and guided his cock to his mouth, he slid my rock hard cock in his mouth and It felt so damn good. He slid it in and out of his mouth for a while and it was great! Then he stood up and asked me to suck his dick. I wanted to please him as we hung out and he was the older cool guy so I said, ok but I don't know what I'm doing. He said, just open your mouth and don't use teeth and I'll take care of the rest. I got on my knees, opened my mouth and he put his cock in and started fucking my mouth, not hard or deep but slowly. I was going crazy, I have never done this before and I had no idea why I liked it so much. It didn't take long for him to cut and he came in my mouth. It was a strange bitter salty taste. He pulled his cock out and I spit the cum out. That was my first encounter.
As the summer went on he would ask me to his house, his parents were at work all day. We usually watched some TV and moved on to sucking each other's dicks. It wasn't long before he wanted to move on to fucking my ass. At 11 I was hairless and smooth with a hard cook. We tried and tried to get his cock in my ass but it didn't want to go in. After trying over the past couple of visits, he called me over one day, we watched TV and started to get into it and as I was suckobg his cock he said to me that he wanted to put it I'm my ass, it will work this time. I said ok, thinking we're just going to do the sane as always, then he pulled out some kind of clear lotion and stroked his dick with it. His dick was slippery, and very hard. The we tried again, he slowly slid his cock in my ass. One the head got in all the way it started to hurt, but he kept going as I cringing and asking him to stop, it hurt. But he kept pushing until he was all the way in. He didn't move for a while as the pain subsided. The he Began to slowly pull out then push in, he did this a little and after a short while he came in my ass. It was a little sore but for the remainder of the summer I got used to it and we kept hanging out. Thinking about that time makes me crazy horny.

I was maybe 11, a cousin stayed over (same age as me). We were in bed, he got on top of me and tried to fuck me. It didn't work, but his dick felt so good as he was trying to push it into me. I knew then that one day I would get fucked properly, and I would suck a cock and swallow cum.
I was 13 and was sleeping with my dad because we had company that was sleeping in my bed and my sister was sleeping with my mom.
I woke up in the night and my dad had his hand in my underwear and playing with my penis. He stopped when he realized I was awake.
I assume he was fondling me in his sleep and thought I was mom. Noting else ever happened but I always wish I had pretended to stay asleep to see how far he would have gone.
I stated fantasizing about it and jacking off to the thought of him touching me. The next year I started playing with a neighbor my age and I have been bi ever sense.
My parents both slept naked and i would peek in their bedroom window and jack off.
Miss those days

My 14yr cousin popped my ass cherry when I was 8 I sucked him for many years after that

Not molestation but after my pastor married me he stArted sucking me off after Sunday services I was 25 then 33 yrs later I still bury my dick in his ass and he swallows after
when I was 11 years old I lived with my mother, younger brother and older half-sister in a refuge for women when my parents split up.. there was another boy there, he was 14 years old and he used to work for an old man who was probably in his mid sixties.. the work was cleaning parts for washing machines and my mother said I could go along with them to earn some money for sweeties.. one day when me and the other boy was at work with the old man he just got his cock out and started masturbating.. I watched him masturbating and he smiled at me, his cock was about 10 times bigger than mine
when the old man was giving me a lift home I was sat in the front passenger seat next to him, and he said: 'You liked watching me, didn't you?'
I said: 'Yes, I really liked to watch you're
then the old man asked me if I'd like to play with him.. I said: 'Yes, please! I would like that'
he pulled the car over to the side of the country road we was on and then he pulled out his massive cock, it was already as hard as rock before I even touched it..
he told me to hold it with my hand, so I put my hand around his big cock.. my fingers barely reached my thumb because he was so big
he told me to rub his big hard cock up and down for him, he taught me how to wank off a hard cock.. I was wanking off his big hard cock for about 10 minutes and then he moved his seat all the way back, pulled down his trousers and underpants, took off his shirt, and told me to get on my knees in front of him as he dragged me over by an arm and pushed me into place so I was in between his open legs and facing him..
he told me to lick his balls so I started to lick them and roll them around with my tongue
he started to get more dominant and give me orders like I was a slave
'LICK THOSE FUCKING BALLS LIKE A WHORE YOU FUCKING LITTLE SISSY' he shouted at me and I got scared, so I did what he told me and did it as well as I could
he started to groan with pleasure.. he ordered me to put the fingers of both my hands on his balls and take his cock deeper into my mouth so I did my best and took him as deeply as I could until his big card cock was hitting the back of my throat.. I kept looking into his eyes like he told me to and he laughed a little bit, he was having a really good time
'FASTER!! DEEPER YOU CUNT!!' he shouted at me and I was pumping his cock with my mouth as deep and fast as I could.. I kept choking on him but I was starting to enjoy myself and I got a bit carried away with it, and that seemed to make his big fucking cock even harder.. it was so big that my mouth was as wide as I could get it and I could barely fit him into it
'FUCK YEAH!!' he shouted.. and then he called me lots of bad names 'BITCH, WHORE, SLUT, CUNT, SISSY, FAGGOT, SUCK ME!!'
he started to pump his cum into my mouth and down the back of my throat, he was crying out in a state of ecstasy.. I was gagging and choking on his cum, I swallow some and spat some out
he told me I should always swallow every drop of his cum and then he told me I did good for my first time.. he gave me £20 and then took me home

I went to a holic high school. It was run by Augustinian brothers and priests. Brother Mark used to take me out for burritos and taught me how to drive. Mom was so happy that I had some male influence in my life (raised by a single mom and several sisters).
Once he had Mom’s approval there was a lot of spankings. First in my underwear and eventually to my bare ass. I worked the switchboard in the monestary to pay my tuition but he was also my boss. He could call me away from my desk whenever he wanted. I resigned myself to the fact that I would be spanked whenever he willed it.
It was my sophomore year before he started fingering me. At first it hurt but as I listened and he put other fingers in to stretch me, I started to crave it.
It was several months before he finally bent me over a pew in the chapel and took my ass. Again it hurt but about half way to his completion, I started to enjoy it.
By Junior year there were other Brothers and priests joining to fuck me both in my now willing ass and also they started making me suck them off. My first taste of sperm was in that same chapel.
It started happening whenever any of them would call me out of class and do me in their offices. I actually learned to love it. Now, despite my marriage … I really prefer being used by men than having sex with a woman.
Yes when I got to high school in the locker room I was I think about 14 I was showering and I noticed the older black guys had huge cocks I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me as soon as I stepped into the locker room someone yanked my towel away. I was standing there naked and exposed they started pointing at my hard on laughing and then one of the biggest black guys held the door and said we know what you need. It didn’t take long before one of the guys punched me in the stomach I automatically went to my knees. The big guy said you can make this easy or you can get hurt. Tears came to my eyes and I knew what was about to happen so I looked up and the guy who punched me was in front of me and his cock was hard he said queer you know what to do . So I started sucking him and I get hands grabbed at my ass them arguing that they wanted to be the first to fuck me.I was scared to death I felt someone picking up my backend and then heard him spit on my ass the guy who is wa sucking told me to relax or it would be bad he lunged a little towards me and came every where the guy probing at my ass finally got in I screamed but a cock soon filled my mouth the guy fucked me hard said to his buds that I had a tight ass and look at me I was pushing back he came hard I took about 15 guys in my ass and about 20 I sucked I was 5 hrs late getting home
I was about 10 years old when I was "molested"! I would run errands for people living in our apartment building to earn money for candy and stuff. Living in one of the apartments was a man who worked nights. After school I would go to the corner store and buy him his cigarettes. He would let me in to his apartment to pay me and there was always pornography laying out in plain sight. I didn't know what it was, but it was interesting. One day he caught me looking at the pictures and that was the start of my education. It didn't take him long to convince me to take off my clothes. I can still feel his hands and fingers on my bare skin. He got naked and sat down with me and started playing with my little dick. I guess I was attracted to his dick because it got so big and hard. Needless to say, before I left that day, I did suck his cock. And I did so for many days after that. I never considered it molestation! It was naughty and fun. I swallowed his cum many ties and he took my anal cherry too. God, I would love to relive those early days!

I was 8 and babysitting the 3 year old little girl up the hill from me, back in the mid 50's and her mother was always in a dress with can-can under her dress, and would always pull it way up every time she change the little girl on the couch which was plastic covered, pass her stocking tops and I could see her panties which were alway bright color shear nylon, she seen my little boner and asked me to come closer, asked me if seeing her panties made me hard, and wanted to see it, she pulled my pants down and asked if she could kiss it, then started to suck it, while sucking my cock she put my hand in her panties and she was dripping wet, asked me to lick it, " NOT THE END TO THIS STORY "

My first time is probably considered molestation lol. But I did it and gladly let it happen often after that! My older brother and his friends were VERY horny!

my first time was when I was 9 and I masterbate to it alot and I was ashamed of it for a long time but my first wife would come home and I would make me eat her wet pushy not telling me it was full of cum but I knew I recognize the taste and it was cum and I started eating the he'll out of her purse cream and started watching wear she went and she was meeting a black man so now I know I love cum including bbc creampies... but when she found out I knew she told the truth and said she never feels my tiny penis in side her pushy hw only cums when I eat her nasty cum filled pussy ... and she akes me her cuckold .. now back to my first time it was my huge inbread uncle with the biggest cock I have ever seen white or black 13 inches and couldn't fit in my 9 year old mouth ... he made me his little girl wearing panties bra and dress for 3 summers I stayed with him while my mom and dad worked out of the country.. the night I first cummed in my PA ties was when he figured out while I slept he could iube me up and get the head of his cook in my Virgin 10 year old butt.. I woke up and he was thrusting in me and it hurt alot but he heald me close and I started getting hard in my panties he put out and back in and I thought I was peeing my self but I was creaming my panties he kept going till I felt him in my belly above my peepee then he pushed hard and felt funny pulsing he pulled out and made me hold my knees up so I didn't leak and told my that is the stuff that makes me his girl ... I felt mybutt and my hole was open and wet he made me lick my fingers clean and told me to look at my Lil panties all wet where I cummed .. from then on I got all of him in me plus he gave hormones that made me a beautiful little girl ... with tiny peepee boobs and all.. every time he fucked me I would cum several times.. my mom noticed me flirting with next door boy and taking his little 4in cock while I was home ,he couldn't make me cum but I liked his little cock... but I got put on male hormone when she figured it all out and grew a nice cock myself and didn't do anymore gay stuff till my wife cucked me

I would die before I would even do anything to a child to me that sick and that child wanders with di I do to deserve this I know because I have to sisters that hate our dad because he did this to them your supposed to love and help you kids not put them through something like this just my opinion

I was about 12 & every Saturday I would go to the movies, back then Saturday would last all day. Well there I was & it wasn't very crowded when all of a sudden a young Latino man in his 20s sat down right beside me, I could tell he had been drinking cause I could smell it. He had smiled at me when he sat down, but I wondered why he had chose to set down next to me. It wasn't long before I felt a hand on my leg, under the jacket that he had laid across the chair & my lap. I was startled but I just set there frozen. Soon he had begun to rub my leg along my thigh each time getting a little closer to my hard on pressing against my jeans. When he finally began to rub my balls I was frozen in place & he took this as a sign to keep going. Soon he had skillfully unzipped my pants & had his fingers inside my shorts & was rolling my cock around in circle. I couldn't belive it here I sat in a darken theaters with a strange man's hand in my pants. I could tell he was trying to read my face to decide if he should keep going or run. Well the truth was I liked it, alot. Well we finally got up & led me to the men's room. When we got there it was empty so he stood at the urinals took out his cock & began to stroke it. In a thick Mexican accent he began to try to get me to leave with him but I instinctively knew that was a bad idea. I continued to watch him masterbate but I just stood there. When he realized I wasn't leaving he moved me to a stall where he sat down with me facing him where he pulled down my pants & underwear and started sucking my cock till I exploded in his mouth where he sucked even harder till I had come two more times. Then as quickly as it began he finished sucking me & he walked out, while I returned to my seat in the darkened theater amazed at what had just happened, knowing I liked it, wondering when my next encounter would happen.

I was 9. My babysitters husband would play with my pussy and show my how wet I was. He told me I loved it. He told me that my pussy was made to please men. He then took his dick out and shows me how to suck it. He came in his hand and fed me the cum. Everyday he played with my pussy and I actually looked forward to it. This happened for many years. I missed it when they moved out. I guess that’s when I knew I was a cocksucking whore. I always made him cum.
I loved every part of being molested and suckin big black dick and being fucked and made to wear skirts and summer dresses with make to this day I crave the attention of big dick black men...I want somebody to do it again...I remember meeting one of the three guys in prison in oregon and I remembered bein waken up by the gaurds in the middle of the night and told i was changin cell...I found myself in a cell by myself and then the door open and it was him with the 10 inch dick from when I was 7 years old and I couldn't get out and I had to do everything he told me for the next twoi years of my time ...I wore skirts and he fucked me until I knew i was owned by black men and him especially...I tried to hide the fact I was locked up in a cell suckin his dick...I LOVED BEING MOLESTED AND ENJOY ALL OF IT....
I also loved having fingers up my ass and my dick in a his mouth thats how I was offically broken in I especially love having my asshole licked....

I was about nine or ten. I didn't know what was happening and was a little scared. I buried it deep down inside but have recently had it resurface. I still prefer the sweet taste of a woman but I have been really having a "need" to suck some cock. It is starting to become an obsession.

I really do not know what days and what was done. My wife a few times let out.... she would pull out my cock and play with it and masturbate after I fell asleep. One night wasted she admitted that it got hard a few times when she did this.. she said you never would cum.. she said twice I got on you and fucked you... I said wow that is amazing wish I woke up. I said just so you know.. when I get this lucky I play with your ass, panties, and pussy... it gets wet... I have never fucked you though. she said one time I woke up and pretended to be asleep. not sure this qualifies but its close. I am super hard sleeper and probably had been drinking. it is so hot she fucked me..
I was 15 visiting grandad in spain two of his friends seduced me taught me how I sucked cock fucked me while visiting him
Jan 5, 2023
It was 1969 my best friend and I we’re hanging out at closed strip mall when an older guy maybe 30 asked us if we wanted a ride home, we said yes. I was in the front seat, my friend in the back the guy then pulled out some dirty magazines from his glove compartment and asked me if I wanted to see them, of course I said yes I was curious shortly after he started rubbing my crotch, but I was pushing his hand away as I did not want him to do it. So he asked my friend if he wanted to come up front to what he said yes. He then started to fondle my friend and asked him if he would let him suck his cock and my friend let him .Shortly after he dropped us off and gave us a dollar each to basically keep her mouth shut I guess. A couple days later we were sleeping in the tent in the backyard when I woke up suddenly and my best friend rolled me over and was fucking my ass. I was scared, and it hurt like hell. I don’t know if he came in me or on me. We didn’t do much after that Until years later, when I was older and home visiting on leave from the military and staying at their house on the couch when he asked me if I wanted to come in and fuck his wife with him, she used to be my girlfriend first, so naturally, of course I wanted to lol we never did talk about what happened when we were younger but he told his wife and she wanted to see us sucking each other’s cock so we did and she loved it. A few years ago he even let his wife go with me in my truck for five days and we had a blast now that’s a best friend but back to the original story. I was always conflicted on was I molested was I raped? What is it? I didn’t know how to categorize it, it wasn’t until I access to the Internet and all the porn that started perking my curiosity again . By this time I had moved to the west coast of Canada and heard of wreck beach are used to go there and then I found out there was a gay beach not far away. The first time I went there walking down the trails I saw a guy giving a blow job to another guy so I was standing there watching of course getting a hard on when the guy sucking the cock saw me he stopped and started sucking my cock and I fully enjoyed it, most of my experiences have been getting blow jobs from other men and I usually prefer older than myself. I don’t know why I have not been fucked in the ass by you guys since I was a kid other than strap on dildos with a woman friend of mine, and of course, butt plugs. I fantasize greatly about getting fucked in the ass but for some weird reason I would prefer if there was a woman involved also to direct me what she wants me to do I go through stages or periods of times when I don’t go to the cruising parks, but after a while, the urge gets so strong, I have to go and get a blow job from a man I am still very scared and do wish I could find someone I could trust to be discreet and especially clean. I have talk to people even a counsellor to ask am I bisexual or are these feelings left over from what happened to me when I was 13 does anyone have an answer?

Older brother taught me how to jerk and suck him off when I was 7, he was 12. I'd get him off whenever he wanted however he wanted. Went on for six years

I was molested by a teacher at school, he Kept me stay after school and he started off helping me study. He then started rubbing my dick and he unzipped my pants then he started sucking and I came so freakin hard

My Aunt started playing with after my baths when I stayed with her when I was 6yo. One time I needed my temp taken and laid across her lap. She was rubbing vaseline on my hole and I got excited and started rubbing my on her leg and then she fingered me and it felt so good. Eventually she started sucking me and fingering me. I would sleep with her and she would masturbate and cum while I would suck on her Nipples. She started having & 1st Cousins who were about the same age spend the night and we would bath together and play doctor while she instructed and watched. Just touching, no oral or penetration.

When I was 11 I was "babysat" by neighbors for the summer and found out the 1st day that they were Nudists by their 11 yo Daughter. She would play in the afternoon in the garage in a "fort" and we did everything even though I was too young to cum but it all felt great. We looked at porno mags and did what we saw. She even fingered me. One day her Cousin who was a little older, maybe 12 or 13 since al little pubic hair above but smooth Balls, came over and he played with her. Difference was he could cum! She sucked him off and later in the day he fucked and came in her which she loved.

One day she was sucking him and I was watching and asked if I could try. He said yes and I sucked him off and he came in my mouth. Later in the day her Mom said that his Mom was leaving work and she'd be there in 1/2 hour and he asked me to suck him off again and I did. He came over the next week and I was on my knees sucking him and I asked him "if he wanted to put it in my Fanny?" and he did. I loved it and he came in me. The three us played 1 or twice a week the rest of the Summer.

One day late in the summer the Mom took my playmate and her younger Sister clothes shopping for school and the Dad was there. He was walking around nude and I could stop staring at him. He was asking me questions about his Daughter and then his Nephew. He asked if I liked playing with him and told him I did. He asked if he was the only Boy I played with and I said no because I'd started playing with other neighbor Boys when I wasn't there. I saw he was hard and asked if I could suck him. He nodded and I got between his legs and sucked him off. I didn't like all the hair. Later in the afternoon I was sucking him again and asked him if he wanted to "put it in my fanny?" and he did. He wasn't much bigger than his Nephew so it was nice. After summer I would go over on Friday nights and stay until Sunday. Me and the Dau would sleep in her Dad's bed and he did everything with both of us. Much more happened over the next year that I won't mention here but liked all of that too.

After that I was playing with anyone I could, Boys & Girls my age, teenager Boys, Men, whoever I could. I knew I was Bisexual at 11 and it made HS so easy because I could have a girlfriend who didn't have sex and then go play with a boy and get each other off. I did all that through my teens and into my late 20's when I got married. I never was unfaithful to my Wife with either another Woman or a Guy although we did swap with other couples. She never knew I was Bi. After she passed away I started playing with guys again. I have to admit I prefer shaved Men & Women, and that the Women have small or no , and know it's because of my early experiences.

I understand I was molested and groomed by my Aunt and that it was wrong. I never felt like I was forced and enjoyed it but know that is part of the grooming to make you think you are special and it's not wrong but it is. The best that came out of the early experiences are that I am very open and accepting of other peoples sexuality. Feel free to message me if you want to chat.

Glorifying and in turn promoting child molestation is some sick shit
You people should find a web site you to share your disease
And stop polluting the bisexual community with this crap. Although from the number of responses on this topic it seems I should be the one to leave this site

He (hubby) was about 14 when it happened, sadly a too classic church story. As he tells it, it started with grooming - hands on shoulders, special attention, and led to closer attention, then time in the rectory. He was asked to touch, and then it led to mutual touching, then hm stroking the priest. It effected his thoughts on his his sexual identity and sexuality for sure. Did he like it? He says it wasn't 'molested', but clearly as a minor he was. His reasoning is that none of it felt bad, that he enjoyed it.

It may not sound like a lot from those above, but it he was often told that he shouldn't cum, especially ever from a girl "kissing it". It is crazy that it is still crazy hard for him to cum from oral on him...

For me - Well, I had an AHMAZING boyfriend who was 18/19 when I was 14/15. I guess that may count too, but I don't feel like it does.

Willy you are right. Being molested is not a form of enjoyment. It is wrong, period. It is also considered a crime in most places. Minors cannot give consent. To be molested one was forced or manipulated into having sex. It is definitely not something one brags about! It can really ruin a person's life to the point of them being unable to enjoy or have any type of sex when an adult. This is supposed to be an adult site. You all should know the difference between two children experimenting. If that other person is 18 or over it is wrong (in most states). Any forced sex, even between kids is also wrong. Whatever happened to people just using common sense? smh

I was 7 my older brother 12, one weekend at our grand parents he showed me how to jerk him off, the next night he suckedy didck to shower how, after that he would get to either jerk him off or su k his cock, he was the first guy I ever saw cum, I loved it. When I was 9 we moved and had to share room, he'd come in and I would make him cum whenever he wanted, this went on until he graduated and moved out.
My only complaint is that he never fucked me, just played with my ass or used objects while I was giving him head or a hand job
when I was 12 , I had a wet dream not long before my 12th birthday even though I didn’t have any pubic hair what so ever. I quickly learned about masturbating and I could never get enough of it. I was an only child living with my mother we had moved to a small country town. We actually lived at a beach about 10k from the township, it was one street of about ten houses backing on to the beach, at one end of the street there was a car park and during tourist season it would be full of cars, at the other end of the street it became National parkland. It was a known nudist beach that had to long rows of sand dunes with a gully and walking track in between. There was thick bushes and wild grasses on the top of each row of sand dunes with an occasional track cutting over the dunes to the beach. I had wandered around the dunes previously (wearing only shorts) there were small flat areas on the sides of the dunes overlooking the track you could lay on these with out people seeing you when they were walking past. It was school holidays and my mother was at work , so I went for a walk along the track down towards the national park as it got closer to the park the dunes flattened out and there were many tracks leading off in different directions. I came upon two nude men one was standing up while the other one was kneeling in front of him sucking his dick. I ducked down behind a bush and watched I knew about homosexuals (boys school talk only). As I watched I realized the man kneeling was a neighbor from two doors down. He was about 50 and only wearing a brown toweling hat and sunglasses, he was playing with his dick with one hand while the other held the dick of a younger man as he sucked it. I instantly had an erection watching this. Eventually I got up and walked back the way I had come still very hard in my shorts. That night I thought about what I had seen and imagined it was me being sucked as I masturbated. The next day after my mother left for work I grabbed my towel and a bag with a drink and some snacks and head back to the beach track. I found a level place up the side of the dune closest to my house facing towards the other dune. I laid out my towel and stripped off my shirt and shorts so I was completely nude. It felt fantastic being nude outdoors. I lay there on my back I wanted to feel exposed even more so, I lay there with my knees up and my legs spread as wide as I could get them. I used to masturbate like this and some times with my left hand middle finger I would touch my bum hole. I was rock hard and enjoying the thrill but I wanted more I plucked up the courage and left my hiding spot and walked down to the track. My erection wobbling from side to side it felt so good.

I walked for only about 3 minutes and started to lose my courage so far from my clothes so I turned around and headed back along the twisting track. As I rounded a bend I nearly collided with a nude man as he was blocking the path, It was the neighbor again only wearing his brown hat, sunglasses and a towel over his shoulders. “Well hello” he said and he looked straight down I presume at my erection. This of course went down almost immediately due to my embarrassment, he removed his sunglasses and smiling at me said “I know you your Ann’s boy”. My god I’m in trouble I thought. He looked me up and down and then said “ Its nice to see a young person here enjoying nudity, does your mother know your here? No I replied, with that Ive been busted face that kids get. “Well that’s OK I wont tell on you, he smiled, its nice to walk around the beach naked isn't it”. I noticed he kept looking down at my dick. I felt my face turning red with embarrassment but also there was something else. As he continued talking about how its healthy to be nude outdoors his eyes would drift down my body to my dick , he no longer just glanced he began to really take a long look about 4 to 5 second looks. I had begun to relax once I knew I wasn’t in trouble and I could feel my dick begin to swell as he kept looking. This of course had the effect of me blushing again but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop my dick from getting hard. He was now sating at my dick not looking away, I then tried to cover myself with my hands. “Don’t be silly there is no need to hide something as natural as a stiff” he said and he reached forward grabbed my hands and moved them from my dick to my sides. I was frozen on the spot as he looked down at his own dick, my eyes followed his and his dick was hard, sticking out from his pubic hair. ”See it happens to all of us so just enjoy the feeling, you don’t need to hide such a beautiful dick as yours”. I gave a nervous laugh as I stood there with a mixture of acute embarrassment and sexual excitement. He again looked down at my dick and said “ it is definitely beautiful so much nicer with out hair”. I felt that I was close to cumming and I needed to go before it happened. I should go I said and started to squeeze past him . “Just a minute” he said I’m an amateur photographer and I sometimes take photos of people nude if they don’t mind, can I get a picture of you you? I develop them my self and nobody will see it but me”. No I better not i said and quickly walked off. He called after me maybe next time. I headed straight to my hidden spot on the dune and lay down I was shaking my erection just not going down, a long sting of precum hanging from my dick, I lay in my usual position knees up and spread wide. I closed my eyes masturbating remembering the neighbor staring at my dick with only a few short strokes I started to shoot my cum it was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. I opened my eyes as I shot my load, bloody hell ! there was the neighbor masturbating standing slightly to my right and down from me. I quickly closed my legs and sat up do you mind I said angrily. I’m sorry he said I was trying to find some where to lay down and I accidentally came to your spot. He turned and walked off down the track again.

After he left I gathered my things and went home. I couldn't stop thinking about him looking at my dick and catching me just as I came. I masturbated again that night while remembering what had happened. I decided I would try to masturbate in front of him again but next time I wouldn't freak out.

Chris Hansen says just take a seat over there.

When I was about 9 or 10, the lady up the hill from us asked me if I like to babysit her daugter who was 3 ( and a spoiled brat ) who wouldn't any girls babysit her ( or at lease that what her mother told me ) anyway to start with this lady had a real fetish for plastic I think as she always wore a full plastic apron ( real poplar in the 50's and this was then ) and had all her furniture with custom fitted plastic covers plus her kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms curtin were in plastic plus the kitchen table was covered in plastic, and of course her daughter wore rubber pants over her diaper, also her car had plastic custome seat covers.
Of course in the 50's women wore shirt waist dresses with stckings and garfer belt, anyway she would sit on the plastic covered couch to change the little girls diaper and would never bring another diper with her to start with but would pull the diaper off the little girl and then pull the rubber pant back up and tell me to sit there and watch her until she got a new diaper for her, I alway like the feel of rubber and plastic ( always a turn on for me ) I think she probably seen me run my hand over the rubber pants, and get a little chubby going, anyway the more she did this in front of me the more her dress was up as time went on and the more she let me see up her dress, she always wore shear color nylon panties and had some that had the days of the week on them and sometime ask me what day it was and then raise her dress up so I could see the day,
then one day she asked me if I like what I was seening, and when I said I did she asked me to touch her panties, well OK I gat a small wet spot in my pants and she reach over and touch it and said I got a surprise for you and will be right back,
When she came back and sat down she had fliped the back of her dress up so she wouldn't sit on it and laid back pullinmg her dress up in front, " BUT " this time she was wearing and adult pair of rubber panties and asked me to feel her, the more I did the slicker they got until she let out a loud morn, then pulled my pants down and played with my little picker and started kissing it and sucking it, boy did that feel good

I was 11 and got sucked off by a 25-year-old and it felt really good and excited me

Growing up in my house it was normal my mom sucked my dick with I was 3 I think an I'm not mad at all my mom she had took in Foster kids but she would only take girls in it's was great and it's funny how life goes I have 3 girls of my own so between them and the baby setting I'm good
I was walking to the barber shop when a man pulled up in his car and asked for direction. I gave him direction but it didn’t seem to understand. Then he said will you come with me and show me where it is! My parents always told me “ never get in the car with a stranger” but at 12 I felt grown up and thought I knew better than then! I got in! I showed him how to get to the spot he asked about but he didn’t stop! He kept driving out of town talking to me about how I was a big boy for my age and asking me if my dick was already big too! I knew I was trapped! I was scared to death but didn’t know what to do. He drove to a deluded spot, stopped the car and asked me to show him my dick! I was a big dicked guy and I did what he said. He sucked my dick in the car and I came in his mouth! Fortunately after he sucked me he took me back where he picked me up! I ran home washed my dick. I didn’t tell my parents but I told my best buddy. The next day at school I found out he had told all the kids about me getting my dick sucked even the girls! I was so embarrassed but gained some notoriety in my class since he also shared with them what a big dick I had!

ted in maybe 3rd grade, i remember my stepdad would give me and my sister our evening baths, and then the 3 of us would stay naked and play with each other. I remember it being so much fun, it was never scary or threatening
Our new stepdad was so nice to me and my big sister she was 7 or 8 when he started molesting her, I realised quite soon what was going on, I asked sis and she was quite proud about it, telling me he licks her private parts , she'd sneak off and end up in the locked garage with him.
I wanted to be a part of this, it sounded really exciting, I kept thinking how could I get to watch them.
I hid in the garage one day when mum. Was out, I heard the garage door open then shut again, they were both in
He spoke to her differently now, all soft like she was a really young girl
She was still in school uniform and he kept saying how lovely she looked, you're such a smart little girl, I love my girl so much
My sister asked if he still loves mum, yes of course I love your mum, I'd never leave like your dad did.
I earn more money tn a day than your dad in a month, I'm going to look after you all from now on.
Back to his baby voice, now can we play the game again little poppet, yes please da.. she said, please say daddy when we play like last time
You really liked it didn't you eh?
Yes daddy
He lifted her and sat her on a table lay on your side again, he sat at the table and undid her skirt zip, pulling it down and off showing her kitty pink knickers, I'll get some cushions for you he walked over to where I was hiding, I was sitting on the cushions behind some boxes.
He shouted at me at first then as he realised what I'd seen he changed tack.
Asking if I knew already and wanted to see for myself, yes I said, I promise I won't tell
Well if you want to join in you've got to prove you won't tell anyone,
He grabbed a camera and told us both to strip naked we we both embarrassed infront of each other, I got hard seeing her pussy she laughed at me
She soon stopped when he told her to lay on the table with her legs open, she reluctantly got up and layed back, sit in my chair he said, he pulled her ankles towards me sliding her bum upto the table edge
By my face, she was look up so couldn't see me staring into her wet bald pussy
He said now let me take a few pictures of you licking her fanny and thats the proof you'll never tell anyone as it shows you enjoying it, I licked and smiled at the camera, I was enjoying it already.
It went on for years then he suddenly stopped doing it, we both wanted it to carry on

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I was molested and force fuck and he made me suck his big black 10 inch afterwards and I loved it I was 7 years old every time I get a round a black man with a big dick I just wanna suck...
Role Playing
I recently joined this site. I loved /entry. And I loved it. It good clean roleplaying fun. I loved to be what ever I want to be vampire or other race on the site. And it doesn't really matter if you liked or loved a man or women that is the same gender. As as long as you keep the picture clean. And the fact that it is fun.
My ex loved to ask what I thought of other women. She loved hearing me tell her about my dreams and the fantasies I had. She loved looking through my browser history to see the type of porn I looked at.
Sex With Daughter-in-law
I had sex with a girlfriend's dad in high school. VERY hot and loved having the secret between us. Huge cock and loved to take me doggystyle. Of course back then I took all the cum he could pump into me and he loved hearing stories about me & his daughter having sex, including the first time I took her ass.
Sex With Daughter-in-law
I had sex with a girlfriend's dad in high school. VERY hot and loved having the secret between us. Huge cock and loved to take me doggystyle. Of course back then I took all the cum he could pump into me and he loved hearing stories about me & his daughter having sex, including the first time I took her ass.
Women Helping Men Suck Dick
a couple I knew were into threesomes and wnated me to join. It was the first time I sucked a cock..I loved it. Her and I would lick up the sides together,give each other a long kiss,then take turns sucking her man off,her for a few minutes,then me,then her..I loved looking up at his eyes as he watched us..I loved every minute of it.

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