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Hey everyone in Colorado. Anyone interested in getting together some mutual masturbation?
What area are you in?

I would love it if i were closer. Thats so hot !!!!
If I was in your area I'd be very interested

I'd wish I closer, I'd definitely to partake in mutual masturbation!

We can do that on Skype also if anyone is interested ?

I would masturbate all of you...

When I get up to Denver I would love to play!

I’m in!


Wish there was a group like this on the East Coast, NH.

Do you need a clean up man??
I'm in!!!

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Mutual Masturbation
Hello I am looking for a mutual masterbation partner in the Ogden. Salt Lake City Utah area, Anyone out there that would like to get together for some exxxxciting fun with a good possibility of a mutual massage as well.
Jack N Jill
Early-40, professional-type, exhibitionist/nudist, discreet, respectful, CHRONIC masturbator (2-3 times per day!)....into driving naked, flashing, nude dares, and great mutual masturbation w/ both sexes! No gym-rat but do work out, 7", cut, shaved, low-hangers, into cockrings, exhibitionism/voyeurism, teasing, and repeat mutual masturbation (especially mutual). Would love to meet select, mature, Houston men/women/cpls for relaxing, exciting, non-pushy masturbation.....can be creative with meeting spots! Weekdays are best for quickie meeting (30 minutes??), getting naked (waist down if it's in a car!!), 'showin-n-stroking', and masturbation! Would love to learn no ways/ideas to masturbate w/ otheres!
Jack N Jill
This is what I found on Urban Dictionary:

Jack and Jill

1) A party for those about to be wed; sometimes called a stag & doe (its like a shower, except that only women are invited to a shower)
2) A gathering of males and females, who masturbate in front of each other for mutual stimulation and enjoyment. (looking is encouraged but touching is not)
3) When a man and a woman get together to masturbate in front of each other for mutual stimulation and enjoyment
looking for person or persons, Female Male , Lesbian , Bi bisexuals for Mutual masturbation here in Ohio. Seems to be no one in Ohio who enjoys masturbation or willing to share or participate in mutual masturbation:I find it hard to believe it that all other states there are people willing to mutually masturbate together. HMMM!!! Just seems odd to me. It should not matter what race you are or your physical beauty. If you love to masturbate in front others or mutually then we all need to get together.

Mommy/Boy Role Play
Hello all,
would really love to chat to others who love this sexy type of fun.
I am actually experienced in this so called "forbidden" type of fun, but I can say right now
that it was the most exciting times of my life, mutual and amazing for BOTH of us, this was not planned or arranged, just the realisation that we were both getting into the idea of our mutual interests in incest fun.

SO I would love to chat to any others who are likeminded and very OPENMINDED too , but please, no one-liners, apart from that, then lets hear from you, I am totally discreet and genuine.

Mutual Masturbation
Mutual masturbation is exquisite!

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