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I've decided to revise this post and change a few things. Yes first and foremost I want to be fucked and sucked by two men. But also very open man woman couple or two females. Hit me up if you're interested..

love to see your tits in full

Can me and a friend fuck your pussy and asshole

We could discuss it.. Not into anal though

We might just have to fly you out to California!!!
I am just one guy but I have a hotel room in Tulsa tonight. I'm sure we could find another guy

I’m in Texas
Nice pic I'm interested

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Cream Pies
i def would get into a couple where a dude's gf wanted to eat her bf's cream from my ass ... or a dude that wanted to his own .... or maybe a pair of couples that wanted to use my ass for their men's cumhole ...
All Girl Orgy
oh, my dream cum true!!!! never been with a woman, but have wanted to all my life (and i'm 35!!!!) always wanted to be taken by several fems!!! so horny right now! these toys just don't cut it!!
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
When I was married, I was trying to get my wife to let us have a 3some with a Black Man. One night I told her I would do anything sexually she wanted me to do, if she would fuck a Black Man and me at the same time. She finally said she wanted to watch me suck his cock, too. I said HELL YEAH. so I found a nice looking Black Man in a nearby town, we met him at a restaurant for dinner, then we went back to our room. We both sucked his cock, and he sucked mine, and he fucked her. It was so awesome she wanted to do it again.
Forced Feminization
Remember the old saying, "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." I wanted to find someone who treated me like a slut. I wanted to be used and abused with the thickest cock I could find. Friday night I ran into the perfect master for this task and he made it all happen. He forced me to suck cock all night wherever and whenever he wanted and after that took me back to his house and let his three roomates fuck the shit out of me till the sun came up!!! Needless to say my ass and mouth need several days off. I guess I more than kinda got what I needed...

I've never been blindfolded and I've always wanted it...I've wanted to be bound spread eagle and blindfolded. I would have no choice but to take whatever she gave me. If there are any women in the Rockland/Westchester(New York) area who would like to do this w/me get in contact!
Bisexual Seniors
when I was 15 a senior man of 70 ask me if I wanted to make some I said yes doing what he said he wanted me to suck his cock I said no I left and thought about it that night and got a hard on thinking about it wondering what it be like so I seen him a few days later on told him yes he played around with me for awhile rubbing his cock around my ass he put some lube on his cock and my ass and put it in me it hurt a first then started to feel good them he cum in my ass it really felt good he fuck me at least once a week for a couple of months them told me he wanted me to suck his cock I said ok he put that big boy in my mouth and started pumping in and out them shot a load of cum down my throat I love it.

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