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People who are actually in Chicago and are interested in a masturbation group. , female, any preferences are welcome. All respectful. Watch, be watched and in invited, help out.

What side of the city?

Sounds like fun

I would love to

Let me know when

I want to meet and masturbate together

I can host masturbation or frot group this week in Chicago. Anyone interested?

Sounds fun

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Group Masturbation
How about a group in the San Francisco East Bay? Anything running now? I've just started a MEETUP group for over 35 year olds (men & women) called: "MUCH AGO ABOUT NOTHING" and the slogan is "A NEW KIND OF PLEASURE: GROUP MASTURBATION." No bites yet, but hopefully ppl will contact me.
70's Rock Bands
My # 1 70s rock group is Queen, and then Alice Cooper, Styx, Chicago, Pink Floyd is my all time favorite 70s rock group.
Group Masturbation
Can I join in a group masturbation
Looking for a masturbation group to jion in Staten Island NY
Group Masturbation
What could be hotter than getting a group of people together for mutual masturbation...and then seeing where things go..
Mutual Masturbation
I am in Sacramento Ca area. I would like to meet someone or a small group to get together with for mutual masturbation men women couples all welcome though more likely to be other men. I had experienced a small group like that some years back it was k shared a nice hotel room for weekend each came and went as they pleased. sometimes planned out something special other times just went with the flow. Anyway I would like to even meet one person to start with

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