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If you were in Texas I’d love to

Any one in Minnesota want to get deep in my ass

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Anal Bottom
What gorgeous photos of men and women getting fucked in the ass. amber and I both enjoy having our asses fucked by all. It's even better when you have a cock to suck or a pussy to eat as you are getting fucked.
Men Fucking Men While Women Watch
I have fucked b4 imean who hasnt!:) but i have never been the one getting fucked in the ass and maybe i should try it 4 my x said i was too rough on her and that i should get fucked in the ass so i know how she feels so if any one is interested let me know i even have my own place well ttyl:Kiss
M-M-F Threesome
my man and i want a bi couple or bi guy and bi gal or 2 bi males at the same time. the point is i want to watch my man get fucked doggie style then i want to suck some big titties on bi gal and we both get fucked. then me and bi gal 69 each other while we get fucked in the ass, then i want bi gal to sit on my man's face and ride his tongue while he's laying on his back getting fucked and i'm sucking bi guy's dick and turn to suck bi gal's big bouncy titties. sound fun? so many positions... so many role plays... contact us . coming to dallas? cum with us!:-P
All Male Anal
I love to be fucked by other masculine men. I have had several over the years but my favorites are a gay couple that lives near my home. They are both natural tops and love one another. However, neither one is into being fucked that much. I always have a nice time satisfying both of them. Once they each fucked me twice. More recently they had another gay gentleman over whose partner was having serious medical issues. They each fucked me and each of their cocks felt distinctly different. Even though my head was buried in a pillow, I recognized each by the stretch or depth of penetration. I took all three loads that afternoon and would love to do it again! :-D
Anal Orgasms
That's why I love being fucked in my sissy white ass. The harder I'm being fucked, the more cum seeps from my little white dick. The way it makes me feel is amazing. I want to be fucked hard 24/7. Lindawantabe
All Male Anal
White goodlooking guy have been fucked many times and would like to get fucked while a hot chick watches and tells me to take that dick in my ass and love it. Would also like to get fucked by a group of guys and let them cum in my ass taking turns on my ass and mouth filling me with dick and cum.

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