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I love it. Give it to me baby
Can you suck my cock

cum kissing is the best i love it

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French Kissing
for me kissing is such a turn on. I dont care if i am kissing man or women. If you are kissing when fucking it hightens the erotic sensation 10 fold. And cum kissing is out of this world.Kiss:-D:-D
I love eating pussy all night long and kissing her as often as possible making her cum over and over again.
Male To Male Kissing
kissing is the biggest aphrodisiac i wish more men would enjoy kissing - just slow sensual delicious kissing gets me hard just to think of it
Kissing is so sensual and affectionate. Love to Kiss the right lips and hold the one I'm Kissing. Kissing is so GREAT!!!
Male To Male Kissing
I love kissing another. especially when he is on top of me. kissing while he puts his cock in my ass. while the wife is playing with his balls. the only thing better is when we are kissing and he blows his load deep inside of me.
Two Men And One Woman Kissing
Intimacy without kissing seems artificial. Lacking intimacy, masturbation would be preferable. men who fear or avoid kissing are definitely missing out on something very cool- different from kissing women but just as pleasurable.

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