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One of the most erotic, Passionate part of love making. This really gets the juices flowing in all areas of the body. IconU4DragonnIconLRWolf
Kisses.......WOW! Can't seem to ever get enough of them! It's just the beginning of what is yet to cum. Many different types of Kissin's. Slooooow teasing, playful, passionate to hot, hungry, demanding. Tongues running over lips to tongue mating exploration, savoring the taste of each other. To have a Kiss end only leaves you filled with excitement for the next Kiss. MORE & MORE PLZ! Kiss to all, *D & D*
Love to start by kissing and kissing andmore kissing all over
i love to Kiss
A right kiss could be very HOT:-P
A kiss is soooo much more personal than a fuck (that's why most prostitutes won't kiss a 'john' can be very erotic and always arouses me...Kiss
I adore kissing - good long slow smoochies = cait has sticky knickers!!!!
I just love kissing Kiss
Kissing is very sensual and intimate with someone you care about...
Kiss kissing is so great just as long as there is touching involved Kiss
Luv to wrap tongues together for long periods of times with both sexesKissKissKiss
I often fantasize about kissing and touching another woman. Of course, kissing anyone deeply and passionately is amazing. Takes my breath away and makes me want to explore more... Kiss
There is nothing like a deep and passionate Kiss to start things rolling and especially as AngelHeart has mentioned when you are about to cum... It makes you feel totally connected to your partner... Hug Kiss
Kissing is oh so intimateKiss
I like kissing except if the man has stubble and grinds away my skin. That is something I would have to be too drunk to fuck to ignore. I like men with beards, or close shaved, or gentle enough so it's not a problem. I like kissing after oral sex, men and women both. It adds flavor. What I really like is to kiss a woman while her man fucks her. Women kiss a bit more intensely then.
Kissing is so sensual and affectionate. Love to Kiss the right lips and hold the one I'm Kissing. Kissing is so GREAT!!!
a passionate is so much more erotic than sex! if someone kisses you in that exact right spot its just all over.Kiss
I love long passionate kissing with another woman. If you are interested and live in the Houston area, we should meet up for a kissing session.
18 year old girl from Wiltshire, I think that there's nothing like a great snog with same sex ;)
Sex without kissing is like sleeping in a bed without blankets. Sure you can sleep, but it's really lacking in warmth. Hug
Hot pic!!!
Kissing on Bisexual PlaygroundKissing on Bisexual PlaygroundKissing on Bisexual PlaygroundKissing on Bisexual Playground

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