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6 inches hairy. Talk to someone and get off.
I love phone sex
What’s up

You want some?
Cuming my way

Early am ? Est ? Work for you ? Google meets or other .

I love hot phone sex

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Human Sex Toy
I will Love to be your Toy to play with - 1 on 1 or in a Group of 2 or more that will want to play with me in Philly pa o.k.? to say Hello at Any time you like to, and if any body online will like to talk online with you to can Say Hello as well -- so to you's all -- do say Hello, but 4 now Igot's to go, so bye From me Ohdenizen...Kiss:);):-PFlowerH ug
Phone Sex
I love fantasy phone sex. Want a guy to phone pretending to be my old buddy since jr high who used to fuck my ass a lot! Pretend he is calling me after all these years to talk about what me did back in the day! He cricked my ass from 7th grade till we graduated from high school but never even talked about it after graduation!
Instant Messaging
Instant messaging is one of the ways I have made a lot of my online friends and some have become really close friends over the years. I personally use Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and ICQ because I have friends that use one of these and no others so I have been using them all to chat with people. When my wife is home she likes using hers too, but she isn’t home a lot. Though her and I talk a lot on them some times when she is off somewhere. Cybering was one of my big pass times using these messengers, now I mainly use them to chat with friends from other countries and for role playing with other friends. Though I am always will to chat or more with any ladies that want to talk with me. ;)
Lesbian Sex
Looking for a sexy female to talk dirty on the phone to
Friends With Benefits
looking for friends especially near Glen Rose, Tx., south of Ft. Worth about 50 here, message or talk on the phone...
Rape Role Play
In Raleigh nc and I would love to rape a female or I can talk on phone about it if you are not ready for this to happen but it makes you hot

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