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Cum face fuck me.

Where in Flo
Ft Lauderdale

Too bad im goun to Winter Haven

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Piss Play
i was suckiing a guy's dick when he told me he wanted to pee in my mouth after he came in my mouth. I did not respond to that but when he came and I swallowed it I kept his dick in my mouth and soon I tasted a trickle of pee in my mouth which became a full stream which I swallowed as my mouth became filled with his urine, I swallowed it all and when he was done I thanked him and he got dressed and left. It was not at all bad and i decided I needed to get a woman to have a pee in my mouth I love it and am eager to get a mouthful of lady pee
Cock Sucking
I LOVE to take a soft cock in my mouth and feel it grow hard in my mouth. Gently massaging your balls while you pump my mouth. Squeezing your ass as you grow inside my mouth. UMMMMMMMMMMMM
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
I loved this.... I was on the bottom of a 69 while she was on top of me and her husband was fucking her doggie style..... I was licking her clit and his balls while he was pumping his cock in and out of her,and every once in a while I slipped his cock out of her and into my mouth, running my tongue around his throbbing cock head, then slipping him back into her, until he started to cum, when I put his cock in my mouth and licked the tip of his cock head while he shot his cum into my mouth, and I shot my cum into her mouth, and then opened my mouth wide a probed my tongue deep into her while she shot her cum into my mouth..... It was fantastic for all of us, and I can't wait to do it again.
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
I’m new but I can’t stop thinking about sucking on a nice hard cock and get cum In my mouth. Can you tell me some more please? I fantasy about it a lot and sometimes jerk off and when I’m about to shoot my huge load of cum i put my legs up the wall so I’m kind of upside down and I shoot my own cum directly on my face and in my mouth, it’s really hot to feel big streams of my cum inside my mouth and all over my face mmmmmmmmm Wow I’m so horny right now I must have cum In my mouth! I’m going to suck down my cum right now mmmm Can somebody please chat with me now so I can build up a massive amount of my own cum to spray into my own face and mouth???
Men Eating Cum
I've been thinking about having a guy who is looking at me and I wait to see his eyes and see if they are still there to see him and his cock throbbing and he starts to throb and begins to cum in my mouth as he is fucking me in my mouth and then I will start sucking on his swollen head and then he starts to cum and I will say that I love to have another guy cum in my mouth and I think about how he is ejaculating in my mouth but I love it when he is on his way to explain
Giving Men Blow Jobs
Email me at -- to get together with you and I will let you fuck me in my mouth and I'll let you cum off in my mouth and I'll swallow your cum and then I'll be there to meet you and I will host you at my place and I can be a cock sucking slut for you and your friends if you want to come over to my house and I will suck on you and your friends and I will let you fuck me in my mouth and I'll let you cum off in my mouth

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