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someone get ready for a kiss~~
That is so hot...I have always wanted try to try something like this w/all women. If there are any women in the Rockland/Westchester area who is game, get in contact w/me!
I have a fantasy to have 3 guys do me, more would be fun but this particular fantasy I've had for many years. I'm travelling alone and visiting a city, one afternoon I venture over to the local drinking hole for a few to relax. I meet a very handsome fella at the bar enjoying a drink as well and we start chatting. I notice some flirtatiousness with him and cautiously ask if he has an interest in men. He quietly says yes and tells me to drink up, we're going to another bar that's more well suited for our interests. We visit a local bathhouse and relax in the sauna for a while and chat. Oddly enough another very well built guy joins us in the sauna and we longingly check each other's sweaty hot bodies out. After sometime we all step into the shower to rinse off and walk over to the bar to have another drink. As we enjoy our tasty drinks, our cooling bodies wrapped in a towel, yet another really hot guy joins us and we continue our flirtatious chat on what we'd love to do to one another. After a few drinks, I invite the 3 well built guys to my hotel room for yet another drink and more importantly, some really hot sex. Being on the 28th floor, with a wall of windows, I throw open the curtains for a spectacular view of the city and as I turn, the 3 guys are naked and come toward me to strip me down. Our conversations have us all quite horny and desperate for whats to come. Now I'm naked too and on my knees with 3 hard cocks in my face each trading space for my mouth. As my saliva juices these guys up, they pull me up and lead me onto the bed. As one guy is off lubing his cock up, another sits on the floor against the bed and I slide my yearning cock into his mouth. The other fella is on his knees on the bed with his cock again in my mouth, sliding slowly in and out. Then suddenly from behind, a very hard lubed cock gently slides into my ass, then with his hands on my hips, he gently pulls me on and off his cock. So, here I am, one guy sucking my cock while another fucks my ass and his motion has a 3rd cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I'm diggin it....and I reach around to pull the fucker hard into me with one hand and my other hand goes onto the hip of the cock in my mouth and I pull each of them in hard. They get the picture and start pounding me. This goes on for sometime, but I'm not lasting long being the center of attention and I blow my huge load into the mouth and face of my cock sucker. He keeps going though and gets me hard again and just about the time that I'm ready to cum once more, I feel another huge load leave my body as two other huge loads enter my mouth and ass and it's spectacular !!! That's my fantasy and of course, many different variations can be had with four guys. One day soon I hope.
I like the concept and volunteer for any post. I especially love to rim/lick/tounge fuck black ass. Will do pussy or cock, just cum for me
i am still waiting for this experience!!!Kiss
Id love to have 3 woman with me Kiss or Kiss another set or more couple with me and my husband Flower It would be so hot to have so much sex going on all at one time. Hug If anyone eles like the ideal of all this... please send us a message :-P
sure would love to find people out there who really like to do this wild suck and lick and fuck off. i think i am alone with this ever one just shows thems self. i cum to you if your out there going to maryland on the dec 17 07 easton area, in w, memphis the 14 and knoxville the 15 are there any?
I've been invited to a scheduled GANG-BANG coming up soon. I do hope to get to share the spotlight with the hosting couple. If this works out as I hope it will, I'l have a story to post here. WISH ME LUCK
This is great fun and very exciting... Here, you not only get to have all the hard thobbing cock's you desire and the ability to suck on each one of them, but you have the chance of them taking turns fucking your ass time and again. As one guy fills your ass with his cum and pulls out another one can take his place and enter your ass. All the while you can be sucking on another cock... What more can a guy want?..
Very HOTT!!! :-P
I'm still waiting to act out this fantasy. Anyone interested???
the pleasure is out of this world orgasmic with more bodies.
I can travel, I enjoy this immensley!
Biluntonguy described a great fantasy. I have had two guys on me and two women on me, but not at the same time. My nipples are so sensitive I just love it when they get licked and fondled, and having my but rimmed or ducked and my cock sucked would be nirvana. I would be so hot and horny I would be begging them to chain fuck me after that!
There's only been one time that I have had the pleasure of this and I would do anything to get that feeling back!! It's the most intense feeling on the planet!
I want to have 2 or more men that has a fetish of pussy eating
My fantasy is to have one man fucking my pussy and two women licking my body, my ass, my double d titties!!!
I want 1 woman sucking my tits 1 licking my pussy and 1 eating my ass while I'm massaging them:-P
like two guys one doing a 69 while I fuck his fface,and the other fucking my butt like crazy,makes me very hotHug
would love a lesbian orgy I have a TG gf that is pre op and bi. She is a bottom and likes her ass fucked. She has a phat cock and I want a dp. I love to suck cock nipples plus lick pussy and ass. We are cool and laid back. We play cards against humanity. We are looking for couples or singles to play with she likes to whip my ass. I like to whip hers we are both switches. Rope play and toys are optional. I love holes stretched and filled. Gang bang fantasies. Sensual couple looking for friends or more. Anal autumnHugKissLaughingFlower:-P
After reading Biguy4u4's fantasy, I got even hornier,I've had a 13" cock that was so good in San Diego. He was an older gentleman who loved having men come to his condominium and enjoy his hospitality. I spent all day and night in his bed sucking his huge cock,but he really enjoyed tasting my body. He started to finger my ass while he sucked my tits. That turned me on so much that I would cum a little bit and he would go down on my cock and licked the tip of my cock then put his mouth down my shaft and I was in ecstasy. He would return to my nipples and I would tell him that I loved the way he could do that over and over,I asked him if he wanted to fuck me but he knew that I was experiencing this bi curious sex for the first time. I do want to suck his cock again but I need to practice. I would love to have a few nice and nasty guys come to my apartment and get busy sucking each other off.
Yes, 3 women all pleasing me and teaching me
Hope every body enjoyed as much protein drink as they could get.
I could really enjoy this
3 Mouths On 1 Body on Bisexual Playground3 Mouths On 1 Body on Bisexual Playground3 Mouths On 1 Body on Bisexual Playground3 Mouths On 1 Body on Bisexual Playground

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