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Women Kissing Men with Their Cum in Their Mouths

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Women Kissing Men with Their Cum in Their Mouths on Bisexual PlaygroundWomen Kissing Men with Their Cum in Their Mouths on Bisexual Playground
MWM looking for similar for oral sex, giving and receiving. Not into anything else, no kissing cuddling, anal.... just cocks out and mouths.
I am open-minded, horny, looking for a man and woman who can enjoy a man in their relationship to satisfy them both. I want to be in a tangle of arms, legs, bodies and mouths all kissing, groping, caressing, pleasuring. I would love to enjoy a man's cock along with a woman, and I would love to be taken from behind as I penetrate a woman. I fantasize too, about felching a man's come out of his partner's ass or pussy. Help me fulfill these, won't you?
Business like, successful, likes dinners out, romantic, wine, sometimes goofy. Loves touching & kissing, tenderly & kissing all over. Am open minded & would like 2 women.
I have to "mostly" agree with Cipri! I'm a bi guy who's had quite a bit of experience, both with guys and girls. I'm more into women than men, but enjoy men immensely when it happens. Romantically, I'm pretty much totally into women... sexually, I can get it on with anyone, male or female, but for as much as I luv foreplay,I just don't really get into kissing with a dude. I can neck and tongue-wrestle with women for days but when it cums to a guy... sorry, just not that into kissing. Yes, I'll suck his cock and eat his ass and let him do whatever makes him happy with me, but I just can't get into the kissing thing... it feels"gay", and I'm not gay, I'm bi! Now... that being said, if I'm witha couple, there's nothing I wouldn't do if the other partner wanted to see it and it made them hot. If a woman said to me "I'd get so turned on watching you and my husband neck for a while", I'd definitely do it for her pleasure!! No question! But... one on one with just another dude, I'm just not that comfortable swapping spit, know what i mean?? It may sound strange to some, but Cipri said it best... we're bi, not gay. Bi means we'll get "down and dirty" with another stud, but can't get romantically "into it" with them. With women, that part feels right. Just my two cents worth... thanks.
I'm a divorced 44 yo male. I so enjoy sex with men and women. I love men one on one, but also think one woman with four of us guys would be very hot. So many cocks, mouths, assholes, and a pussy. That would have to be a great party! I am very open to about any possibility.
Want to explore my desire to experience a bi sexual encounter with a bi man or/and a bi manwomen couple. Most interested in helping a hot wife orally satisfy her bi baby's 8" + coc k till he guns in our mouths. ..
My wife loves it and knows how much I like it. We love sharing too. That is actually the hottest is sharing it with her, both our mouths on it at once, kissing with the cock between us. I think there are a lot of women out there who are more open to this than ever!
I am not into kissing or cuddling with guys. It's all about being naked and nasty, sucking, fucking and jacking each other off. Down and dirty but not mean or rough. It's even more fun with women who like to watch and encourage. I love kissing and snuggling with women and all my "romantic partners" have been women. Not sure where that puts me on the scale, but that's pretty much how it is.
I love the taste of cum. Kissing a woman right after I cum in her mouth, eating a cream pie, licking my fingers after I jack-off, and best of all from sucking cock. Yumm Yumm.

I never did understand why so many guys beg for blow jobs and pester women to let them cum in their mouths, and then refuse to kiss them after they get what they asked for. Go figure.
Nice response so far, but I was particularly interested in exploring the different ways men use thier mouths and women use thier mouths, & the effect that it has on the reciever's bodies. (Man, that sounds way more clinical than I intended).

It's no fun without some ladies, I think!
Boring, how about kissing with cum in your mouths ?
Of course there must be kissing. It’s incredibly erotic. And me, a panty boy, kissing you, a cross dresser, is just like 2 women kissing, and touching, and rubbing. Oh yes, each has a cock. But we know what to do with those.πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


French Kissing
for me kissing is such a turn on. I dont care if i am kissing man or women. If you are kissing when fucking it hightens the erotic sensation 10 fold. And cum kissing is out of this world.Kiss:-D:-D
Message me if you want to 69 and then mix our cum together and have a nice long passionate session of kissing with it in our mouths. This is one of my favorite sexual fantasies! Kiss
Two Men And One Woman Kissing
Intimacy without kissing seems artificial. Lacking intimacy, masturbation would be preferable. men who fear or avoid kissing are definitely missing out on something very cool- different from kissing women but just as pleasurable.
Two Men And One Woman Kissing
Intimacy without kissing seems artificial. Lacking intimacy, masturbation would be preferable. men who fear or avoid kissing are definitely missing out on something very cool- different from kissing women but just as pleasurable.
I like kissing except if the man has stubble and grinds away my skin. That is something I would have to be too drunk to fuck to ignore. I like men with beards, or close shaved, or gentle enough so it's not a problem. I like kissing after oral sex, men and women both. It adds flavor. What I really like is to kiss a woman while her man fucks her. Women kiss a bit more intensely then.
Watching Men Masturbate And Cum
Vegas 19 thru 26 of this month. WANT TO WATCH 2 men sucking cock .. Exploding into each other's mouths ... Then maybe if you'd like .. Both eating my pussy with your cum filled mouths! Are you down for that??


Hello BillnPattie, Thank you both for the welcome letter. I am so glad that I stumbled on to this site. I was at my wits end as to how I could or ever would meet men and women who have the same discerning tastes as I do. I have been inside and looked around and I really love the site. Again thank you, Raphael