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Womens Panties with Built in Dildos

Womens Panties with Built in Dildos on Bisexual PlaygroundWomens Panties with Built in Dildos on Bisexual Playground
Love wearing womens sexy silky or nylon panties and crotchless womens panties and have a small body 25 inch waist by 34 inch hips...
I am a bisexual mile crossdresser. I enjoy wearing old fashioned nylon lace grannie panties, bras, camisoles, womens Jean's. I sometimes enjoy wearing womens tight Jean's that show off my pantylines. From time to time I enjoy walking around outside in just my bra and panties in the very early morning hours like 2am/3am, it's very exciting! I'm always wearing at least bra, panties everyday. I have a 5.5 cut penis and I'm looking for the same in a male sex partner. When a man knows that I'm wearing lingerie I do enjoy stripping down to my bra and panties and please you and I do try to swallow as much of your cum that I can! I LOVE 69ing! Outdoor sex is great too! I'm disease free and expect the same. I'm also looking for someone I can please orally on a regular basis.
Hi my name is mark, i am 36 y/o 5'8" tall, i shave my head, i am athletic and have a muscular build, i weigh 185 lbs, brn hair, blu eyes, i have a really nice but which looks good in a pair of hot pink panties. I like to wear panties all the time, i fantasize getting caught wearing womens panties. I like to masterbate with my panties on. Sometimes i will use a dildo and pretend i am the girl and i will fuck my ass.
59yo male. Straight. Love women. Also love to wear womens underwear. Mostly panties, pantyhose, slips and occasionally girdles and other foundations. I do not crossdress but I wear womens underwear 24/7. I also love it when a woman wears pantyhose with a nice looking pair of panties underneath.
fun out going love to wear womens lingerie and use dildos x
I'm an attractive normal guy that enjoys wearing womens panties and lingerie and fantasizes about giving a bj or playing with another guy in panties.
The Naughty List Party
The Sleaziest & Spookiest XXXmas party!!!
Live Burlesque and Striptease performances

Attending first show party.... can I wear womens panties/thong? Can I wear just that nothing else once inside? Will I be accepted?

Are womens panties fetish wear on a man in public event? I wear one every xmas party back in day.
Love wearing it all.... doing laundry and cleaning the house... in lu lu lemon satin orange and white patern bikini panties, womens dark blue lu lu lemon leggings, white half t shirt and 34 B Black racer back front closure bra...

There is nothing I like more then to dress up like my GF does when she hangs out at the house or some of the past.... One of my male friends who lies to party is coming over later, his wife is out of town... I think he is ready to explore..... I have new outfits.... special porn picked out.... I hope I can atleast get him to jerk off and watch porn with me....

Womens panties are amazing and the first layer.....
I've loved the feel of silky womens intimate apparel against my body since about age 3 or four. Got caught with mom's panties, girdles and her slips. Mom finally had the talk with me at maybe 5 or 6 and asked me why I do this and I simply told her I liked wearing silky panties. She would put a pair of panties in my drawer and wash them if I left them on my bed. I had a great life wearing lingerie!
I was looking through my pile of womens yoga pants, I just recently unpacked a ton of stuff that was in storage. A green pair of womens lu lu lemon running tghts were in there. They are ex - wife. I bought for her. I had worn before to neighbors house. They are so tight. They turn me on so much.... I wore this exact pair to the gym, biking, hiking. I never realized it has such bad thong lines. I have on the black lace victorias. I am going to massage parlor in next half hour... I posted pic of the panties also..

These are the yoga pants or maybe same style in black I wore on the plane that day in first class.. That is why I had to pull them down... they are so tight I cannot get my hand in them.

Back when she wore panties... I made sure to pic all lu lu lemon pants that showed panties easiest. I remember loving when her firned wore the pair i bought.. all night you could see those panty lines.
I wear womens panties 24/7 along with other clothes as a guy...
Love wearing womens panties.


Males In Panties
I've always had a liking to womens panties, especially the lacy kind. I have grown to liking stockings and high heels now. Would love to find someone that could help me fulfill this fantasy. To wear panties all the time and to wear stockings and heels around trhe house. A big turn on for me.
ever since my ex wife beat me up and dressed me up in her lace panties and garter belt and lace bra in front of all our friends and instead of being embarrest I woke up from being knocked out by my wife with a hard on and couldnt beleive how horney I felt dressed in her panties and things and couldnt stop my tiny 3 inch cock from getting hard now I love wearing womens underwear
Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
the night my ex wife beat me up and dressed me up in her panties and bra in front of every body at our house party to show every body my three inch cock so they could make fun of it she turned me over and put a dildo up my as to show that I would get a hard on and come off proving that I liked being beat up and wearingt womens panties and garter belt and that i loved being fucked up the ass with a dildo well I came off and she proved her point and that I was a sissy and also would like a cock up my ass and she was right now I love both up my ass
Crossdresser Male To Female
Ok, wife has me wear womens sleep wear every night to bed. and panties to work every day. pantihose in the winter.Flower
Males In Panties
:)This sissy always wears panties.Depending on the weather,also wear other articals of womens clothing under mine when am out in public even(would be embarrassing if had to explain why also was wearing a bra:-D.Yes,i wear a night gown to bed.;)KissHugFlower
Men Licking Pussy While She Is Getting Fucked
I can't wait to try this. I also want to eat a womens pussy while my boyfriend is ramming it in my butt. I want to let the shear mind blowing pleasure come through my tongue and watch the womens I am eating squirm with pleasure and lapping up all her juices.


From what I have seen of the site that you have built, you have done an excellent job. I like the questions that you ask in order to build the proper profile.