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Had an ex-GF that used to love to give me a blow job, or ride me until I was about to cum then hop off & take me in her mouth until I filled it with my hot cum. she would slide up & kiss me with a mouthful of cum, letting it flow onto my lips & tongue. Sometimes she would sit back just a bit so she could watch it dripping from her mouth to mine. Really got me hot tasting my cum like this. Married now & the wife isn't into this, so I just have these memories to relive when I'm stroking myself. Wish I could change her mind. Anyone else like this?
Calvin27 that sounds real hot you lucky guy.
Had a gf that loved to do that. We would be in a bar she would blow a guy in the bathroom come out and kiss me. Or at a rest area she would blow truckers and kiss me afterwards. So hot
I think a cum kissing or snowballing is sensually hot...I love kissing either sex as I'm sensually femme at times. But the sharing of slippery salty sticky creamy nectar of bliss is fantastic.
My wife occasionally fed me my cum after a blow job, I loved it. Once when I came on her tits she pushed them into my mouth so I could clean my cum off them. And when she sat on my face after I filled her, it made both of us cum again as I licked my cum out of her delicious pussy. Those were the days!
Love to French Kiss, especially when your cum is in my mouth or mine is in yours.
my first wife , when she was my girlfriend, would take my load in her mouth and then kiss me. It was so hot! my current wife, when we were younger would make me eat my cum out of her pussy and then share the load with her until she would spit it into my mouth and make me swallow it. but now we dont have sex at all so I suck cock and an occasional pussy if its available
Cum Kissing on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Kissing on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Kissing on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Kissing on Bisexual Playground

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