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Bisexual Kissing

Bisexual  Kissing on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual  Kissing on Bisexual Playground
Good looking bisexual male, in a relationship (mw) looking to explore my bi side. I enjoy giving / receiving oral, prefer to bottom if we get there but can top for the right person/couple. I'm disease and drug free and please be the same. Not into kissing males, sorry (Threeway kissing with a female may be possible but I'm not there yet). Experienced with couples and very respectful and expect you be the same. Although this name of the website leads us to think that the person is only seeking bisexual encounters I wanted to let you know that I primarily love pussy :)
33yo bisexual male. I m sexist man in world. Who can do sex on every way I like romance. Kissing. French kissing. Licking all body .Licking pussy too much. Use sex every style
I am very outgoing, yet shy. I like to get crazy and have fun, yet there are times when I still hide in the shadows. I am bisexual, but I haven't done anything with a girl passed kissing. I only recently have come to the conclusion that I am bisexual (within the last year). I was always attracted to other women, but in the community I grew up in it was not exactly "okay" to be that way. Living on my own has caused me to try new things and actually learn about myself. I guess I am looking for someone who is also new to experiences of being bisexual or someone who is bicurious so we could take the first steps together.
I'm an attractive bisexual male looking for a bisexual male, bisexual female or straight female who is comfortable with my bisexuality or bisexual couple with whom to play with. I'm masculine, attractive, DDF, fit, etc. What I look for in my bi friends is someone who can go out and we can try to pick up a woman or man between us, not competing with each other but with the ultimate goal of having a MFFM or MFM FMF, etc. with them. Of course there will be nights when I want some of you and only you. I like kissing, touching, massaging, sucking, being sucked, fucking, being fucked, all non-gay porno (bi is okay), toys, etc. I'm available to play during the weeknights. If you are interested, please drop me a line.
Am an inshape mature bisexual white latin man in south florida. Im very passionate with both genders equally or one on one. Ideally i look foward to an ongoing friendship with a bisexual couple. I enjoy kissing sucking cut cock eating pussy and asses.
being bisexual means you are attracted to the same sex but doesn't mean you will act on it nor does it mean you will engage in any particular activity such as kissing etc. That is up to each individual and his or her comfort in doing whatever. Alot of men aren't into kissing men and they are bisexual. It can get confusing and most people respond to things based on their life experiences and some are more influenced with the society's outlook while others throw out the 'old' mores and figure out who they are on their own. I have been in the bi lifestyle for a long time and I still try to figure it all out. (my two cents worth)
Just wondering what other peoples thoughts were on being bisexual. Are there different levels of bisexuality or is it all or nothing? We see many profiles that state someone is bisexual, but by how much? For us being bisexual is an all in thing. Whatever we would do to a same gender partner we would do with the opposite gender. This includes kissing, body contact, foreplay and of course sex. And can than be passion if you are bisexual and with the same gender? Or is it just another way to get off?
I definitely like the experience of kissing a guy. It's different and that's the whole thing about being bisexual, having a different experience. I like the roughness when a guy has not shaved for a few days.

I can get hard just thinking about kissing a guy.

I find many of the labels of bisexual and bi-curious nebulous at best. I consider myself bisexual but I dislike anal sex, even with my wife. I enjoy oral sex, both giving and receiving with a man, I enjoy touching, caressing and kissing another man, I can see myself in a relationship with a man, but the fact I don't like anal sex discount me as bisexual?
With my wife, she enjoys being with woman, eating out a woman, being eaten by a woman, engaging in nipple play, but only if she is sufficiently aroused and is not turned off by that woman. Would that make her more bi-curious or is she truly bisexual?
Ah, so many questions....

David Male
for me it is simple kissing guys is different than kissing a woman, just like the sex is different. Maybe it has just been the guys I have been with but being with a guy is more like a sensual wrestling match and the kissing is no different. I love kissing a guy when he is all hot and heavy and the locking of the lips is nothing short of brutal in the best of ways
Kissing between men or liking anal sex is not the difference between “bi” and “gay.” Plenty of bisexual men like to kiss their male sex partners, and there are gay men who don’t do anal.

T. (cis-male-bisexual/biromantic he/him/his)
Coastal Alabama, USA - Looking for FWB


French Kissing
for me kissing is such a turn on. I dont care if i am kissing man or women. If you are kissing when fucking it hightens the erotic sensation 10 fold. And cum kissing is out of this world.Kiss:-D:-D
Kissing is so sensual and affectionate. Love to Kiss the right lips and hold the one I'm Kissing. Kissing is so GREAT!!!
Male To Male Kissing
kissing is the biggest aphrodisiac i wish more men would enjoy kissing - just slow sensual delicious kissing gets me hard just to think of it
Male To Male Kissing
I love kissing another. especially when he is on top of me. kissing while he puts his cock in my ass. while the wife is playing with his balls. the only thing better is when we are kissing and he blows his load deep inside of me.
Two Men And One Woman Kissing
Intimacy without kissing seems artificial. Lacking intimacy, masturbation would be preferable. men who fear or avoid kissing are definitely missing out on something very cool- different from kissing women but just as pleasurable.
Two Men And One Woman Kissing
Intimacy without kissing seems artificial. Lacking intimacy, masturbation would be preferable. men who fear or avoid kissing are definitely missing out on something very cool- different from kissing women but just as pleasurable.


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