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Cockring Public Masturbation Pics

Cockring Public Masturbation Pics on Bisexual PlaygroundCockring Public Masturbation Pics on Bisexual Playground
I am the real deal.. Im trying to find someone who shares my interest in voyeurism. I love the thrill of getting caught... public sex, public masturbation, etc.. I have Loads of pics with other people, so do not save images shared. Im fit, 6'1, 210lbs, black hair, dark complexion, attractive, and I love to show myself to anyone interested!!!
Repost my pics! My gay nudist body is public domain. itwasfungay gay nudist cock and ass masturbation
Honest, Kind, reliable, adventurous, great sense of humour, very horny, like to watch and be watched, love public nudity and public masturbation
Im very open, love to expose in public and show off. masturbation in public turns me on. i can be kinky and love to play games . not into role playing and can be sub or dom if requested
I’ve always been interested in exhibitionism (CFNM, massage without drape, mutual massage, mutual masturbation, public masturbation, etc). Looking to explore this more with like minded people. Very open minded.
we have tried most everything such as oral, anal, fisting, golden showers, mild spankings, bondage, public sex, flashing and mutual masturbation. We engage in regular threesomes: 2m1f and 2f1m. I take viagra, so our sessions are quite lengthy. we are a clean cpl and prior to sex we both take enemas and then shower. we live for our sex and almost anything goes except for severe pain. we like to watch porn and take pics. i'm very lucky as robin is 15 years my junior. we met a little over 7 years ago. I love her body. she is 5'10", 36B-28-38 and weighs 125 lbs. I am 6'1" and 180.
Repost my pics! My gay nudist body is public domain. itwasfungay gay nudist cock and ass masturbation
I am not suggesting any pics not available to public or paying members -just that the pics are of current active members and not folks that have been gone - for lets say more than 9 months...

thats all - if its in Public folder it should be fair game I would think
Anyone ever wear any toys in public? Like a butt plug and go for drinks? Or nipple clamps under your shirt/top? I’ve worn a cockring and a small plug then went to the bar. Anybody else?
I love seeing faces. Faces to me are way sexier than body parts, but I also think that a pic of something is better than seeing the "no photos" logo.

I totally get why some people dont have their pics public, especially their face pics. Its the same reason I dont have face pics on my public profile but I have them in my paid file.
Im in on Webcam and public masturbation
I love watching public masturbation


Masturbating In Public
I think I marked this incorrectly. I would be interested in masturbating in a public setting where it was allowed, for example at Club Relate in Florida, which is a masturbation club. I want no part of it where the law would lock me up. I'm not daring either.
Interesting cockring may i ask where you got it ??? Who is it made by??
Bang My Wife
Clarksville Tn, im looking for fucking a wife #cockring #longcock
looking for person or persons, Female Male , Lesbian , Bi bisexuals for Mutual masturbation here in Ohio. Seems to be no one in Ohio who enjoys masturbation or willing to share or participate in mutual masturbation:I find it hard to believe it that all other states there are people willing to mutually masturbate together. HMMM!!! Just seems odd to me. It should not matter what race you are or your physical beauty. If you love to masturbate in front others or mutually then we all need to get together. Thanks roccky2006:(
Public Masturbation
I love public sex and masturbation, and love being caught. just not by the police. :) every job I have had since being a teen I always let myself be caught my last week before I quit. turned me on coming to work the rest of the week with the rumors flying. I have sucked guy off andbeen caught too, that fun too.
Mutual Masturbation
I'd like to find a woman around my age who would enjoy getting naked and having mutual masturbation on line, perhaps with cam, or just being watched or watching me. Finding an older women into masturbation is not easy to do but maybe you're the one and only dream girl. :)


Hey, thanks a ton. I absolutely love your site. There are so many beautiful posts/pics here. Mmmm, could be fun.