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My Sister Let Me Suck Her Husband and She Watch

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My Sister Let Me Suck Her Husband and She Watch on Bisexual PlaygroundMy Sister Let Me Suck Her Husband and She Watch on Bisexual Playground
I am a very masculine straight guy however my sister's best friend who I've been wanting to f*** forever turned out to be a transgender beautiful she blindfolded me so I wouldn't see her dick because she wanted to be on top well my sister got on top I barely know my sister. But her body type and her friends body type is the type that I like but she has a big ass cock well my sister and I started using meth and feta means and it allows you to do things you normally won't do. Like continue to be with your actual sister or you don't know and her best friend is one of the most beautiful woman turned out to be a man I've ever seen with huge tits I actually f*** her in the ass and my sister
I am a Female 23/brunette/slender size 5. My husband is 29 yrs. old/size 36/Medium build, & very sexy +++Must have no diseases, love to lick pussy, and like men as well cause I need a girl to be with me & my husband. He wants to watch me and another girl suck his dick and I wanna watch him fuck a girl so we want a kinky little bitch! I have been wanting to suck a sweet wet pussy and snuggle my face into some titties so bad while my husband fucks me I can't hardly stand it! -We have not been with any other people or had sex with anyone else except for each other in 7 years and have been tested since. We are clean and STD FREE. -If u r a sexy younger woman like to give and receive pleasure from both men and women and are just looking for a good time email us a pic and we will send u some of us.
We are a very "well preserved" couple, happily married, looking for a bisexual female(s) or even lesbian female(s) to share our fantasies with. We want her to "accidentally" catch us fucking and have her watch us while she discreetly pleasures herself but at the same time, we know and are able to watch her get herself off. My husband wants to watch me become dominating and have a submissive begging me to have sex with her and let her eat my pussy. I also want to have her ready to suck and fuck on demand, in public or not. Someone who will, while sitting on our boat fishing let me or my husband begin touching her and then have sex with her not caring if we are caught. If this sounds fun to you, let us know. We are here to please!
I'am a 59 yr old male, married but my wife has given up on sex since the children have grown up and left. I have had only one sexual encounter with a threesome, I think. I had went out with my sister inlaw and her husband and gotten pretty smashed when I started to wake up I found my self in bed with my sister inlaw and her hysband was sitting in a chair next to the bed. Now carol would hit me with rush every few minutes. But I knew I was enjoying my self. The next morning her husband went to work before I got up and she was sleeping on the couch. She seemed suprised when I told her that I remembered quit a bit that went on the night before. I should have been more aware months before that when her husband told me he was bi. But I must have seemed supprised. So he countered with when I can't find sex I buy it. But belive me I was sure looking for an other session. But Carol had a heart attack before it could happen. That was five years ago and I have had more than my share of fantisys about that night
I'm 18 blonde hair super long blue eyes inexsperianced sweet submissive and always horny I like rolplay incest daddy daughter brother sister, sister sister it really turns me on.
I`m a very down to earth sister with intelligents in life an it`s trials. so you know a sister got her mind right and focused!Keeping myself upright with my rainbow sisters! I`m a voluptous thick body gal in serch of that one experience that only a sister can give a sexy freak like myself.
Back in the 80s this happened
My sister is 6 yrs older.
She is Bi also.
Never played or see each other naked as kids.
Her GF and GF's husband who is st8 were over to have a 4sum.
I have also been playing with the GF a lot. Great fuck, open for anything.
Plan was I wanted to play with GF and husband. I wanted to 69 GF while husband fucked her. I wanted to lick her pussy and his cock.
GF wanted a DP.
Husband was going to fuck my sister.
Would have all been fun but nothing worked out.
Started 69 and husband started fucking his wife but first time I licked him he stopped it.
Watch sister and GF 69.
I went down on my sister are Rahat was great.
After that, also wished we had done more as kids.
Never did it again.
Ok, so at my husband’s cousins house, my husband and I were playing in our van. His sister came in and as I was giving him head, his sister take off her top and she started using her hand on his hard cock. She asked him if she could suck him and he said yes. She have him the best head and I got so wet! We then sucked him off together and we swapped his cum. The next morning, he was getting ready to shower, and she told him not to lock the shower door. She came in and sucked him again. We both enjoyed that time. We’re going back again this July!
The question is how is your relationship with your sister. If you are into threesomes and don't mind having your sister watch you and her boyfriend suck each others cock, I would say go ahead and do it if you don't mind her being there.
When i meet an interesting bi-male or even gay guy i might try to bring him home for my husband who is a true bi... we don't go looking for bi females because there are so many out there and they're not hard to find. i love to watch my husband in bed with a guy.. he really gets it on and has a wonderful time... and, guys seem to like it when i watch... when my husband finishes he almost always eats me and the guy almost always likes to watch that
I was 14. We had just moved to a new neighborhood, new school and the first person to befriend me (he was also 14) invited me over to watch sports. His mom and dad worked a lot so his older sister 16 often watched him. Over the months we became good friends and one day I was over their house and his sister came out of the bathroom after a shower nude. They asked me if I liked to be naked in front of people and I said I never really thought about it. He asked me if I would like to jerk off while his sister posed for us, I said yes. We started and his sister coached us into having sex with one another. I will never forget that first cock and the wonderful past of that first load. His sister would not fuck us but we licked, sucked and kissed everything she had.
I was 13 I was having sex with a 19 yr old girl we were having sex her gay brother walk in the room he was 15 he started masterbaitng while we were having sex he ask if he could suck me after I kumed in his sister she told me to let him or we wouldnt have sex again so I let him it felt awsome eventually we started sucking each other when his sister wasn't around and a few times she would watch us then join in I miss them best sex I ever had


Sex With Sister-in-law
My brother and his exwife were swingers. When I was about 18 we were all getting drunk and ended up in their bedroom. I didn't know at the time that they were swingers. It was me, my brother, his wife and my step sister. My brother is dominate so kind of told everyone what to do. I ate my step sister's pussy while he fucked his wife. My girl friend was passed out in the living room. After that I fucked her many time. My brother also is the one who taught me to suck dick when I was little so it was natural for me to start sucking his cock again. My sister in law loved to watch me sucking him. The rule was we couldn't have sex unless both were there. But my sister in law was hot and slutty so we started fucking all the time. I loved licking her pussy because when she came she was very loud. It was so hot. I miss it.
Wife Watches Me Suck Husbands Cock
Would be great to have a wife watch me suck her husband and watch her husband go balls deep in my ass and or me going balls deep in her husband
I so get wet cheating on my faggpt husband!! I finally told him that I am so in love with my ex boyfriend! He's soo much of a man than my faggot cocksucking husband. I make him watch us when we're ot then he has to watch and even suck his cock to get it ready for me because he's not a real man!!!!!! And he gets sooo hard seeing us together and whem I force his faggot ass to service us.And I make him drink my sexy boyfriends piss and cum
Bi-Curious Women
Hi I’m new here and I’m bi curious my husband is aware that I’m on here he is 💯 on board with me and he wants to watch a bisexual women go down on me and if I like it then I would be able to get together again my husband is off limits he only wants to watch
Cousins & Brothers
I was 14 caught my cousin 15 and his sister 13 having sex in my grandpa's barn. I watched them for a long time and then let them know i was watching. I made them suck my cock and i fucked his sister as we both sucked his cock. We did this almost every weekend for two years. I have more to tell.
Woman That Like Crossdressers
I love when my husband jerks off in my lingerie in front of my girlfriends and me. I want him to jerk off on the internet for women who have same fetish like I have. I just like to sit in back ground and watch him putting our toys in his ass. While a woman or women that love that kinky fetish watch him. And eats his cum. I want him to take a cock in his ass and watch him suck 1.


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