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Cumpies Eating

Cumpies Eating on Bisexual PlaygroundCumpies Eating on Bisexual Playground
been together for 4 years. Always wanted to bring another female into the picture. What would it be like to have another female eating me while he's eating you? or having her lick my breasts while he fucks you? Or I eat your pussy while you suck him? Lets go dancing together, drinking, eating, etc. All hang out..
Bi-sexual male who loves eating pussy. But am crazy about eating pussy with a stiff cock ramming it while I'm eating.
er, well, i am me. a little but cautious, a little but crazy. i like reading, walking, cycling, eating chocolate, foreign travel, dogs, eating chocolate, 'waking the dead' (tv), old musicals (movies), eating chocolate, shopping. i'm an atheist.
I love men but have always been curious about what it would be like to be with a woman. I have fantasies about licking and touching a womans breasts and her doing it to me. It has always made me wet and horny to even think about it. I love going down on a man and him eating me out but to imagine a woman eating me or me eating her,,WOW. Now I just need a good teacher. Any takers?
True Bisexual I love wearing panties and thigh highs being very open and versatile eating pussy sucking cock eating freshly fucked pussy licking ass tongue fuck ass eating pussy while she is getting fucked dpv and dp
vary horney/ love to please like dicks cumming and eating women out while there getting fucked and eating cum
Bi curious male seeking M/F couple to serve. I like eating pussy, seeking 1st time cock sucking experience to include cum swallowing. Spanking. Eating ass (if it is clean) Eating cum from pussy. Jacking off and eating my cum.
In my opinion eating a completely hairless pussy is like (to me) eating a very young girl. I prefer a natural pussy with hair or nicely trimmed. I need some help with this. Let me know how you like the one that you are eating.
Starting up a pussie eating orgie any women interest in joining in let me know I will let you know where is gonna be And I want to all the eating
I would love to see this it sounds very interesting bUt I would more like to see two guys eating my pussy and ass then sharing the taste . And eating each others ass
When I am not eating it out of my wife’s pussy, I cum Olin a spoon and eat my cum.
I loved eating it out of a cock but those days are gone.
baby im great at eating pussy give me that chance and u will never regret me eating it out Hug


Eating Own Cum
When I first got married I would finish real fast when I fucked my wife! She finally told me if I finished before she did she wanted me to lick her pussy to make her finish. I didn’t mind eating her pussy but at first I wasn’t sure about eating her pussy after I came in it. I did it for her and he was erotic! Now I love eating my own cum ever if it not out of her pussy!
I love eating ass, always have. A lady friend of mine who I can see form time to time loves eating my ass...she can't get enough, and I do the same for her. We have spent hours just eating each others asses in every position we an think of. She fingers my ass, licks it and I do it for her. She says I have the nicest ass and cock she hs ever had. I only wish we could get together more often. Now I want to try it with a guy, but he has to be like me...clean shaven between the legs, balls, asshole and cock and very, very clean. Anyone interested, send me an e mail.
Eating pussy is so great, especially during climax when the cum is flowing.... The only thing better is eating one with a cock in it....
Cum Facials
I love to suck cock an fill me up with cum or eating it from pussy.Un till it cum to and eating to
I love the sweet taste while eating the pussy. I love licking and sucking on the clit while fingering the young lady that I'm eating. While watching her nipples get hard and having her ready to burst with pleasure from the flow of the tongue going in and out up and down that nice pink pussy. I had my first experience at eating pussy at 23 and it was great. I just love to eat pussy all day and night.:Kiss
All Male Orgy
Yes looking for couple man and women or a male or groups of men to suck off and rim love eating cum and ass licking balls and eating pussy


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!