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Family Members Xnxx

Family Members Xnxx on Bisexual PlaygroundFamily Members Xnxx on Bisexual Playground
Hang out with my family members and friends
i have some dirty fantasys mostly to do with family members, ask for more info
I have been interested since childhood when I was introduced to it by family members and friends
I am very shy about myself being bisexual life, none of my friends know and also family members don't even know. I am very interested in both sex's. I would like to meet someone who is kind of like me and I wants to have a fun time doing so.
We are a happily married couple just looking for a little fun once ina while in the bedroom. We love spending time with our children and family members.
I am a easy going person. I love to read, spend time with my kids, and go watch my family members race.
Exactly! nyc is right. Members come and go. I know many members who have been here for years. They come and go. They go on vacation and turn off their profile while gone. Many members have family, and of course family comes first. Study profiles and learn how to read a post. This will help a lot. Good Clover!!
I would also like to send my prayers and hugs to those who lost family members defending our country. Much love to you both and for your lost family members? god bless them and TY for defending our shores and keeping America safe xoxoxoxooxoxox
[color:Blue][b]one of our family members has lost a family member. this is going to be real hard for Rose, her mother in law passed away today. she had to tell her hubby of this tragedy. because he was on his way home from seeing his mother. she can use are support and our prayers. so please keep her family in mind during this time of sorrow.

thank you all so very much
tammy and larrry
I see guys saying they been with family members some I feel like are good stories. I want to hear from girls have you thought or been with family member?
Speaking for myself, when I have been able to get in chat, I have really enjoyed talking to members from the UK. Being here over 6 years now, I like to think of BP as one big family.

I do not see a need to make a special chat. Thats like saying because some members are from Maine, then they need their own chat room as well as those from California since we are at opposite ends of the United States.

Any paid member from the US or UK can always make their own chat if they want.

Personally I Love going in chat when UK members are there. I get to learn their slang and share ours sometimes with them as well.

IMHO a chat room is just for The more, the merrier. if we want to perve to find members close to us, all anyone has to do is use the search feature the webbies made for us which works great! We can also check new members today.

I really feel opening up BP to UK members is one of the best moves yet. I am anxiously waiting for the webbies to open BP to Australia. I have a gf there who wants to join

I heard about you losing Chico from another member. Losing several "family members" myself, I know what it feels like. He was your little buddy and confidant for many years. Remember the happy times with him and give Taco an extra ear scratch when you can. You never know...another furry family member might squeeze his way into your heart and add to your family.



Incest Roleplay
Who has fucked family members
Bi Male Or Couple For Poly Triangle/quad
How old were u when you first swallowed cum. Do any of you have incest with family members growing u? Please share
I think its natural to be running around naked and even masturbating in front other and all family members
Some of my best memories from my youth and childhood involve family members. Anyone want to share stories?
Blessed Be! We love being members of the BP family where everyone is so open to religions beyond the main stream...Hug
Gay Incest
Ive had sex with my olde brother. he was the first guy i let fuck my ass. but i have been ith other female family members and love talking about it


I am sure that you already know this but I just want you to know that there are so many wonderful people that we have talked to that we are feeling more and more like they are family every day. Thank you both so so so so so so so very much for building a site where all I have to be is me and my husband can do the same. Love this place