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First Time Cheating Forced

First Time Cheating Forced on Bisexual PlaygroundFirst Time Cheating Forced on Bisexual Playground
We are looking for a three some. My girl likes bondage the feeling of being raped . Pinned down. We r both very opened to just about anything. As for myself I like anything. We are both bi. Me I like to be forced to do things I like being dominated until I submit. I like being forced to cross dress into bras panties corsets dresses etc. and also If the person is comfortable enough I like being forced to wear diapers 3 to 7 at a time so its nice n thick to make me waddle. and I like being slapped pushed forced to give oral , and I would love to also be tied up and a gag strapped tight to my mouth then let them have there way with me or tease me while I'm tied up.
i am a male 48 yrs old and i want to be forced into submission forced into feminization and most of all b forced to get on my knees and service my master or mistress of what ever he or she desires
I am a white boi need to try big black cocks in my boi ass turn me in t o a girly,forced sex all role 0laying my pink butthole ENAMAS douching. Forced anal dicking, forced. Throath gaging,chocking. Dick spanking.
Honesty is important, I don't believe in cheating. Sex isn't cheating. I have participated at sex clubs, and participate in nude recreation.
I am a bisexual male who likes to submit to mostly other males for forced enema punishment followed by forced anal sex with a condom, no bareback. I will also submit to females for forced enemas with no sexual contact other than getting to see them nude.
I am a bi-curious female in a semi-committed relationship. He is aware of my fantasies and encourages me. He will not be involved in any way, so no need to woory about a bait and switch. I have had a couple of experiences but have never been on the giving end, I am looking forward to learning how to give the pleasure that i have received in the past. I would prefer someone who is not trying to hide their activities from their significant other, if one exists, as cheating in any form is still cheating. YOu don't have to be all out in the open, I know I am not, but at least someone who is not going to be looking around corners all the time. I am drama, drug and disease free.
I didn’t cum at all the first time I had sex or the first time I got a BJ. Both times I went forever. First time, the girl stopped me before I could even get close because she felt like that if I came inside her, she would be cheating on her fiancé, but if I didn’t cum inside her, she wasn’t cheating. Her definition.

Second time was with my first blowjob, and the girl was an expert, but I’ve always had trouble ejaculating from oral sex. Gimme a hand job or anal/vaginal any day.
[color:Pink][b]Well I guess there are some points that are true, but how are you supposed to get ideas that you want to try with out your spouse knowing what they could be. Most people want it to be a total surprise to there loved one that is why they ask others for different ways to pleasure and sometimes it can lead to cybering or flirting with out it meaning to. Sometimes the best way to learn things is to sit there and let someone tell you what they are doing to you or for you to say it back because that is when the imagination comes in to play. I guess you can not when them all and if you try then you are guilty. But sometimes in the long run it can be worth it if it makes the sex life between you and your spouse better. But is it cheating if it is the same sex. If you consider it to be cheating with the opossite sex it should be cheating with the same sex as well.Am I right or not. Ivy does not think it is cheating if it is with the same sex. Inallreality ifyou are into both sexes then it should beconsidered cheating whatever thesex is.

DareUs2DoU2 Male
Well, I must start out by stating I've never had a relationship with a man or a woman, but I agree that this is disturbing.

I don't know if this is the normal view of men; however, I believe in remaining faithful to whomever you are with. Cheating is cheating, regardless of same-sex or opposite-sex encounters. If a couple has an open relationship, I guess it would be alright, but if one has to lie to screw around, it's cheating and it's wrong.

Kiss and Hug

Dang thats a horrible situation to be in....I think the other thing i would feel right about doing is tell the person thats cheating how unfair it is that he has put you into this situation and make him take care of it or you may be forced too.....mabe he'll deal with it so you dont have too...Hogie HoFlower
seeing a women forced into sucking is a huge turn on , rarel;y seen it on film but the few times I have is awesome,. I dont want to be forced. - "strong encouragement is my thing. probably because thats how THE first time was.
Stepdad when I was young
Forced me while he and I were on a two week fishing trip way up in a park in Maine
By the end of that trip I belonged to him
A month later he introduced me to anal
A couple more months later he brought a friend home while my mom was at work they shared me,
By the first of the year I was being used to pay off his gambling debts
And when spring came I was taken on another so called fishing trip and taken to a cabin and used as a cabin boy by many that visited and drank and gambled
At first I was forced but with time I grew to understand his needs and others as well
My mother found out and by the time I was 16 she kicked him out
Actually leaving a void in my life
I continued on my own since
I guess i’m saying that forced isn’t always a bad thing
Well for me it wasn’t


Cheating Wives
The great news for cheating wives is there are lots of cheating husbands. We can satisfy each others cravings, and not mess up the home front because its in everybody's best interests to be discrete.
Pussy Worship
I would love to be forced to my knees between the legs of a woman and forced to worship her pussy for long periods of time:-P
Men Eating Other Mens Cum From Their Wifes Pussy
OK, new here, but I saw a video of a man, forced to watch his wife have sex with another, then once done she made him suck his cum out of her....I was wondering if anyone had any video's / names of video's I could find to buy/watch. This is a bit specific and it is hard to find. I did find Cum Eating Cuckolds, but there has to be more. I like the fetish part where it is a scenerio where the lady in question forces him, maybe I'm a bit of a sub at heart. Also a turn on is a lady cheating on her hubby, then she comes home and the husband wants to eat her out but does not know he is eating out another guys cum. No, I'm not mental, but it was hot when ever I saw anything close to this. Any of you in the Portland, OR area? ;-)
Forced Sex
I want to be forced to take 2 or more cocks in my ass at the same time! I've often been forced to take some really THICK cocks in my ass, and long,a nd thick cocks down my throat! I loved every minute of it! The only thing that is hotter, is knowing that others are watching, and waiting to join in!
Forced Rough
I cried the first time I was forced a lie and that was the time I lost my virginity to a man butts even though I didn't show it to him I started to enjoy it and it wasn't long after that before I was back down to my uncle's asking him if he would make me feel the same way he did at night
Dominant Women
I would love to be forced feminized paddled fuked with big strapon and forced tumo suck cock eat ssy and swallow c**


Thank you so much for being so attentive to your members. I never invested for a lifetime membership before. I have a warm fuzzy feeling about your site. You are really doing a tremendous service to people like myself who feel like a lost kitten. I don't like raw sex but I do enjoy multiple relationships within a group. How is that for an explanation. I guess what I am trying to say is I believe in polyamory. I did not know this until after I married for the second time. My husband is straight but I really believe he is curious about other men. I do not have the patience to convert him into his real nature. I have lost a lot of time not addressing my bisexual nature. Thanks for listening. And thanks again for this wonderful playground.