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Guy Holds Her Head Down While He Cums in Her Mouth

Very Bi curious. I want, no need, to feel a hard cock in my mouth. What's it like to have my head held she it cums in my mouth.
Im a good looking 61 yr old with a 7.5 inch very healthy and always have been no stds or the circumsized and shaved around cock no facial hair.. .i want to be a fwb that is like minded..i love taking a mans cock down my throat and giving him the hottest. Blowjob untllil he CUMS IN MY GREEDY MOUTH.. I love a man that jacks off into my open mouth.while talking dirty to me.i give the the best tell me to kiss the head of your cock while your cumming hard and fast and ill do it then beg for you to cum in my moutb again
Widowed after 31 wonderful years with an absolute fox who loved sex. For the last two years, after she was satisfied or on nights we didn't have sex, she would lay on her side facing me, mouth at cock level, put my cock in her mouth and while I scratched her head, would fall soundly asleep. Usually she would suck me to completion without ever waking up. I loved it so much, I now desire the same thing with a willing man. I'm not into anal or kissing , just sucking cock and drinking cum. I do not want to be sucked in return. I live alone in a nice waterfront home and would love to have a man supply me with as much of his cock as he is willing to give. What I love to do is keep his cock in mouth after he cums and very gently, nurse on it like a baby sleeping with a bottle. While I am 66, everyone guesses my age at least ten years yonger, have a full head of hair and only very slightly grey.
Looking for guys that just want to RECIEVE head, no recip. 5 ft 6, 140 lbs, brown, blue, average looks. I feel fulfilled, complete when a young male cums in my mouth.
laid back, open-minded, like adventures, like to meet open minded people that want to have fun, like to be fucked by men, like to fuck women, like to suck women pussy till she cums in my mouth, suck a guy cock till he cums in my mouth
White, professional, 52 yr. old, overweight. Sane, clean, eager, horny. I have had the distinct pleasure of sucking several transsexuals, I really like it. They don't seem to cum a lot. I would like to experience throbbing cocks cumming A LOT in my mouth - filling my belly. I would like to adore clean throbbing cocks. I have dreamed of being in a glory hole, worshipping cock and being a cum slut. Drinking everything that cums into my mouth. Damn ! That is hot. I have also dreamed of driving in my car, and the man in the passenger seat pulls out his cock and starts to stroke it. He tells me to look at it and takes my hand and puts it on his cock. It is so hot ! We must have stopped because he reaches over behind my head and pulls my face down to his cock. I open my mouth and moan as he starts thrusting into me.
Try this. When a hard cock is all the way in my mouth, and the head pops down nto my throat, and the guy cums, I swallow. But then, as guys know, the head of our cocks gets incredibly sensitive. And sometimes the guy does'nt want you to keep sucking the head to strongly. So, do this. After he cums down your throat, have him leave his cock right there. Because your throat muscels contract, but the contractions are just around the head. And this feeling is so intense, most guys I suck have to put both their hands on my shouldes because their legs get weak.
When a guy says to me he's going to cum, I move my mouth to the head of his cock, but then look up into his eyes as he cums. Belive me, when a guy cums in your mouth, and you're looking at him, and he knows you're swallowing his cum, he'll keep spurting. And the same when a guy has his cock all the way down my throat and starts to cum.
I love sucking cock because its so exciting .and very sexy when he holds my head with one hand and jacks it off with the other. ...while I sucking on the head tipThen pulls out on mouth so he can watch. I his Cum shoot into my mouth and down my throat..mmm anyone in k falls area that want a cum spurting blowjob tonite
I absolutely love a dominant guy who forces his cock down my throat. One who holds my head down and throat fucks me. A guy who cums so much...I feel as though I'm drowning.
Once I catch my breath...I want him to do it to me again 😏
So am I a freak??
I love cum, it's so sexy when he s close, he stiffened, usually holds my head down on his cock, as it pluses and explodes in my mouth filling my mouth with his jiz, love it, that I got him feeling so hot and excited!
I prefer her sitting on my mouth, grinding her wet pussy into my mouth, while she pulls my head into her until she cums.


Eat Pussy With Cock In It
So i would love to lick pussy while it gets fucked, but only if the guy pulls out and either cums in my mouth or all over the pussy and holds my head there till its all clean. Any near richmond VA interested cuz I am!
Men Fucking Men While Women Watch
And I thought I was a tad twisted for fantisizing about this while fucking my wife. I go insane at the though of her tying me up in some posh hotel, bringing in another guy (even 2 of them). And then telling me that she's going to watch while I suck cock. She even holds my head while he pushes it into my mouth. And then it gets really dirty.
Forced Cuckolding
A fantasy of mine to have someone fuck my hotwife. I watch the male as he fucks my wife in many positions, gives her oral and satisfies her in every way, but holds off cumming. The male fucking my wife doggie style as I am beneath them and licking his balls and taint, as well as, licking her clit. He intermittently pulls out and slips it in my mouth once in a while as he is fucking her. The male still not cumming and we switch one final time. The final position that he is allowed to cum in is my wife on her back and her head is hanging over the edge of the bed with my cock in her mouth while the male is fucking her soaking wet pussy. When he gets close to cumming, he tells me to lower my head to just over her pussy. He starts to cum inside her and pulls out to finish in my mouth. He makes me clean him up and then pushes my head down on my wife's pussy, as she is still sucking on my cock, and bring her to another orgasm as I clean her up. It will never happen, but one can fantasize! lol
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
my girl loves to watch me give a guy head,,im getting so good at it that i can make a guy cum faster then she can,,,she has been my teacher,,tells me what to do,grabs my hair and guides me while im on a guy,,thats a turn on all by itself,,when i have both of them pulling my hair and guiding my head its an amazing feeling.she loves it when a guy cums in my mouth,,swallow every drop,,thats hot.
Cum In My Mouth
Hay y'all, looking for a hard Cock to suck until ot cums in my mouth, here in cantonment fla the village I live by the park y'all meet me for a mind blowing head job and cum eating, maybe even in my ass I've never done that before but want to try it as long as you can cum in my ass. 😍
Cum Swallowing
Ther is nthing like suck on a dic making it hard and flinch in your mouth. The feel of a cock in my mouth and tounging the head tasting the precum is sinsational, slo it tastes great. The to explosion in my mouth is just as wonderful:-P:-P. a nice dick tastes just as good if it cums out of a just fucked pussy. Oh the taste and feel of a throbbing dick is wonderful can't wait for the net time.KissKiss


Thanks for such a warm greeting. I must say that your site seems to be head and shoulders above the typical #@$%^# that you find in sexually oriented web sites.