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I Watched My Husband Suck Himself

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I Watched My Husband Suck Himself on Bisexual Playground
Bi curious looking for new excitement. Would like my wife to suck cock as I watched and joined in. Also if any couple would like for me to suck husband as they watched. Very bicurious.
I have had one experience before with another couple , but just was with the wife ,while husband watched ,and vise versa , he was a litle nervous about being with a guy . so i never got to experience that , the funnest part was when he came in after i had just filled her up and he ate her out and then i watched as he filled her and then i went down on her while he watched
We are very curious about experimenting. My husband fantasizes about watching me totally seduce, suck, and fuck another man while he watched. I fantasize about him giving another man a blow job, while I sit back and masterbate.
I am 5ft1inch tall.Dark brown hair.Blue eyes.i weigh about 147.My husband says i am attractive.Other guys says i am attractive. Then other guys says different.I have had sex with another woman. My husband says he wants to try with another guy.He has never been with another guy.I WOULD like to watch .I have never watched 2 guys.MY husband has talked about what it would be like to suck another guys cock.I like to talk sexual on the computer.Guys can ask me questions.IF the guy i talk to on the computer wants to show me his cock that is fine.BUT he doesnt have to.After i get use to talking to the guy i will show him my naked body.ONLY white guys me and my husband want to meet.Guys under 30.The guy has to be clean shaven.NO facial hair at all.
my husband loves a 10" big black strapon in his ass while he is tied down to the bed. He loves it when i make him suck on it. I want to see 4 big black men have there way with him. he has never ask for a men to fuck him or to suck cock. the way i traing him he is goin to be begging for more black cock. i want them black men to give my wife the fuck of her live too, but when they get done fucking me, my husband will suck there cocks while they cum in his mouth and he eats it all gone. i know my husband is ready for the real cock. as often as my husband
I, Nela, have experienced only one girl one on one. My husband watched. He's not into anything else but me and another girl. I only enjoy girls one on one and I don't really want to be watched. I like to play all I can with my toys and relax with her after orgasms. I'm only into fun, nothing serious. Just want a girlfriend to have fun with when I want or she wants. And only between her and I.
I answered and ad that a couple posted on a site I was on. All that was said was looking for bi male for fun. When we got together she said it was mostly for her husband which as ok by me. So me and him went to the bedroom as I was going down on him she walked into the room an set down and watched me suck his dick then I let him fuck me I was so horny with her watching I couldn't believe it. She played with herself the hotter I got. From then on I loved to be watch while I got fucked or giving someone a blowjob.
Question is there anyone else that likes to be watched if so tell me the first time you was watched
I'd love to have a woman tell me to suck her husband is cock off right in front of her as she watched!!!!!!
It was great as she watched her husband and I suck each other. Her legs spread as she rubbed her clit
I have watched, of course in threesomes. Had a nice couple into cuck play, loved fucking her while her husband watched. But to flat out simply sit in the corner and watch, I have never had the pleasure. Sounds very hot though.
I absolutely love being watched by a woman. I occasionally see a married couple, who let me play with them. She get so turned on watching me suck her husband's cock. So hot!
I love watching my husband jerkoff and love it. I have asked him to suck on my favorite realistic dildo and loved it. I can't wait to see him suck a real dick. I learned I wanted it when we bought a all man gay video and watched him jerkoff to it. I can get off just by thinking about it.


3 Men 1 Wife
I, (the wife) have had a few experiences with 3-men. My husband loved it and so did I. What I loved the most was sucking a cock while I was having my cunt eaten and the third guy was sucking my tits. I loved looking over and seeing my husband masterbating as he watched....then he joined in by rimming my ass. I just came and came. Nothing like having the ok from the husband to have what you want. 3 men is the maximum I have ever done, but I love sucking cock and having a guy suck and lick my cunt. Of course I love to be fucked. Husband is bi and loves to suck off the guys after I am done with them. He always swallows and loves the feel of hot cum shooting down his throat. Once in a while I get to steal a guys load from him. After everyone goes home we just fuck and suck each other for a couple of hours reemanising on what happened earlier. Try it you will love it !
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
This is fantasy of mine, having a man suck on my husband & vise versa as i just sat back & watched while masturbating
Being Watched Sucking
I sucked off 2 men in an adult theater while other men stood around and watched while stroking there cocks. I have fantasized many time about my ex and her friends watching me suck there husband's off.
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
I've done this once. I was at a hotel bar when a woman started chatting me up. Then she just blurted it out. She said she wanted to watch her husband suck my cock. 5 minutes later we were in their room 69ing while she watched. One of the best nights of my life
Bang My Wife
hi Olympia, Washington State male here, and would love to bang a mans wife while the husband watches and also wants to join afterward also, i love to play and would love to be watched banging a wife while the husband watches first and then joins om or even with the husband possibly filming it also.Kiss
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
My first experience was when I was playing with this young couple who I did not know was bi. In the heat of the moment, the wife asked me if I was willing to do anything that would bring her pleasure. I replied yes. she then told me that she wanted to watch me suck her husband's dick and swallow him while she watched. So I did as she played with herself. He came very quickly and I swallowed as she requested. This was the first time I had ever sucked another guy's cock.


Thank you for letting me become a member of your site. We are a little curious about watching & being watched and some inclination to having a woman of a couple join us. Thank you once again for the power to learn about people and there way of life.