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Images of Men Sucking and Kissing Naked Breasts of Women with Vigour

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Images of Men Sucking and Kissing Naked Breasts of Women with Vigour on Bisexual PlaygroundImages of Men Sucking and Kissing Naked Breasts of Women with Vigour on Bisexual Playground
I desire fun with guys, rubbing cocks together while in shower or wherever. Frottage. Shaved. Fem. I also like kissing and love women breasts, sucking them, massage and pleasing them thru breast play. Truly enjoy brushing my hard cock across breasts and nipples… so soft and makes me harder and explode.
I am older guy living Mass/Central, Mass. I am, I guess, bi for now. I like women, men, mixture, etc.. I like j/o off, sucking, maybe more. It's depends. I like getting naked, slow dancing togeghter, cuddling, kissing, naked slow massage. Give and take. I am retired too. Either female or man, don't matter with me. I hope I get someone soon too. Little disabled but, shouldn't bother anyone too.
I am a laid back type of person who find both women and men attractive. It is not so much about intercourse, but kissing (love kissing), touching, massaging, cuddling, probing, stroking, pulling, licking, sucking, breathing on....oh God, i am hard just thinking about this....I also, just enjoy laying around naked, or half naked, talking to partners....i have had massive orgasms while being fucked and my nipples sucked....would love to re-expereince that.....i am generally passive/aggressive....not into quickies, sex is not about ejaculation much more....morally, humm, lapsed catholic that rational knows that there is no god....but understands that there is a generally accepted morality in our world that i a comfortable with...i am a nice person and request only to be treated much the same....i like little s&m and love voyeurism.....i jerk off watching others....
I am easy going, very oral oriented, and flexible. I enjoy kissing, making out touching, licking, sucking. and getting naked with my partners.
Intelligent, good-natured gent. Retired, 6'3", 200. Been a fellator since teens, but never what I'd call promiscuous. With men, I thoroughly enjoy sucking and swallowing for them. Not interested in uncut men. Not after a bromance with kissing and hugging, that stuff...I want to like and share smiles with a man I meet, but to me it's about the wonderfully vulgar sex of having a grown man's penis in my mouth and sucking him off. With women, I still get that high school thrill of kissing and heavy petting with a fairly atrractive woman.
Mature male looking for safe hot naked fun one or more love sucking fucking licking kissing massage shower play and more hope to here from yall👍🙏ðŸ˜
I am not into kissing or cuddling with guys. It's all about being naked and nasty, sucking, fucking and jacking each other off. Down and dirty but not mean or rough. It's even more fun with women who like to watch and encourage. I love kissing and snuggling with women and all my "romantic partners" have been women. Not sure where that puts me on the scale, but that's pretty much how it is.
Hi sexy Ladies... I'm a married woman who craves a women's touch. I've only been with 1 women in my life and loved it. There is nothing better than a women's touch. The touch of her soft lips, the curves of her body, her breasts rubbing against yours. Her pussy grinding against yours the taste of her sweet juices of her clit. Kissing her soft lips Kiss. My hubby doesn't mind me being bi. He actually loves it.So if your into 3 sums me and 2 women or 1 man and 2 women that's fine.Or I'll keep you too myself. I am a plus size women with big breasts nice clit Disease free and hope you will be too. Hope your into BBW or plus sized women if not then don't respond. I'm into all things kissing, breast rubbing or breast play, strap on play toys, pussy grinding, love licking can be your pillow princess or return the pleasure favor. Kiss I'm very sexual sensual. The ideal situation would be going out for a few drinks or out to eat or movie or even watching DVDs at your place then slowly start kissing each other and it starts to get hotter and then start feeling each others breast and then work our way from the couch to the bedroom light some candles for some soft lighting and then take our clothes off kissing some more then licking Kiss the nipples feeling those soft breasts and rubbing our breasts together then kissing your body all the way down to the clit and sucking on the sweet juices enjoying the pleasure and you return the favor to me.Then we rub our clits together. My fantasy would be being fucked with a strap on by a woman. We cum together and just lay with each other for a while. Remember Disease free please live close to my area and please no men.. Kiss Hug Hope to hear from you sexy Ladies :) Kiss Please being host and we can keep it discrete Bisexual Ladies Only No men. Respond message me.
Women do seem to use "boobs" preferentially, probably because it's their word mostly and they use it among themselves. Don't you, ladies? Tits, as I posted, is an animal reference. The obviously sex starred French trappers named the Grand Teton mountain and range. Man, they must have been horny. Those mountains don't look like any breasts I've seen.
Most other words are men's words objectifying them. Knockers, hooter, etc. And I don't think women particularly like them.
So we come back to breasts. When I'm whispering in my naked wife's ear, breasts are very appropriate. And her slare comforting and stimulating at the same time. They are awesome. But don't get me started on her ass. Or her pussy. Come to think of it. What are tge preferred words for those parts of the female anatomy?
I'm sort of like that I'm straight acting in public women turn me on but I definitely have a gay side I love getting naked into bed with another man kissing making out touching sucking him off and letting him fuck me even after I beat off I still want to
hey, i started with just that, wanting to touch another penis and or mutually masturbate another guy. Slowly, it led to more than that. The first time i saw two guys kissing, i thougth it was a turn off. I couldnt see myself doing that. then, i had my first kiss and then i sucked on my firs penis. This has progressed to the point where i am happy having sex with both men and women. Basically, it all turns me on now. Naked women and naked men. Sex with both is quite enjoyable.
My breasts are not real big but men love kissing and sucking them ,makes me horny with a man on my nipple


French Kissing
for me kissing is such a turn on. I dont care if i am kissing man or women. If you are kissing when fucking it hightens the erotic sensation 10 fold. And cum kissing is out of this world.Kiss:-D:-D
exhibitionism is probably the best form of sexual arousal . We as adults are to hung up on our appearance and how long a penis is or how big the breasts are or to small. The physical beauty no matter what should be an uplifting sexual arousal. Looking at a penis or the vagina or breasts should be wonderful to show and be able to show. We came into this naked our father and mother in the beginning where naked and we will go out naked when death arrives. Life is to SHORT. So lets enjoy and have FUN:-D:)Laughing
69 With Another Woman While Getting Fucked
I would love to be fucked while eating another girls pussy and then hit from be hind while kissing a female's breasts. I love nice full breasts.
Braless Women In Public
I agree why should women wear bras at all even at the beach I see men with bigger breasts than most women just because people look at female breasts as sexual objects why should women be made to wear a torture device if they don't feel like it! Kiss
All Girl Orgy
this si one of my ffantasies. A room full of naked women just touching, licking,kissing doing what ever. If anyone is in philly and having a party let me know
Two Men And One Woman Kissing
Intimacy without kissing seems artificial. Lacking intimacy, masturbation would be preferable. men who fear or avoid kissing are definitely missing out on something very cool- different from kissing women but just as pleasurable.


Hello BillnPattie, Thank you both for the welcome letter. I am so glad that I stumbled on to this site. I was at my wits end as to how I could or ever would meet men and women who have the same discerning tastes as I do. I have been inside and looked around and I really love the site. Again thank you, Raphael