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Kissing and Boobus Pusing Video Dowanload

Im 20 male. I like to play video games and go out hiking. Im into anything like sucking, kissing etc but no into any of the pain stuff.
I am a black male in NC, 30 yrs old, looking for a cute, muscular guy for a friend and possible IM/webcam/video IM. I am not into premaritial sex, enjoys kissing and hugs.
I am a nice,quit,and peaceful person until you get to know me. I like singing,dancing,kissing,playin g video games,playing tennis,and alot more.
SAME-SEX PLAY ONLY!!! Period...!!! M/M and F/F play in same room/bed. If you're looking for full-swap, please move-on. It's NOT going to happen. At least not right away - we're new. BOTH must be bi-curious or bi (we are both bicurious) SHE: Into all aspects of being with a woman. touching, kissing, oral, etc. Not into sex with the other husband. HE: Only interested in cock-play. No kissing, nothing anal. Wants to receive a facial. Not into sex with the other wife. NO SINGLE MALES!!! You must be a couple. Married preferred. No cheaters. Not judging you at all, but we don't want to be a part of that. No offense. If we get to the point where we're interested, we can voice or video verify. Again, just looking for a normal, sane, easy-going couple near our age that would like to explore some same-sex play DISCREETLY. We can discuss intimate details further if interested.
We really should meet. I am a masculine, 52 year old man who is experienced with t-girls. I love kissing, oral, cock2cock, top, pix, video, dom/sub. Clean and healthy, married and discreet. Motel meetings are best. I know what I am doing and know how to please. I love hours of sexy fun. Ron
I travel for a living. I am looking to futher explore the lifestyle. I am interested in being with couples or groups. I am also a video nut and love to make video's. Just looking for fun on the road. I travel the USA. If you are interested in 1-on-1 or an addition for a couple, just let me know. Also if you would like someone to video your fun, give me a shout. I just enjoy people!
#1 We video you 2 You video us #3 We video her with 4 They video him with me #5 Video him with my 6 You video me with your wife That sounds like a recording of a fun afternoon
for me it is simple kissing guys is different than kissing a woman, just like the sex is different. Maybe it has just been the guys I have been with but being with a guy is more like a sensual wrestling match and the kissing is no different. I love kissing a guy when he is all hot and heavy and the locking of the lips is nothing short of brutal in the best of ways
When I was single, i enjoyed kissing guys that were also into it. But generally wanted to get to the much more intimate 69ing pretty quickly. But now, kissing is something Vixie and I do that is extremely intimate and romantic, sometimes for over an hour before we do any genital contact. So we don't do mouth kissing with our threesome playmates. And I warn them of that ahead of time.
But we discussed it like we do everything and agreed that kissing can also be a turn-on in recreational sex. So Shani said she might make an exception with Tom The only guy we've done more than twice so far. So when we set up our second playdate, I told him that if she broke her own rule, to go with the flow and enjoy it. And they did. But I don't think she's comfortable with me kissing him too. She's still getting used to seeing me enthusiastically sucking cock. So I reserve the kissing for a very affectionate kiss when he's leaving.
It depends on the man, and the level of attraction I feel towards him (or being a guy, just how hot he gets me), but, by and large, it depends on how well he kisses. Hate to say it fellas, some of ya really ( literally) suck when it comes to kissing. Sex with a guy doesn't require kissing, but it is much more intense when it's there, and it's well done. Lovemaking with a lady, well, I think it's very important to her, and I put a great deal of effort into the act....and besides, I just like kissing ;) Overall, I think that good kissing makes the whole act much more enjoyable, regardless of the sex.
Of course there must be kissing. It’s incredibly erotic. And me, a panty boy, kissing you, a cross dresser, is just like 2 women kissing, and touching, and rubbing. Oh yes, each has a cock. But we know what to do with those.πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Kissing another man is totally hot. Kissing a man is no difference than kissing a woman especially when the man knows the art of kissing as I do


French Kissing
for me kissing is such a turn on. I dont care if i am kissing man or women. If you are kissing when fucking it hightens the erotic sensation 10 fold. And cum kissing is out of this world.Kiss:-D:-D
Kissing is so sensual and affectionate. Love to Kiss the right lips and hold the one I'm Kissing. Kissing is so GREAT!!!
Male To Male Kissing
kissing is the biggest aphrodisiac i wish more men would enjoy kissing - just slow sensual delicious kissing gets me hard just to think of it
Male To Male Kissing
I love kissing another. especially when he is on top of me. kissing while he puts his cock in my ass. while the wife is playing with his balls. the only thing better is when we are kissing and he blows his load deep inside of me.
Amateur Videos
i def have a total fantasy where i am used as a total cumhole bottom in an amateur video, maybe a video where a dude fucks me and his gf ... or a video where his gf directs us as he fuckin does whatever she wants with another dudes ass ... def let me know if you would get into this
Two Men And One Woman Kissing
Intimacy without kissing seems artificial. Lacking intimacy, masturbation would be preferable. men who fear or avoid kissing are definitely missing out on something very cool- different from kissing women but just as pleasurable.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!