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Little Oral Annie Eating Cum

Little Oral Annie Eating Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundLittle Oral Annie Eating Cum on Bisexual Playground
We're on this site to see if we can find a young bisexual girl. We've been together for over two years. Annie has never had sex with a girl even though she's more attracted them than she is to guys (with the exception of Patrick). Patrick is very creative and is anxious to try new things. Annie is always up for something new and fun. Up to this point Annie and Patrick have been sexually exclusive but they are hoping to participate in a threesome with someone just as fun as they are.
About us...We are Jeff and Kim and Annie and we live in the Central Valley in California, but will travel for the right motivation. We are a polyamorus triad, meaning we live as if we are in a marriage of three. We have two kids at home ages 9 & 5. We enjoy going out for dinner, movies, what-have-you, and staying in with a good movie or book is fun too. We been in the lifestyle for a little under a year and we've enjoyed every single minute of it. Let's see...Jeff is 37/bi/6'1", with brown hair and eyes, and a big "teddy-bear" of a man. Kim is 36 and really enjoys being bi, 5'7", blonde hair and blue eyes, and is a bbw (not too big, maybe just a Annie is 44/bi/4'10"/bbw (ok she's a bw too)/with beautiful mahogany hair and brown eyes. We really enjoy our "fun" times. Jeff and Kim have been married for 7 years and together for 9 and Annie is the new addition to our family, she's been with us for almost a year. We are light social drinkers and Jeff and Annie are light smokers, but don't have to smoke if it bothers you. We are all d/d free, discreet, aren't into "partying" (read drugs here) and aren't wild and crazy people. We're just basic average working class people who really enjoy "getting it on". We're looking for friends in and out of the bedroom as well as an occasional "sexfest". We've had some good times in this lifestyle and look forward to many more. If you're in our area, please look us up and if you are from outside our area, sometimes we travel and we love to talk to people from just about anywhere. Jeff & Kimmie & Annie PS For a good time call......US! LOL!
Annie and I are adventurous. We are totally in love and trust each other to play and have a good time separately or together, and yet come home to each other. We both are rather submissive, and love to totally please our playmates again and again. Annie is 5'2", blue eyes, redhead, very busty with cute, elfin features. Randy is 5'7", chubby, and is very orally inclined. Both love to laugh, enjoy movies and seek friends who can also be playmates. Neither is jealous, so we can have her friends, my friends, and our friends. We enjoy life and really want to be with folks who are positive. This is for fun. We don't need drama in our lives.
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I am a single guy, somtimes I would have a bifem with me, we both love to suck, I enjoy eating pussy as much as my partner, willing to try shemale expeiences, cum eating and swallowing, a lot of oral,
I'm just a horny 65 yo guy that has a desire to meet a nice looking, decent guy that can get together on a regular basis so I can provide him with complete oral service. I am not expecting nor requiring any reciprocation since my junk doesn't always respond the way it used to before I had to take blood pressure medication. I jerk off all the time and I have been eating my own cum lately and my overwhelming desire for another mans cum is almost as exciting as eating a nice wet pussy. My ideal situation would be to meet a m/f couple that required a lot of oral attention. But I will never pass up the opportunity for either!
I felt that way also. Not many were people were aware, but this was "Annie's" coming out party. It was the first time Annie was dressed out 24/7 and went public. It was a little scary at first but the BP members (specially my roomie Tweety and Sabrina) made me feel at ease. After that it was like second nature to step out on the Vegas Strip. It was exciting and I can't remember when I've ever felt better about myself. It reaffirmed for me that I'm on the right path for my life. That may be more than you wanted to know but that's how I feel.

Love Annie
Dear Eugene,

Great Post! I have just begun the path to transitioning from M2F and I certainly appreciate any insight from someone, such as yourself and Delilah, with more experience and knowledge than myself. I read anything I can get my hands. I've been married for 34 years and have been denying my mental and emotional gender since childhood. Mostly due to not understanding my feelings and secondly from social pressure. Now I'm doing something about it! It's Annie's turn! I'll look forward to reading this continuing post.


you are a great friend to me long before you were Annie

I have known ( Georgie ) Now Annie for over 5 years when i use to live in San Jose
what a wonderful friend and with out her I would never had been able to make the trip to Vegas LUV YA Hugss Kises

Nessa you were great to be my friend on and off the BP site

again thnaks to all u ahd made the BP party a great success Kisses

Good question. But the same goes with the term 'eating pussy'. You aren't actually eating it, you are licking it. I'm going with calling it oral sex, that seems to cover it best whether it is cock or pussy.
That's like asking which i like better.. Pizza or Cheeseburgers.. I would be very interested in a bi woman's point of view. Or straight women. Do they really enjoy sucking cock? Does it truly turn them on? Vixie I likes it ok, mainly I think, for my reaction. But she doesn't crave sucking a cock the way I do. But I also crave the taste and sensation of eating pussy. This was new to Vixie. She'd had men who dutifully went down on her until she was ready to fuck. Not surprisingly she'd never had an orgasm from oral. She was surprised however, and then delighted that I enjoy eating her as much as she enjoys being eaten. Sometimes that's all we do and don't get to the fucking. I guess I'm just a very oral guy. Pussy and cock are very very different. I love them both
Chatted with two girls. One has sex, oral and otherwise, with her whole family. Tells me about eating her sister. Sucking her son. Letting her husback stick his cock in her daughter and eating his cum out of her. As sick as it is, gave me a hard on.
Another one told me about her torrid affair she had with her sister. Using a two ended dildo to fuck each other and lick each others wet pussys.
Sounded good.


Bi Male Serves Couple
This is one of my all time favorite positions to find myself in to be able to provide oral slave services to a couple. You get the best of both worlds. Iโ€™m extremly oraly giving and really do enjoy eating pussy and asshole as much as sucking a big throbbing cock. If there are any couples close to Parkersburg Wv and you would enjoy having an oral slave to service you both please let me know. Chris๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ‘…
7 Inch Cock
Love receiving and giveing oral licking my ass and eating ass
What is the ? here? Everyone loves foreplay,that involves kissing,caressing,sucking,pett ing,talking.And eventually givng oral sex,giving and recieving.I mean if don't you don't like sucking a dick or eating pussy,or even both,why are we here?I'm just asking if all one has is a big cock and is limited to fucking only,or that a lady only wants to fuck,whats missing?Oral is the best,forever my forte,it leads to some heavy fucking with some real fucking,not just there with mr. macky
Bisexual Couples
horny bi male ne pa hazleton,pa area. loves deepthroatign andswallowind load of cpls men adn women. i am ddfree horny all the time. non pushy respect wishes of all. oral specialists. love sex especailly oral. and well hung thick males, love eating pussy and sex with all women and older cpls most welcome.pj
Although I'll gladly please myself with a nice big dildo, I prefer having a TS or Biwoman with a strapon Love Annie Kiss
80's Cult Films
As for actress Lori Singer's character, an old friend of mine once said, ''Annie was a path that Tuck and Dar should have never crossed.''' LOL!!!:)


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!