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Men Who Crave Cum

Men Who Crave Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Who Crave Cum on Bisexual Playground
Hi! Im from WA state. I crave being a sex slave, very few limits, if any, and crave a group!
I'm a single mom of 3, work full time & don't have a lot of free time. I am new to this chapter in my life, but feel I'm missing something that I crave deep down! I am 5'2, weigh roughly 115-120, have brown hair, & green eyes. Like I said I am new to all of this, but so desperately crave the touch of another female. I would like for any meetings to be very discreet, as I'm just curious & want to Play!!
MY FUTURE AS ROXY I am now a total sissy. I crave all things sexy and sluty. I want to be a big titty bimbo. I love being captioned and comments. I love being and acting like a dirty filthy slut. I crave to make men and women cum. I am here for your pleasure. MESSAGE ME WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED FROM ME. Thanks for everything Your Slut. Roxy
Im a very happily married woman... To my husband.... But for years ive kept a secret to myself.... And honestly i dont wish to divulge this part of me to anyone around me.... I do not.share very well.... However before leaving college i was never in relationships ... Mainly not with men... However i am so intensely aroused by the "curiosity" encounters with other woman... Ive loved the sensuality of the woman to woman contact.... I crave the tender warm caress of another womans lips .... I crave the taste of the skin... The feel of another womans vagina on my tounge... The taste you recieve when she is completely satisfied.... And knowing that it can go on over and over again.....i am horny for another woman
I m. Looking for woman that's interested in a man that bisexual and kinky and freaky. I I m into trying anything once and and I mean anything I m hoping to find a woman that's crazy about me for me. And I say that cause the woman that does like me will never regret it. Or will are sex life get old . cause I m a freak and love wild dirty things and love and crave. Random things. I love and crave random men first time meet ups and letting me suck there dicks off i love bareback and no protection sex from random men. Or women. Nothing more sexy or hotter then a man I dont even know his name come up take my ass and spread me apart and slide his Dick in and Fu ck me like I was his bitch. Or Fu ck me like he was rapping me. I love it I dream of bunch guys one day come up and rap me I love being forced and used like a piece of meet but when I get forced by man I know nothing about and he makes me drop my pants and takes my ass bareback and chums inside me I crave. I love taking that chance. And hope to find a woman that is into same kind stuff we can eat random women pussy together or go down on nice cock together ID love to share my girl and eating other mens cum out of her beautiful pussy I love gangbangs. On me or my girl i always think the more the better
Crave it and will try anything
Yes I crave for a mans Cock Love sucking them and it's great. The feel of it in my mouth the taste and when it cums it's great and I also crave for pussy too so what's wrong with that and I just turn 51 and would love being with a man and a woman but really crave for Cock. ;) ;) ;). I like to know if there are men out there that would crave for this. :)
It’s hard for me, I totally get it. I got burned a while back and now that I’m past it, I crave a real woman who wants more than just a fling. You each are right, we crave that which we cannot have. I’m happily married, he doesn’t have any issues with me having a gf of my own, but I can’t find a woman that I click with. I did the settling thing, and juicyp6 is right, it winds up less than satisfying. I feel very alone. I almost wish I could shut that part of me off.
~Mrs Rebel
That's like asking which i like better.. Pizza or Cheeseburgers.. I would be very interested in a bi woman's point of view. Or straight women. Do they really enjoy sucking cock? Does it truly turn them on? Vixie I likes it ok, mainly I think, for my reaction. But she doesn't crave sucking a cock the way I do. But I also crave the taste and sensation of eating pussy. This was new to Vixie. She'd had men who dutifully went down on her until she was ready to fuck. Not surprisingly she'd never had an orgasm from oral. She was surprised however, and then delighted that I enjoy eating her as much as she enjoys being eaten. Sometimes that's all we do and don't get to the fucking. I guess I'm just a very oral guy. Pussy and cock are very very different. I love them both
Omg I crave that cock
I have a man but every now and then i crave pussy


Bisexual Black Women
I crave black pussy...never had it and can't wait for it!
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
Most women crave seeing a man enjoy a cock
Bisexual Black Men
Crave hung black men in nor Cal to fulfill fantasy...
Double Penetration
I agree with BotBi4cpl; very exciting for all and you will crave forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!Laughing
Men That Want To Be Gang Banged
I RRRRRREALLY crave this. The reason prison wouldn't be that bad. Rape me...PLEASE!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
Men Giving Oral
i am married for 31 yrs,but i seem to crave to give a man oral till he explodes in my mouth:):-D


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!