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Mom Shows Daughter How to Take It in the Ass

Mom Shows Daughter How to Take It in the Ass on Bisexual PlaygroundMom Shows Daughter How to Take It in the Ass on Bisexual Playground
Im a 36 year old bi mom of an 11 yr old daughter. I love animals and have a beautiful 10 month old puppy and 2 crazy cats. Im big into country music. I love to read and watch reality shows. Im looking to find someone who is willing to be friends first, that is the most important thing. after that who knows where it may go!
Big dicked femboy with fat pale ass. I have sex with my biological mother Beverly and I have a daughter together with her. I raped my unconscious mom when I was eleven and got her pregnant with our hot ass inbred slut daughter Tara. Kik hillbillyxharem to see me pound my own mother anally while my flat chested goth inbred daughter/sister fists me and eats her own mother's hairy pierced dripping wet cunt.
Im 27. I have a beautiful daughter. I do have a man. I'm looking for a friend ;) I'm out going, i like to laugh, watch movies music, chill, play with my daughter....
67M 6'4" 280 wants to give partner multiple climaxes. Likes Daddy/Daughter or Grandpa/Grand Daughter RP
I'm looking for a older male that has fantasized about his daughter or step daughter can also be a little on girl not so willing as well
im shy and quiet at first but warm up.i live with my bf and fun and easy to get along with.i like to hang out and listen to music and play with my daughter. im looking for friends at first and maybe more later, im looking to explore my sexuality.
The reality here is the biggest threat might be the boyfriend.
As you wrote "if my daughter ever found out, my life would be over! Not to mention what her Mom would do!!"
The REAL fucking might start after the sex. He would have you over a barrel with your ass in the air.
I'm sure he knows what would happen to you if they found out.
It shows he doesn't care a lot about your daughter, unless she knows he is bisexual.

My advice is watch out!
Had a mom catch me and her daughter doing it. Told the daughter stay in her room dragged me down stairs. Gave me the best BJ I ever had. Told me if I let her daughter alone during our dates she would take care of me when I took her daughter back home.
His 10th grade daughter is dating a 11th grade boy. Dad thinks she knows nothing. My daughter his daughter and wife are close. Her daughter wants thong panties ... my daughter said she does to but does not want to go with her mom. Last night his wife asked me if it okay to take them both thong shopping and explained. She says I am sure u get it my husband is idiot. I wore at their age.

Now it's been 3 weeks. He puts his daughters thongs in wife drawer. His daughter makes fun of him with mom and my daughter.

He has not fucked her in months ... how do you tell a guy to fuck his wife ? If he needs a warm up first I will jerk him off.

I even told him I feel bad for his wife.. just fuck her.
He said would you just fuck yours... I laughed and said yes.... she would insult me and I would fuck her ....

Just fuck your wife it's a pussy. I do not think you would... I said to be honest anyone else's wife I would have already fucked her.

I already fucked and I gave list....
It's so hot when a father and daughter or a father and his sissy boy daughter are intimate. I think your father should take his daughter's virginity that way it didn't happen with a man she regrets it happening when it happened with a man that she loves and that works her
I only look for play partners with my husband along. We solved this problem about 7 years ago, after a string of ghostings, being stood up, or those who showed but looking nothing as they advertised. We simply indicate to interest parties where we are going, when, and for what activity. We have a wonderful day or date night out, whether anyone shows, or not. If they do, it allows a chance to see if there's a connection. When nobody shows, we may well end up meeting someone else, anyway. Anyone who is truly interested will eventually catch up to us, if they can't make one of our "scheduled" dates. Ghosting and no-shows are now virtually nonexistent, and we never have a wasted moment.
I was and basically am straight.
Just to clarify things I am not attracted to men and have no desire to kiss a man but the more physical aspects yes I will suck cock or give my ass (when I’m in that mood I might go further? What made me want to suck cock? My best friend from school (godfather to my daughters) at the age of 40 did not realise he was gay it was my 14 yo daughter who asked why he didn’t have a boyfriend when he said “I’m not gay” she said “ why are you always on rubbermen website” he said “I’m into rubber not gay”. So she said why not rubberwomen then? He had no answer my daughter suggested I take him to my office and get him on a gay website which I did,later my daughter said “you do realise he loves you “ at this point my wife suggested I should suck him off,to my shock my daughter said “oh god yes, that’s so hot, can we watch
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Ass Licking
I really enjoy licking a clean asshole male or female. it is a gesture that shows your partner that if it makes them feel good I am ready to do it. I am not a submissive, per se, but it shows that I am eager to please|8BFlowerLaughing
Role Playing
love role play family fun, incest, daddy/ daughter, mommy daughter
Daddy daughter is my favorite. I had a threesum with a friend and his daughter last weekend that was amazing
Forced To Suck In Public
When I was 16 a friend of mine'd dad who was a very big cop working vice caught me coming out of this older gay dude's house. Some days later when he came by the park where we all hung out, he confronted me and forced me to suck him and his black partner off right there on the spot. Both were 12" or more - then they gang bang's me in the back of the Cruiser - all while several friends who had been hanging out watched - one of whom was his daughter (my friend)...Needless to say I was outed forcefully. Anyway still one of the greatist sessions ever and his daughter used to hook me up regularly - the two of them obviously were done yet ..either
Age Play
I saw a hot video, supposedly mother & daughter. Daughter started sucking mom's tit, while mom asked her if she liked being mommy's little girl again. The girl responds, "Yes I like being mommy's little girl." It was so, so hot.
Sci-Fi Movies
I for one love watching Sci-Fi movies and TV shows...:-D


HI Bill & Pattie: you 2 have a killer site. The work you put into it shows. Thanks for letting me in and thanks for such a great place. Lon