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Open Family Masterbation Together

Open Family Masterbation Together on Bisexual PlaygroundOpen Family Masterbation Together on Bisexual Playground
Open and curious couple, family oriented (family first!), adore children (have my own), willing to "expand" family tree and accept unconventional definitions of "family"
I'm a bisexual 26 yr old guy, looking for new experiences...I'm VERY open minded and will try anything twice. Some of my fantasy's include multiple partners, transsexuals, m/m/f sex, and mutual masterbation (or all of the above!!). Uncut cocks and guys watching and instructing me with their women are a major turn on. I'm up for as little or as much as you want, from just watching/filming you to masterbation and beyond. I prefer plus size men and women! Lets let our experimentation run wild! let me know if you are interested and I'll look forward to talking with you soon....
Im a very open minded male considered handsome, I enjoy voyuerism, masterbation, oral sex, and would consider trying anything pleasureable im not into bondage or any pain, my moto is if it hurts your doing it wrong! I love public sexual activities in autos or semi-public places I would love to find a hot female to service orally or someone into masterbation im looking for discreet folks ok like mind and im d&d free. thank you lets have some fun!
we are professional and discreet couple family and enjoy life and open my dick looking to meet someone that has a good heartenjoy to have fun honesty like to travel like to share family time we looking for a long term somebody came bf and I will family I like to work and all my own business
I'm 40 yr old Swm very open minded love toys,videos,being vidoed and masterbation open to anything and everything
Fun, open guy who enjoys masterbation and watching.
Me and my daughter enjoy open mutual masterbation together
we are a family and our arms are open to you if you ever need a lift just sign on and here we are waiting to cheer you up we will for sure miss you in vegas but as everyone says there will be another one for sure... and we can make sure you are there!! I hope all is well and our prayers are with you and your family Love your Bp family
take care Don and Sara
So hard for me to be open minded about this, and believe me I'm about as open minded as they come BUT I never understand people that think any type of family sexual things are ok. With saying that like someone else pointed out there's no going back from this and hopefully your family functions don't become awkward.
Looking to talk to someone about having an open nudist family. Weather it's being a part of a open nudist family, or the desire to have one
Are you looking for a stable family life with an open loving couple? If so, we might be just what you're looking for! Here is what we have to offer!
Stable Family life: We own our own home, and vehicles. We have two kids, a dog, 2 cats, and some fish. We're not looking for drama, lies, or drama.
A loving home: Family comes first. We're looking for someone to become part of our family, not just a quick fling.
Stable Income: Our family owned and operated business is run from home. We work for our money and we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. As part of the family we would expect you to work with us, and enjoy the benefits. Not looking for a gold digger, please.

If you're in a situation, and you're looking to better that situation with a whole lot of stability, love, and some fun on top of it, then please email us.
If people are not sure about a full orgy we could do a masterbation getting to know you room and keep full contact seperate at everybodies discretion. I think masterbation parties might be a great non threatening way for people to meet and decide if they would like to go further. I would love to be included in any activity you would like huneybee. I definately would love to slurp up the honey.

Hope this goes somewhere.


For me, this interest means more of a persons family being important to them. To each their own, but I woundn't want to do anything with a family member. I just think that holding you're family close to you and respecting them is very important. Peace and Hugs Ali
Blessed Be! We love being members of the BP family where everyone is so open to religions beyond the main stream...Hug
Latin Women
FlowerFlowerKissKiss SOME SAY I AM RARE BB-LATIN WOMEN (ALL IN THE RIGHT PLACES AS THEY SAY, WITH THE CURVES) , WHO LUVS TO SHARE HER MAN WITH ANOTHER MAN AND OPEN MINDED BUT WITH GOOD MORALS , AND RESPECT.. FAMILY VALUES.. JUST WANT TO EXPERIENCE NEW ADVENTURES... I wish I could find a SExy open minded man who appreciates a latin women who will pamper love, and be dedicated to him while joining him new pleasures of his bi desires, now and then but knowing their relationship comes 1st .. and keeping it open and honest always.. the true strong foundation of a good and stable relationship... IS HE OUT THERE SOME WHERE PLEASE LET HIM KNOW I AM WAITING... HE WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED...
Blessed Be!... We love being members of the BP family where everyone is so open to religions beyond the main stream and we are not looked down as I am a Pagan and Sue is a Wiccan... Merry Meet! Hug
My name is Perverta. Love all taboo. Had the family dog knot me at 17. Anyone with a happy family or friendly pets in Ann Arbor?
Women Masturbating
OMG masterbation is sometimes better than sex if someone is watching!


I am sure that you already know this but I just want you to know that there are so many wonderful people that we have talked to that we are feeling more and more like they are family every day. Thank you both so so so so so so so very much for building a site where all I have to be is me and my husband can do the same. Love this place