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Stories of Castration Fantasy Play Gone Wrong

Stories of Castration Fantasy Play Gone Wrong on Bisexual PlaygroundStories of Castration Fantasy Play Gone Wrong on Bisexual Playground
Im a man, Im 32 years old and I like stories of castration of men by women.
Iam a bi sexual woman in a relationship with the perfect man for me. We have a super fun, exciting relationship, and have a great sex life. I have always had women in my life and we see nothing wrong with a little play time with a beautiful woman once in a while. We love the idea of more than one woman in our bed, and see nothing wrong with a little fantasy play!! We're both hot, so you wont be disappointed ladies!! I have blonde hair, blue eyes and have alot of body art. My man is tall, hispanic and sexy as hell. When we walk into a room, heads are turning! We are both drug and drama free. We are looking for someone who doesn't play games, drug and drama free!!.
play on both sides of the court, I like people without baggage, easy going, I write stories,..some are biographical, some pure fantasy, you make up your mind which is which
Bi-curious couple. We have been watching lots of bisexual porn lately. My wife recently mentioned to me that she gets excited watching men suck each other. This fantasy is still a fantasy and I'm not certain when or how we will act on it. But the thought of MMF play turns us both on. We are here to meet people and read sexy stories. We are hopeful that something happens down the road. Right now we getting off watching MMF porn and reading about your sexual experiences.
36, biwm, 6', brn/grn, 190...just a regular, honest guy looking for some hot, fantasy exploring fun times. Love to watch, participate, share stories. Big fantasy to be with other guy's and their wives or girlffiends.
I'm a 60yo bi-curious CD! Married & we are honest and don't lie to Each-Other!so ui told her about a Fantasy I've had for as long as I can remember, & she said go ahead and fullfill your Fantasy! I'm also looking for a FWB, for myself & a FWB for 3-sums with the wife & I! I'm also looking for someone I can talk to about anything, share Stories with, ones that only I know & 1 other person!want to share my sexuall Fantasies with! & want a 8+" Cock, but not necessarily, let's get Naughty.
about what fucking ur step daughter yes i have if she isnt too young cuz thats messed up but what i was trying to talk to you about was doing that fantasy but with other girls that were 18 and wanted the same fantasy (as hot as barely/or almost legal sex is its still wrong) but i cant say i wasnt on the other side of that i fucked a few chick that were way over 18 and i was between
6-17 it happened a few times so as i can sit and say it is wrong and shouldnt be done but its still happens (and no never with the same person before you ask) but know ur fantasy can have as lasting problem if she isnt will and if its pure a fantasy u jack off to so be it
The short answer is NO. The woman is at the age of consent and, well, enough said.
Not to be Clinton-esque, but define wrong. Is it wrong to be bisexual? Is it wrong to marry or date someone of a different race or culture? Is it wrong for a man to wear women's underwear (not that I do)? So where does the wrong come in to play? If it was an 18 yo man would you be asking the same question?
And finally, at what age is it NOT wrong? 25? 30? 35? What age spread is appropriate?
Just some food for thought.

i want to thank everyone of you for all your stories. I started too very young with a friend at 9 years old, and i always felt 'wrong' for that. hearing all your stories made me feel less alone in that.
Max recently tried his first blow job, he did ok and i was proud to be their and help him though it. he did it as a gift to me. i had all ways wanted to see him give head but never pushed him into trying. i posted the entire experiance in here under "max give me my fantasy" i think its under success stories but i may be wrong..
So long as there are limits, no actual physical damage, no blood, let them have their kinks. I’d rather do castration play than scat any day of the week. I love it when perverts call other perverts sick 🤣
ionsawmill is spot on. I have a cam channel and I run it like a talk show. People ask about me and my family and I answer honestly and share experiences. When people ask if I have any kids and I tell them I have a teenage daughter it's like sharks smelling blood in the water. They want to know if I play with her, if I sniff her panties, if she's seen my cock, etc. Sometimes it isn't always someone who is attracted to underage people, it is someone reliving their past and recollecting their sexual awakening which happens during those years. But some are pedophiles who start recounting things they have done and I tell them that it's a public forum and they should keep those comments to themselves. If they persist, they are banned.

What I tell my guests is that they need to understand there is a line between fantasy and reality. We all have thoughts in our head we would never tell anyone about. If you want to masturbate and enjoy a taboo fantasy, then go right ahead. The example I give is castration. I often fantasize about being castrated by a Dom but I assure you, I have no desire to actually have it done. The minute you involve a minor child in real life it's no longer a fantasy. Even if they enjoy it in the moment, years later they will realize that someone they trusted violated them. This can scar them to the point where in impacts their life negatively. Even if a minor instigates it, they may be seeking attention, not sex.

I get insanely horny at times. I call it the "evil horny" where seemingly nothing satisfies me but something really dirty. I understand the carnal desire taboo fetishes create. But don't act on them. Masturbate, get a hooker, frequent a BDSM club and age play, whatever. Just don't hurt innocent kids.


Water Sports
Im a new member recently. Yes I like peeing as well as Watersports. There is nothing wrong in being piss on or drinking piss as long as that person is clean. Most piss is sterile from a Medical point of view. As Bi-Sexual I love female piss play being piss on as well as licking there pussy's after they have pissed. Most woman like being pissed on there Clits it stimultes the Clit alot from what I have found out from woman who have taught me this. Some like to have there holes piss in as well. What ever the case maybe there is nothing wrong with watching participating or drinking piss from a Female or Male. Its to bad there are none here in the Ohio Valley area or Colubus that are willing to try piss play or clean them after wards.:( Maybe Im wrong but it seems most of this type of play is out of state here. If there is any takers or persons who are interested please let me know and prove me wrong. Thanks rocky2006:(
Gang Bangs
omg this is my biggest fantasy but my man wont let me do it cause he would be jealous i guess im going to have to do it without him knowing is that wrong?
We LOVE to read about first time same sex stories with LOTS of details so we can imagine being there or having it happen to us. We both like male male stories and girl girl stories so feel free to send us your TRUE story... Flower
Age Play
There are some out there that think that there is something wrong with this. I don't see anything wrong as long as it is between consenting adults that want to share this activity. :)
Anyone wanting true stories of incest, and young girls, two different stories let me know, and be prepared to cum
Gay Incest
My older brother and I used to get naked and lie in bed and make out forever. His kisses were so sweet and passionate that I knew what we were doing was wrong to most people, but how can something that feels so good be wrong? We would suck each other and I loved his cum, he always had a big load for me


I just wanted to thank you for your welcome e-mail. I have joined the site for a 2 month period, but I know that I will be renewing it. I love your site. I have chatted with a few people now, and everyone seems to be really cool. I've also added a couple of my fantasy stories, as well as a post in my area. Thanks for letting me join, I hope we do become good friends.