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What was it like to take your first load of cum ? did you like it? were you nervous ? I want to try it soon ,, whats it like ?

I took my first load in as if I had done it before. I just told the first guy I was with that when he was ready to cum, just cum without tell me he was going to. When his cock got rock hard in my mouth and his back stiffened up, hearing him moan, I was suspecting he was about to cum, he did, it was awesome!

I was kinda nervous when i started sucking him he cam a lot i had spit some out kinda of strong taste it stayed with me some time

I sucked this guys cock when got off didn't even taste it his cock was pretty much in the throat so my tongue never got any cum it went right down and I swallow

Have not reached the point letting guys cum in my mouth. A good friend was sucking me off recently and she said my cum was really good. It had a "sweet" taste. Unlike other guys that have a sometimes hard to swallow cum. HER WORDS: " that was a mouthful sweetened cum juice". Can't be certain of her taste test. Maybe we all should get together for a "CUM TASTING PARTY" lol

havnt tried it yet either

It makes me feel dirty and thats really sexy love the sleazey feeling can't get enough, yum.
I haven't taken a load yet. I'm really curious about it. I haven't even tasted my own cum yet!

My first time swallowing a hot load of cum was in High School, I tried marijuana with a black class mate, I was stoned and asked to see his cock, wondering if it was as big as he bragged about. Sure enough it was around 8" and a perfect head on it, I couldn't resist touching it, when he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down until his cock was right at my lips, he told me to open my mouth, I did and my my surprise I let him push his cock deep in my throat, I choked and he relaxed his grip on my head and started to pull out when I mumbled don't and started licking and sucking his cock, suddenly he moaned and filled my mouth with so much cum it was all over my lips and face, I swallowed and really enjoyed the taste so I kept sucking him clean, even licking his stomach and down to his balls to get all of it......needless to say we spent many more sessions with me sucking and swallowing, I still to this day enjoy pleasing Black men
I found it to taste better if you suck and do not open your mouth to let air in . I think the warmer it is the better the flavor . True.

I can't wait to give my first of many blow jobs to another man, and I will swallow hopefully. Since it will be my REAL 1st time, even though having received many blow jobs, I hope I can give the same pleasure as I have received. Excellent discussions here (hot and extremely turn-on sexy)
Took my first load from a married guy when l was 17. Told me his wife didn't like to go down on him....still love them uncut and hairy and love them to lay their dick on my tongue while I hold their balls and know they're watching their load shoot down my throat
if you want to talk about how l love to suck and swallow call me and let me hear you cum on the phone when l get your fucking cock good and hard.

I loved my first load of another man's cum. Been eating my own for a long time. I was a little nervous the first time. Wondered if it would be as sweet as mine. It was different but tasted great. Is was a small load. Later I would enjoy big loads that filled my mouth. Mmmmm

The first time I sucked another guys cock he came in my mouth, and I loved it, the taste, the texture, the smell, loved everything about it and have been swallowing cum ever since

The taste of the delicious pre-cum got me excited for the load. It still does!!!!
my first time i was on my knees sucking this guys big cock i could feel his cock getting harder and harder, i was waiting for him to cum down my throat but instead he took his cock out of my mouth and had a handful of my hair with one hand and he starting shooting big thick ropes of cum all over my face i dont think this guy had came in a month because that was one huge load of cum and i fucking love it. i turned into a cum slut right then and there, damn i want a hot load right now just thinking about it.

My first load was when I was moms boyfriend....msg me and I will tell you more

I swallowed my first load when I was 13 and my older friend was a massive cummer.mMmm yummy!
My first load of cum was in a ABS Theater, this was back in the late 70's, his cock was a lot larger than my cock, it was rock hard with it started to spasm, I swallow I could then caught the rest in my hand, it was fucking hot, and in couple moments later he suck my cum. His amount was awesome, spurting 5 or 6 times if I remember correctly. When I can, I though I was going to pass out it felt so good. d every moment of the entire encounter....I think my heart was racing for the next hour or so.

The first time I had a guy cum in my mouth was a few years ago. Met him on , talked him to stopping by my place after he got done work, he did. Took him to the bedroom, I got nude, he didn't at first, but instead started sucking me. I told him I wanted his cock, and he took his clothes off, I had him sit on my chest and took his cock in my mouth, and started sucking and licking it. After about 10 min's he said I'm going to cum and wanted to pull out. No way was I going to let him do that, so I grab his ass cheeks and pulled him even more into my mouth and kept sucking, I wanted that cum in my mouth, needed to taste my first load! He started to moan and his cock got harder and I felt the first pulse of cum coming up the shaft! I took it all! d it, but it didn't have much of taste, kinda bland.
I haven't had my first yet,but I am looking forward to the first taste!

I haven't yet want to

my 1st cumload, was at an ABS, i was horny, and threw caution to the wind and tried the gloryholes watching a porn flick, a cock came through hole . i touched it, loved the hardness, i leaned over and kissed it, it leapt at my attentions. i went for it, and put in in my mouth, licking and sucking, soon the cock began thrustin, i held still working his cock with my tongue as he thrust. soon he filled my mouth with cum, it tasted good. i didnt want to make a mess so i swallowed the load. i was hooked!

I can not say anything about it because I have never had it from the source. I had cream pies before which I love. I am looking forward to it happening someday but so far it has not. Will let you know if this post is still on the Forum.

It was even better than I had imagined. The taste is secondary to the feeling of making another man cum. Nothing quite like it.

My first taste was when I was licking his wife in a 69 with her on top and he started to fuck her (I hadn't ever tried Bi before) so when his cock would slip out I would dodge it, "BUT" he was in her and cum inside of her and it started running out into my mouth as he pulled and I went nuts as it tasted so awesome I just about ate through her pussy to get every bit I could

I was very young when my older brother and 3 of his friends used me as a cum slut. They were 12/13 ish and only dripped a little cum but I liked it. Later as a broke college kid I decided to suck cock for money. I had a guy if I would suck him without a condom(I always insisted on it before). I agreed but told him not to cum in my mouth. He was a beautiful man with a cock that fit my mouth like a glove and I was rock hard as he started to tense up. I knew he was about to cum so I grabbed his ass and would not let him pull out. He got the message and grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth hard and came a few moments later. I was so excited that I came the moment I started swallowing his huge load. I got out of his car and just sat there on the sidewalk for over an hour exhausted by how much fun I had had. I jerkoff to this memory often
My first load was giving him a hand job. I loved how it felt. Running down his cock and over my fingers. Mmmm. The first load I swallowed took me by surprise. But I loved it. Wanted more. Swallowed all I could.

I have sucked a few cocks , and have thought about swollowing , but , I am afraid i might get a disease ?? Have any of you thought about this ?

My first was with a guy at the pier in town park. I was sucking and licking his head and he kept puling back and then i would resume. I felt his cock get real hard and he started to thrust harder he told me he was cumming but I was so horney I wouldn't stop and he shot his load down my throat. I swallowed it all, it was great. Have had many more I love it. Wish I could get some now.

I didn't know , I was 12 and he was much older. My friends and I hadn't really produced anything when we would take turns sucking each it waz unexpected when he grabbed my head and started pumping jet after jet down my throat. I liked the way it swelled right before he started to cum. I spilled some needless to say. I like the feeling of what I just did, its a turn on more than the taste. The reward.!

I love the way it feels when a hot load shoots down my throat, nothing like it. Awesome, awesome
Took my college GF to an adult theater, my first time ever going and hers. We ended up fucking and a few guys started jacking off, Julie begged me to swallow a load. d it.!

I was just 13 and had only been masturbating for a couple years. Small wads but it felt great to cum. I was in the Cub Scouts and we had a clubhouse in a tree in one of the guys yards.
We started taking girls up there to have them jack us off and watch us cum. Before long one of them asked to lick up the stray jizz and she showed all of us how to suck cock and make us shoot big loads. One afternoon during the summer, I was up there with a couple of friends and we decided to have a jack off contest. I won for biggest wad and my buddy reached over, took my cock in his hand and began to beat me off! It was so fuckin' hot that I shot within a couple strokes and the smell of my cum just turned me on again!! As that summer progressed, we began to suck each other off and there was never a question about swallowing each others wads!! To this day, I never question any one about swallowing their cum---it just tastes so fuckin' good!!

I’ve been wanting to suck my first one. I love watching the deepthroat bi videos . I wanna try deep throat ! I wanna play with your cock and balls

First time I swallowed cum was awesome. I was sucking my friends cock and he got rock hard and started moaning. I grabbed his ass and would not let him go until I got his warm load. It made me feel so slutty, I loved it
My first time I was 17 and was camping out in a backyard tent with a neighbor who was a couple years older than me. He had brought out a Playboy magazine and we were looking at it using the flashlight. We were both in sleeping bags with just our underwear on. He made a comment that he had a "throbbing boner" and he pulled back the sleeping bag and his shorts showed a large erection that he slipped out the top of the waist band. It had to be a good 10 inches of hardness. The pictures also had me hard, so I threw back my covers as well thinking we would probably jack off since we had done that before camping out. He reached over and wrapped his hand around my cock and stroked it. My heart was pounding in my chest as I reached over and wrapped my hand around his thick shaft. It throbbed and he asked if I had ever sucked a cock. I said no, never thought about it, but I was so horny right then I said I'd like to try it. So he had me lay on my back and he straddled my chest with me head propped up on a pillow. He leaned forward until the head of his cock was just touching my lips and I could feel a wetness on the tip. My tongue came out and I licked the head. By the light of the flashlight in the tent I could see his shaft and balls. He leaned forward and the whole head slid into my mouth. He told me to slide my tongue over my bottom teeth so they wouldn't scratch his shaft. I remember swirling my tongue around this big cock head in my mouth and then he slid in a little further and then pulled back. He moaned and said that felt good and to keep swirling my tongue around the head as he gave short thrusts into my mouth. My hands were on his thighs as he stroked back and forth into my mouth. He was making pleasure sounds, low moans, as he stroked faster and he now had his hands holding my head. I could feel his balls touching my chin when he slid in. I tightened my lips on his shaft and swirled my tongue around the head when he pulled back each time. I was actually pulling him forward a bit as he stroked in and was taking him deeper. My own cock was standing straight and hard and his hand was stroking it as I sucked him. He tasted so good and remember tasting a sweet, salty flavor some as he pulled back and my tongue slid over the head. I could feel his cock throbbing each time he pushed forward. Then he said I am going to cum and he held my head and I felt his cock get harder or swell. He moaned and as I swirled my tongue around the head I felt a strong, hot spurt hit the roof of my mouth. He shoved the shaft in further and I could feel it pulse as several more heavy spurts spilled into my mouth. It was warm, thick, creamy, and slightly salty. I continued to swirl my tongue around the head as he pulsed a couple more times. He pulled his cock from my mouth and holding it he rubbed the head back and forth on my lips. He then asked me if I liked his cock. I said yes that was the hottest thing I had ever done and I even enjoyed the taste of his cum and the feel of it spurting in my mouth. He gave me this big smile and turned around and took my cock into his mouth all the way down and began to stroke and suck me as I had done him. It didn't take long before I was filling his mouth with my own intense release. I looked over at him and he was hard again! Yum, I thought and pulled him back over my face in the 69 position, opened my mouth, and his cock just sort of dropped right into my mouth. My head was tilted back with the pillow under my neck. He was able to easily stroke his cock back and forth through my tight lips. His big balls would rest against my forehead each time. He was stroking in and out of mouth and saying he was really going to fill mouth. When he came, he came hard and I felt the first shot hit my throat and I swallowed, then more thick creamy spurts filled my mouth and felt some run out and down my cheeks as he shoved his shaft in as far as I could handle. What a huge hot load went down my throat! I was hooked.

My first time when he started to shoot just the head of his dick was in my mouth he pulled it out as he was shooting all over my face and behind my head and on the wall it was one huge load have been a cum lover every sense he used his dick to rub come into my mouth it was so hot and tasty
I met a guy in a park, we talked for awhile then he took me back to his place of business which was a hair salon. We went into the back where his office and dryers were, where I proceeded to give him a blow job while he was sitting on top of a dryer. Thats wher ed I got my first mouth full of cum

Mmm i was 13 all dressed up in my moms sexxy red lace bra and panties my step dad cot me and said you want to be a grl ill treat you like one and pulled his big hard cock out and said suck it and I did and loved it he held my head as he was cumin in my mouth mmm soo good bern hooked on dressing up and suckin cock ever since

I was 15 and my best friend and I decided to trade blow jobs. We agreed we wouldn't cum in each others mouth. I sucked him a bit and he sucked me a bit. He didn't like it, but I loved sucking him. It became a regular thing for us to play with and suck each other. One day he announced, "I'm gonna cum!" and I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me as I moaned "mummmmmmm" and he shot in my mouth. I had eaten lots of my own cum, but this was the first time I tasted another man's cum. I loved it. I swallowed his load almost daily for two years.

OMG love the first time I got a load of cum while suckin a nice cock , the tasdte an smell is so good love cock and cum!!

My first time swallowing was the first time I sucked cock. I was not planning on him cumming in my mouth . I was going to let him shoot it on my face. But he had the back of my head and pulled me in just as he was swelling up to shoot and thrust in. I had no choice but to swallow he shot 3 big loads in my mouth. I was happy he did that. d the taste of his cum.

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Men Eating Cum While Women Watch
I too, enjoy Blowjob a load of thick sticky cum out of my lovers hard throbbing Cock, :-P and eating a load of cum out of my wife or a female friends Pussy, :-P my cum up off a lover if I shoot a load on their stomach or back, and eating a freshly made anal creampie. I especially Love it when I know my wife is watching me and taking pictures of the action...
I am she! I love going to parties and taking a load from everyone!
Men Eating Cum While Women Watch
I would love to suck a nice cock while my wife watches then drink his load. Or sucking another mans cock while his wife or sister or mom or whomever watches then me taking his load.
Sucking Dick At Highway Rest Areas
Once when I was in college and travelling with my parents we pulled into a reststop. While i was taking a piss, this guy who was a truck driver stepped up to the urinal a couple down from me. He was watching me piss and gave me a good view of his cock. He kept getting harder. I'm not sure what came over me, I had never sucked a cock before but I walked over to the stall and he followed. I knew exactly what I wanted. He came into the stall with his semi-hard cock hanging out and shut the door. I went to work on it fast cuz my folks were waiting in the car. I licked and sucked that cock like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes, I worked it deep into the back of my throat and he was grabbing the back of my head. I was a hot, young preppy guy getting face fucked by this handsoime rugged trucker with an 7" tool. I started fondling his balls and then he shot his thick load into my mouth. I think most of it went straight down my throat cuz he was just fucking my mouth for all it was worth. I made sure I tasted his salty load cuz I was curious what my first load tasted like. I was sitting on the toilet and jacking my cock furiously, afraid we were taking too long. Then he bent down and sucked me off in return. I came so much! Loved walking back to my parent's car with the smell and taste of his cock in my mouth!!
Guys That Love Cock
There's nothing quite like kneeling down and taking a guys cock in my mouth. I love when he puts his hands on the back of my head and goes deep. The look on his face and the load in my mouth keeps me coming back for more.
Men That Want To Suck Cock
Love to suck Cock and then taking the load of cum in my mouth and then swallowing it and then finish suck Cock until dry:-P ;)

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