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Does anyone read a members ENTIRE profile before they contact them?????
We get so many emails from folks we are not interested in. Trying not to be rude when responding is becoming more and more difficult especially when the emails only address one of us (mainly the female half) and the emailer only has some sort of super sexual (kind of rude) thing to say.
Had the ENTIRE profile been read, it may have saved the email sender POSSIBLE rejection/embarrassment.
On a side note PLEASE consider being TASTEFUL when making photo comments... KIND compliments can go a long way in the way you are portrayed.

Tammy & Jeff

If at first you don't Succeed, Keep on sucking till you do suck seed!!!

I think most just look at the pics get super excited and lose their minds. I've gotten so many dumb single line emails that I don't bother to reply any more unless they become super aggressive then I do exactly what I say i will in my profile(oh that's right they didn't read it).

We feel you. The picture hounds get annoying as well

LMFAO with juicyp6 @ they DIDN'T read it!!

noodle1234 LMFAO @ picture hounds

Yeah Duh! And as for the picture hounds, most of us enjoy them, but are here to actually meet folks- not swap pictures! I do read profiles carefully, you so hit the nail on the head, 'cause it seems many- especially newbies don't! No one is perfect- but i've only seen very few perfect anal orifices here myself... lmao!! It really does help to read and comprehend objectively what profiles try to convey- even if most aren't really interested in meeting in person!

Moving to top for all to see.

Keep it moving to the top. I agree 100%

Touche Tammy. Not all are so rude...but the few who are kinda spoils it

And most that fail to read also lack manners.
Manners are indeed a rarity on here, unfortunately.

Nobody of true quality really seems to read profiles. It’s annoying, the creepy one liners and crude remarks are so old. I mean they dont even try to look at the ages a person/couple want, or if they play safe. They don’t even do that. So many could have positive encounters if they’d just read the whole profile
For example: If I could just get them to realize there’s TWO of us, it would be nice. Then a big bonus would be if they actually flirted with HIM.
This is BISEXUAL playground, not heterosexual playground, aka Tinder.
*rant over*

Bravo!!! Direct and to the point!!
So many email us and just strictly address Tammy instead of addressing us as a couple as it plainly states in our profile.

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Kinky Sex
Awww come on people.. I've read your profiles and I know you're out there!! Someone has to want to talk about their fantasies about being tied and forced to service another man or woman, or how about........
I love reading. And I also love people who read the entire profile. However, I don't think the latter happens very much. lol ;) Oh well.
Both Bi Couples Only
Wow--is this ever the best site and most direct way of narrowing down what you like and what, well, you just not sure about. :) My guy and I have had the absolute best time looking over the 'interests' section and seeing what descriptions we like or perhaps are not has helped us so much sort out and break through some barriers neither one of us realized needing breaking...:-D I find myself looking for others with similar 'interests' on their profiles...the thought that we could find a nice couple to play together with us is, just, well, exciting! Check us out--those little profiles can tell so much. Maybe we can be a great match. Kiss:):)LaughingHug
Bisexual Seniors
Looking for a senior CHUB bi couple in the Raleigh-Durham, NC metro area. Prefer retired individuals like myself. I'm a MWM in my early 60's and a Chub myself. Can probably only play during the weekdays morning or early afternoon. Please read my ENTIRE profile here on B.P. It's long but should answer most of your questions about me.
Women On Women
I'm tired of no updated profiles:(
Women On Women
I'm tired of no updated profiles:(

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