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I am new here and to the area.I am in the DFW there anybody here in making a new friend?I am clean and respectful and open minded.

Im live in waco lil south of you

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Instant Messaging
Instant messaging is one of the ways I have made a lot of my online friends and some have become really close friends over the years. I personally use Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and ICQ because I have friends that use one of these and no others so I have been using them all to chat with people. When my wife is home she likes using hers too, but she isn’t home a lot. Though her and I talk a lot on them some times when she is off somewhere. Cybering was one of my big pass times using these messengers, now I mainly use them to chat with friends from other countries and for role playing with other friends. Though I am always will to chat or more with any ladies that want to talk with me. ;)
What a pleasure to find this forum! I am a Christian but have known and appreciated pagan friends and the way that infuses their life. They have been closer to the Christ I follow then most of my Christian friends. To be honest I have met others that have had the opposite affect (there are phonies and the lost in any faith) but still I recognize value and respect many of the core beliefs. I hope I have a chance to be friends with some of you in the future.
Friends With Benefits
EVERYONE NEEDS A KUCK BUDDY! It would be great to have one or more I couples, as friends. The kind of friends that you would want whether you could fuck them or not, as fuck buddies......... BI COUPLES would be a bonus! NO ONE CAN HAVE TOO MANY FRIENDS
Well ladies..........Good Day...Flower. I'm looking for a lovely lady with abit of curves . That loves to be babed as much as I do. I would like to be able to trust this Lovely lady . To be able to join us in times of loveing and beable to take trips with us. We have been married and togather about 6,yrs now . We have only had one time 3 some . We are all still friends and won'ted to keep it just friends. So now I've gave you a bit of info... How about a lovely curve lady . LOOK US UP !!!!!!!!! Kiss........... As for couples .. just friends nothing more. thank you !!!!!!!!!!!|8B
Loaning You Out
My dad always loaned me out to his friends and still when I go to visit him he always has another friend that wants to meet me it is my obligation to get with him and obey my dad can take care of his friends
Friends With Benefits
Looking for friends or male or female,bicouple for friends with benefits in Tampa bay area

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