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Double Date with Wife Crossdressing Fiction

Double Date with Wife Crossdressing Fiction on Bisexual PlaygroundDouble Date with Wife Crossdressing Fiction on Bisexual Playground
Crossdressing husband love's to dress up and is open-minded and willing wife is open-minded doesn't mind being seen with me dressed up husband would definitely love to see his wife getting double penetrated something she always dreamed about while I am getting groped on
I'm 35, married and have a sex drive that requires more attention than it should. Wife knows and is OK with safe activities, although I keep them very limited. I'm well educated, moderate on most issues and can discuss almost any topic. Music, Martial Arts and Computers are my main interests. I also enjoy reading science fiction and historical fiction.
Mwm 36 and buddy 44 both bi looking to double team women mostly . Looking for 3somes . We want start are new adventures 2012. Looking for women couples looking for double pentration or double vagina. We can even dp your wife . Both us very fit 36 with 7x 5.25 44 buddy 8 x 6.0 . Both got 6 pack abs. We will travel for right people. Age race not big deal us long as u REALLY want 2 guys.
my wife wants to watch me with another man. She gets aroused thinking of me with a hard cock in my mouth, but she also wants double penetration. She would like to be a slut !! First she wants me to suck a guys cock, but she would like to be double fucked.
My partner and I are looking to meet maybe double date some other couples or singles for fun and excitement
53 y/o mwm, 5’10”, 230. I am looking to find a man, woman, or couple to have sexual experiences on the ‘down-low’; your privacy is as important as my own! Want to find a special man who enjoys getting blown during the day; someone who appreciates the effort I make to ensure his pleasure; maybe a wife or girlfriend who would help me suck her man’s cock dry; double team=double the fun!
I'm a bi (oral) man and my wife is straight. I love sucking cock, my wife loves being pleased by two men, and the guys we meet like having their cocks sucked by both of us before having sex with my wife. Everyone wins. Saying it's a double standard because "he" gets to have sex with two women makes no sense. My wife "gets" to have sex with two men. Is that a double standard... or a threesome?
Thanks for the story! Keep them cumming!!!hehe We both really love to read all the hot stories, fiction or non fiction!! Always gets us hot and horny!

Check out the story I wrote.....It's in the Erotic fiction section....but it wasn't's called The First Time. Enjoy I hope
17 Beer
25 Beer
35 Vodka
48 Double Vodka
66 Maalox

17 My parents are away for the weekend.
25 My girlfriend is away for the weekend.
35 My fiancee is away for the weekend.
48 My wife is away for the weekend.
66 My second wife is dead.

17 Sex
25 Sex
35 Sex
48 Sex
66 Napping

17 Pot
25 Coke
35 Really Good Coke
48 Power
66 Coke, a Limousine, the Company Jet

17 Tongue
25 Breakfast
35 She didn't set back my therapy.
48 I didn't have to meet her kids.
66 Got home alive.

17 Getting to Third
25 Airplane Sex
35 Menage a trois
48 Taking the Company Public
66 Swiss Maid/Nazi Love Slave

17 Roaches
25 Stoned-out College Roommate
35 Black Lab
48 Children from his first Marriage
66 Barbi

17 25
25 35
35 48
48 66
66 17

17 Triple Stephen King feature at Drive-in.
25 Split the check and go back to my place.
35 Just come over.
48 Just come over and cook.
66 Sex in the Jet on the way to Vegas
I like your erotic fiction send me an email at I’m kind of a writer myself quite great short stories but I love erotic fiction especially fantasy stuff and role-play
i get so hot wearing my panties and crossdressing.any other guys out there like the about you girls any you like panites and crossdressing males


Cheating Wives
Never had to worry about my late wife cheating. We had an open marriage, she coukd date anyone she liked. She dated a could of men, but she rather date a sleep with married women.
Open Marriage
My late wife and I had an open marriage. Which for mean she could date and sleep with either and male or a female friend of ours. And the same was true for me. The only thing was we told each other if we had date that night.
Science Fiction And Fantasy
I like Science Fiction and Fantasy because that is what I like writing the most. I tried my hand at writing horror but never could get it right. I completed my first Science Fiction novel this past Halloween, but after completely writing it I decided not to try and publish it. Instead I went right to work on my fantasy novel that I am currently working on. It will be the first in a series of books that I hope to write. Though I don’t know if I will ever actually get any of them published or not. Oh well that is why I like this topic though and now you know a little more about me.
Cum In My Wife
Ladies i wish my wife was a fucking slut like you girls and me her sissy faggot non passable crossdressing cock sucking cum eating hubby
Oh yeah i love hvin a hot wife Helping her dress up for her date Her telling me how big his cock is Then when she gets home with her pussy full of his cum She mks me eat her out as she tell me how good he fucked her How her sucked all over her big tits and left his marks all over them Mmmm im sooo lucky to hv a hot wife 😍
Rape Role Play
I am fantasizing a group of people come in to my house tied me and my wife up and start forcing us to suck all their cock and force me to watch them fuck my wife one by one and do double penetrating to her together after they finish with my wife, then they force my wife to watch them fuck my ass and watch them put two cock in my ass together and force me and my wife suck and swallow all their cum


It is a pleasure to be in this wonderful site. That is why we did two memberships, double the fun. No one will miss out.