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Forced Bi Torture

Forced Bi Torture on Bisexual PlaygroundForced Bi Torture on Bisexual Playground
My name is Bill I am a middle aged mild mannered very submissive open minded bi curious sissy male new to this. I am 5'6" white a little over weight salt pepper hair. I am from the wider Houston metro area. I strongly prefer womens clothes to mens wearing them openly ie parties certain other places) as much as possible, even tho my face ( i thiink) won't let me pass as a girl. I inwardly i think of myself as a girl in a mans body and want to let my feminine side in all aspects to shine thru even late in life as i am. For a long time Ii have had a strong bi courious desire that keeps growing stronger all the time. I am looking for others mostly ladies but also men ladies that enjoy helping people in this situation and can help to encourage me to further this as i am a bit shy to do much of this on my own. My only hard Taboos include no kids no animals no knife sports MY interest include CBT, hard bondage, crossdressing, full toilet, forced physical feminization (even hormonal w/o my knowledge), suspension, extreme humiliation, forced total open long term exibitionism. oversized dildo torture,. open forced sissy play (all aspects)in front of others, forced bisexual, torture including but not limited too needle torture, lectric torture(below the belt), and any and all adult toys, etc & many more. I guess im one of those curiuos and willing people that fully enjoy trying new things. Sometimes to my own degradition and humiliation. I hope to hear from those that think this could interest them or even if not
72 year old submissive love to be forced down on a cock I like torture on my cock and balls
funny -very submissive-into watersports-nipple torture-domainte people-luv uncut men n black n dark skinned men-into dressing to please love leather chains-womens cloths-forced to have sex
bi sexual naked slave male exhibitionist pain slut i am a masochistic pain slave that knows that slave males and females need torture pain discipline for sexual gratification and to please dominant sadists. that is why i torture myself in front of dominants and I am trained to do that for their pleasure. i am a bi sexual slave male will perform naked and torture himself for dominant sadistic females, dominant couples, dominant males, dominant biker males, black dominants & transexual or crossdresser dominants. and couples live or on cam. i'm trained to torture clamp my nipples, cock bondage and torture with clothes pins and butt plug and dildo training. slave tony is also looking for a bi dom CD to strip me naked and train me with spanking torture, whipping and nipple clamp torture and dildo training. I want to be photographed and filmed during abuse and torture training. I also will be torture trained to debase myself naked in front of groups. I would really like to submit and be trained and tortured by a dominant male/female couple for their amusement and satisfaction.
I am sexual dominant straight male seeking submissive woman interested in bdsm, role play, medical play, age play, breast torture, forced lactation, and othe uses for my pleasure.
I'm a small male want a dominate master or mistress. I want to be stripped naked tied have my cock and balls torture. be forced to give a man oral sex and then be lubed and feel a bare cock go in my ass and feel a big load of cum inside me
Look like fun. I bet it would be great as a torture toy for those of us that like a little S&M with our orgasms. Maybe I will have the guys add it to my tight restraints, nipple torture, whipping, penis cage, ball weights, forced deep throat fucking, and ass rape.
my favorite miss conception of bdsm is in the SM part most vanilla folks think of SM as pain and torture but do they really know what torture can be?? tied to a bed helpless to get away while a loved one is using a feather to turn one one and get them so sexually aroused that they want to jump to there feet throw you on the bed and devourer you alive or the slow passionate kissing that drives one nuts torture and pain are not all in the same though they can be there are many forms of torture there just need to open your mind and see pass the one thing to see the many things there.

just my 2 cents:)
Hello and please do get excited , I have a few fantasies of a similar base.
I enjoy cuckold , Hotwife , forced cum eating , forced bi , CockSucking enforced by the most important one the woman using Ball Torture and chastity.
Do any of those words prick your ears cock or nips because they do me !!!

I'm in Sarasota and drive a bunch every day so I have no issues coming to visit for you both to check me out and hopefully we can make a few of the most heinous fantasies CUM true.

Let me know
Photos on request of any part of me , sent with pleasure and probably a little pre cum.

Hopefully speak soon.

Paul aka Britt
Very kinky and very interested in meeting anyone. Hung is a plus, couples (any combo) is a plus, groups are a plus!

Very into bondage, CNC, restraints, medical, needles, sounding, spanking, CBT, ball stretching, ball crushing, forced orgasms, post orgasm torture, tickling, and the list goes on and on.
Looking for subs in NYC that enjoy spanking, flogging, clamping, tit torture, wax, anal hooks, rope, humiliation, cock/pussy torture and slave play! Come to your place or somewhere else and give you all that you need! Leave you satisfied and wanting to do again!
Im an experienced bi sub, into tight restraint, forced use, forced bi, forced group use, cbt, gags, and being cuffed and used. Looking for people who enjoy using/owning a bi sub.


Dominant Women
I would love to be forced feminized paddled fuked with big strapon and forced tumo suck cock eat ssy and swallow c**
Forced Cock Sucking By A Woman
I want to be forced feminized dressed like a s***** little girl get my ass paddled forced to suck cock and swallow c** and he cum filled pussy
Pussy Worship
I would love to be forced to my knees between the legs of a woman and forced to worship her pussy for long periods of time:-P
Forced Bi
I def have a fantasies about getting fucked by a dude that was FORCED to fuck me or even forced to cum in my ass ... someone controlling the two of us ...
Forced Sex
I def have a fantasies about getting fucked by a dude that was FORCED to fuck me or even forced to cum in my ass ... someone controlling the two of us ...
Forced To Have Sex With Other Men By My Wife
I def have a fantasies about getting fucked by a dude that was FORCED to fuck me or even forced to cum in my ass ... someone controlling the two of us ...


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!