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Nudist Play Time

Nudist Play Time on Bisexual PlaygroundNudist Play Time on Bisexual Playground
bisexual senior looking for friends to play with. men or women or couples of any gender mix, around my age or older. to spend some nudist time together or sex play is all good for me and you too.
********NOT ACTIVELY LOOKING RIGHT NOW,DUE TO THE RECENT PASSING OF MY WIFE, BUT OPEN TO PLAY IF YOU ARE AN INTERESTED COUPLE OR SELECT SINGLE MALE OR FEMALE(PARTICULARLY A SF WHO LIKES BI MEN) WHO CAN HOST CLOSE TO MY LOCATION (WITHIN 60 MILES OR SO), MOSTLY INTERESTED IN FWB FRIENDS FOR NOW, BUT OPEN TO LTR WITH THE RIGHT WOMAN IF THAT DEVELOPS. I WILL BE CHECKING IN TO THIS SITE TO STAY IN TOUCH AND MEET OTHERS WHO SHARE MY INTERESTS AND MIGHT LIKE TO USE ME AS THEIR LIVE SEX TOY SOMETIME, ALTHOUGH I AM NOT ACTIVELY LOOKING, , IF YOU CONTACT ME I WILL RESPOND TO SEE IF WE CAN GET TOGETHER FOR ME TO SERVE YOU. HOPE TO BE BACK PLAYING MORE WIDELY SOON. Leaving pics for you to enjoy :) ****************************** ********* **** Nudist, passively Bi male sub/switch senior boytoy widower*** **** I have been a home nudist for years, but am looking for ways to practice clothes free living more widely with friends and acquaintances. I would love to find other nudist folks to hang out with and spend some naked time just hanging out and doing whatever. ***Seeking couples interested in SAFELY using a senior boytoy/live sex toy for their pleasure: - open to m/m bi play str8 play, I'll follow your lead, or Domme female interested in oralBlowjob, spankingThong, and straponCock dominance. While primarily intereted in couples, I have and will from time to time play with singles of both sexes*** Shaved or closely trimmed, uncut, loves giving oral to both sexes and is good at it. My free time is very limited, and I'll need some lead time to set up any meeting, but that doesn't mean I'm not for real and very interested in being used as a sexual toy and submitting to your desires, as you'll find out when we are able to get together.
150, 5'9", 6c, smooth, fit. Nudist, occasional lingerie cross dresser, versatile. Interested in mmw threesomes. The ideal situation for me is where we all feel relaxed but excited and ready to have some fun. I don't need alcohol, and hope no one else needs it either. As a nudist, I like to meet people for the first time who are already naked but I understand not everyone would be comfortable with that. I've greeted guys at nudist social events who have had full erections and women with nipple erections, and had not problem at all with it
Gay nudist in Fort Lauderdale. I am interested in meeting Bi Nudist Couples for friendship and play. I find cock-old very interesting but would enjoy pleasing a man and his wife together. I am very open sexually to role play and kink. I find that those things usually happen after everyone is more comfortable with each other. No interests are to extreme always honest if it is something I do not find stimulating. I am 48 5'5 140 hairy chest. I work out and I am a runner. My cock is 7.5 thick and curved. I always play safe and I am tested every 3 months for all STDs. I am HIV- and on PreP. Very laid back guy with no drama,
Couple looking for other bi nudist. Enjoy the nudist life style and would love to have other nudist join us. I am bi active and wife is only bi curious. Would love to make friends as nudist and then look to adding more pleasures. Sorry not into one night stands.

Nude is always better
ive been a nudist ever since i can remember. wife and i go to a nudist resort every few weeks during summer. not uncommon at all to see families enjoying time together. i think its awesome
We are looking for somebody that goes to nudist camps. We would like to make friends with somebody that goes to nudist camps in Michigan or Ohio. Cuz this will be our first time going and we would like to know somebody before we go so if you're from Michigan or Ohio and go to nudist camps get back to us
Hey I am a nudist and really love to go out somewhere to be naked and meet other nudist , living in Toronto, there is a clothing optional beach here on Toronto island , anyone interest to hang out , man or woman or couple are all fine , just love to bee other bi nudist
I have been a nudist since I was a kid, my parents were nudists and swingers, so grew up being around nudists. It is truly a total liberation... I had to stop being a nudist for several years because my ex wife didn't want our kids to be exposed to the lifestyle. I am back to being a nudist now. I have been to a few nude beaches and resorts in Florida. I do want to check out some of the resorts in Ohio and Indiana this year. Any suggestions??
Your profile says nothing but I'm interested in your desire to be part of an open nudist family. I've been a single mom since my son and daughter were 15 and 16. I'm very close to my kids. They're now 20 and 21. I joined another nudist family a few years ago and we've been to nudist functions at several times. Both my son and daughter love sharing the parents of other families as I do. WE're interested in coming to Australia. I want to know more about you. Helen


Bisexual Nudist
We are bisexual nudist. As a matter of fact we lived full time for quite a while at a nudist resort in south Florida,
Being Naked
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser (also a Nudist) seeking MMF nudist & Single Female Nudist! Flower
Naturist, nudist whatever you want to call it, it's hard to describe the sense of freedom that comes over you. Once you have felt it you know it is not natural to be clothed. A true nudist is totally accepting and not judgemental of any body type. No one is perfect. A person is really sexy when they are comfortable in their own skin. I am fortunate to have a nudist area here in Austin Tx. It is in a gated park on the beautiful shores of Lake Travis. The park will open again around the end of April when it warms up again. Open 7 days a week and all are welcome there over 21. If you are passing through town let me know and I will give you a tour. :-) :):):)
I am an indoor nudist I love being nude all the time ... I am naked now Laughing
Being Naked
Love being naked all the time while sleeping driving or just walking around the home. I was rasied a nudist and have always been open about it also while mastrubating. why be shy.
Bisexual Seniors
I have a FWB in NYC who is 80 and still plays and loves to swallow. Unfortunately at this point she only wants to play with me (not that I mind!) and isn't even interested in adding another guy. I'll play with all ages but prefer couples (or groups) closer to my age (and closer to me in CT). I only started bi play about 4-5 years ago and am trying to make up for lost time!


Hi, thanks for the welcome and I feel your coding pain, you have done a great job with the web site. Do you two ever have time to play?