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Watching My Wife Being Undressed by Another Man

Watching My Wife Being Undressed by Another Man on Bisexual PlaygroundWatching My Wife Being Undressed by Another Man on Bisexual Playground
We love to let people watch me get undressed and he likes watching other guys fondle me
My wife and I love sex. We enjoy others watching joining in and we also enjoy watching. My wife is bi but enjoys men(3 or more). We both like to masturbate if front of others and enjoy watching them do the same. My wife loves to expose herself in public. We just like to have fun without pain. We are not jealous of seeing each other with others actually it turns us on. We hope to hear from men, women and couples.
Mature couple interested in playing with other couples or another man for my wife. We've had a few experiences with a long time friend. I like to watch my wife with another guy, We've been married 38 years and are very happy together, we're just enjoying exploring a bit. My wife is not at all comfortable with me being with a guy unless it's with our friend, and then there are boundaries for me, maybe that will change. I have been hoping to find someone a little closer than five hours away. I *really* enjoy watching a guy fuck her, and I really would like to see another guy cum in her mouth and I want to watch his balls pulse as he cums. I *am* bi-curious but I don't get to act on that very much. My wife is not really comfortable with me being one-on-one with a guy, but she has enjoyed watching me suck our friend.
we are very easy going couple been together for 9 years married for 4 years just starting the whole new experiences thing. Well I have to say we will have to take it slow. My wife is down for me doing everything with a woman. And watching and possibly joining in. I have fantasies I would like to suck a cock to completion and swallow I have been fantasizing about it for a while but here's the problem with that part wife believes its a turn off for her and wants no part in it or watching. Which I'm not sure I can do if she is not involved. But she is very supporting and says if I want to I can still do it. At that point in the moment she may join in being all horny from watching you never know till it happens.
My wife and I are extremely sexual...We love to watch others perform, that really gets us hott and heavy....We're both really attractive, so we expect nothing less from the other couple...We are new to this, but it also gets us going knowing we're being watched by someone else...I really don't know how I'd feel watching my wife fucking someone else, but again, we have never attempted this B4...But for some strange reason the thought of me watching her getting fucked and her watching me sliding my cock in another woman kinda turns me on!!! So if you woman out there like 6'2"tall and 230lbs, and bald headed...actually some say I favor Vin Diesel...then hollar back!!!
HI I am into watching my wife enjoy herself with other men tremendousely,my wife and myself do enjoy watching movies,drinking on occasion and dancing when we have a chance to do so ..we are funn loving for the right person and plan to have a long lasting someone us need to be well endow....ed
We did this when married for a few years. They loved to party and so did we. The first two nights we stayed there... me and the wife ended up having sex i.. in there master bedroom and then on office fold out bed. What I did not know was the husband was watching.
many times his wife and I would pass out first... I would wake up and bang my wife, he was always watching, it turns out those two were fucking after we fell asleep... he would bang my wife and then watch me do it...
The wife never told me the truth, his wife told me..... we were at dinner at their club.. we went back and patied like normal... that night I made sure I stayed awake.. I went to his wife and said we should even the score.. she said Of course and we went in basement.. she was sort of short and fat. but she fucked good. we only did it once... never confronted him or my wife..
I really liked watching my wife suck and fuck other men. It was such a turn on just watching. I occasionally joined in. Once while my wife rode a guy I took her in the ass making him cum too soon but I did get a good cream pie from it. I hope you find a hookup on here.
Love having someone watching, especially a guys wife as I suck his cock, and it turns me on to have her see him cum in my open mouth. Having someone or more watch really enhances me and
my X-wife used to love having someone watching us. Used to have one of her uncles come over when we fucked and sucked and after a while he was joining us.
In our situation having threesomes with another male has brought us closer together. My wife and I are very much in love with each other and trust each other fully. She does'nt want to have another woman join us and I respect that. My wife never new how much it turned her on watching two men and then joining them untill we tried it. She loves it and so do I.To share this with your wife rather than sneaking out is so much better. I recommend that all you guys out there try sharing this experience with your mate and dont be so intimidated by it.All us guys grew up thinking about having threesomes with two girls but would'nt think of her having two guys. A woman definately feels less threatened by a threesome with two men. So drop the macho thing and realize she's the boss and if she's happy you'll be happy too. I have the greatest relationship with my wife because we are able to please each other. In a threesome I get so turned on watching her get turned on and she gets turned on watching me get turned on. Try it you;ll like it. And by the way,now I could care less about having a threesome with two girlsHugHug
I have had a friend of mine watching my wife suck my cock I cannot believe how much of a turn on it was never thought I would like that we were very drunk but I was sitting on the couch my wife was on her hands and knees bent over on the floor with her big tits out bring nothing but a thong in her ass sucking my cock he was sitting on the couch facing us I could not believe how hot it was letting him watch and then he asked to jerk off that was even hoticing him jerking off to me and my wife watching my wife suck cock huge turn on love to do it again
57 yo mwm in edgewood area bi all the way..tend to be submissive ...look n act straight till alone n undressed,then i might be wearing would never know till i am undressed..easy going bud drinker n bud smoker only other vise is submission..


Women Watching Men Suck Dick
wife one time wanted me to suck another mans cock. it was a guy she had the hots for. we had him over and i at first was not to sure but as we drank and talked i began to get intrested. we started talking about doing something like that and he said he had never done it before but was up for it. i undressed him and went right down on him before i knew it he was going down on me and the wife i think was a little jelous. then after we had our fun we both did her everyway possible and we did it all night long. we still travel once a year to visit him and we have our threesome
Women Watching Men Masturbate
My ex-wife was the only women I've known that was into watching me masturbate. She'd had the fantasy since she was a teenager but was never brave enough to ask anyone until me. I was kind of nervous at first but once I saw how much it turned her on, I got into it. She liked being fully clothed or watching me from another room. A few times she would have me eat my cum which was a big turn-on for her as well. We both masturbated for each other once in a while, not all the time, just to spice things up and I enjoyed watching her as well.
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
I had oral sex at a very young age. My cousin and I would go to the the school yard accross the street to what we tought was a secluded stair well.and we would dropped our pants and feel each other. One day when we did he was wearing his sister panites. It turn me on and he went and got me a pair. We both had them pulled down just below our butts and when we looked up the stairwell there were two older boys watching. They asked if we wanted to suck their dicks. We both said no, got dressed and went up the steps. As we went by them they said they would return tomorrow at the same time. Well it turn me on getting caught so the next day I took my sisters panties, ba and pantyhouse and went back to the stairwell got undressed and put on my sisters clothes. The two older boys showed up and came doen and completely undressed. Being older they had big dicks. Being nervous, one gouy got behind and one in front and rubbed their dicks on me. I went down on my knees with both dicks in my face and after a few seconds started to kiss the heads. Before long I was sucking them both until they came. This went on for about 6 month until we moved. The cross dressing came later and so did a few other thing. But I like to suck and have the female partner there to watch or join. :)
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
We're a mwc and both bi: hubby has had a few bi experiences and loves to suck dick with wife watching and often participating. The first time was so hot: a long time friend showed up at a swing club we attend and the time seemed right to just do it. Wow. Loved the feel and taste of his cock. When his hot cum shot in my mouth it was a really wild sensation! Since that first time I've sucked 3 other dicks and of course my wife always is there watching... which makes it better! Can't wait to do it again and again and again....
Ass Filled With Two Cocks
I fantasize about my wife watching me get spit roasted. Cum coming out of both ends or watching me suck a couple of guys off and eating their cum.
Dick In The Mouth With A Dick In The Ass
When I was twenty, I had the chance to do three men at the same time, still get hard thinking about it. Wife has heard my story and says she would love to take turns, First me watching her, than her watching me with three or more men, we plan on fulfilling this after we try a few other things first


So far, I'd have to say this site is the complete answer to what my wife and I are looking for, an easy to use, discreet, and yet comprehensive way to meet someone new.