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Any good stories about the 1st time you were forced to suck or take a dick

Mine was in county jail when I was 18. A black guy made me suck him off . He told me to take it n suck him dry then grabbed me n forced it into my mouth he shot his load down my throat n told me as long as I kept him happy nobody would bother me. The next night he made me do it again but as he was holding me there another inmate pulled my pants down n slid his cock into my ass it hurt at first but aside from being rough I enjoyed it n told him I would keep him happy and for the next month I was there I was getting fucked by different inmates while suckin him off
Stepdad when I was young
Forced me while he and I were on a two week fishing trip way up in a park in Maine
By the end of that trip I belonged to him
A month later he introduced me to anal
A couple more months later he brought a friend home while my mom was at work they shared me,
By the first of the year I was being used to pay off his gambling debts
And when spring came I was taken on another so called fishing trip and taken to a cabin and used as a cabin boy by many that visited and drank and gambled
At first I was forced but with time I grew to understand his needs and others as well
My mother found out and by the time I was 16 she kicked him out
Actually leaving a void in my life
I continued on my own since
I guess i’m saying that forced isn’t always a bad thing
Well for me it wasn’t

When I was 9 years old I was with a friend on a hill under a apple tree and I fell asleep. My friend who was 16 got on top of me and pinned me down and made me suck him. He shoved his cock in my mouth and I love it. I keep sucking him until I was 12 and then I found out what girls were all about.

That sounds like fun tiedmetothebed

Great story D6ltgf

I was 13 at a public bathroom at a park, When an older man came in, He started playing with his cock, I was mesmerized, watching him grow in his hand, he asked if I liked watching him, I Knotted yes, he said it’s ok to watch an older Gentleman Jack off, he said some Bois are Feminine Sissy’s, that like older men’s s, he asked me to touch it, I started jacking him off, It was growing in my. Hand, I loved the Pree Cummmmies that were ossing out, he said if I said nothing he would give me $20 dollars 💵 he then said to put my lips 👄 on it, I did, and Tasted his Pree cummmies, 😍🤤😈🫦💦💦🍆 I really got turned ONNNNN, And then he slowly grabbed my head.. and was holding me on his .. he said the hold still an swallow, as I heard his moans, he started shooting it down my throat.. I couldn’t believe how much it tasted good, he said keep sucking and he give me another $20 which I did..👄💦💦🫦😈🤤

Great story Britneyboots
After 5 years of marriage my wife and I went to a day after thanksgiving party that my brother-in-law threw ever year and this was the 5th or 6th one we attended. It was a big house with allot of people attending. I went down to the basement and saw my wife sitting on the couch talking to a black man and there were lots of people down there. she talking and laughing. So i went around and talked to alot of my friends and I go back downstairs and same thing. This went on for most of the night. On the way home I asked who the guy was and she said it was an old boyfriend. I was shocked and said I didn't know you had a black boyfriend and she said she had 4 black boyfriends. Now I was stunned and a bit pissed off. The next few days so many thoughts went through my mind. Then it dawned on me that i asked her before we we married had my cock size compared to the others and she said I was the 2nd biggest at 6 1/2x6". and she said the biggest was 10". Them i remembered a Evanston cop I knew told me about a black cop who had a 10" cock would stop younger girls and if they had and issues and could get a suspended license he would let it go if he got fucked or sucked. He eventually got fired. But i had seen him before and knew he went into the restraint where my future wife worked. Now i was thinking about her getting 10" of black cock and i wondered how confused i was. We had watched porn together and sometimes there was a black guy involved but thought nothing of it. I went to an adult bookstore and started looking at some interracial porn and paying more attention to the black cocks and seeing white females going wild and thinking of my wife getting a huge black cock . When I had sex with her I was prtending I was a black man fucking her. She seemed to notice a slight change in our love making. I'm stopping right now but i will continue soon.

Camping with friends I was 11.
4 of us were in the tent and I was going down on one of my friends and I didn’t know it that the time, but his 19-year-old brother was outside watching well the next day he called me over to his workshop and told me what he saw and if I didn’t want anyone to know I would do him a favor he told me to get on my knees and he was much bigger. He held my head down and forced me to suck him then he put his hands on the back of my head, and he started to swell and jet after jet of warm cum hit the back of my throat. I remember it to this day I went home and my sister said what happened what’s that on your shirt?, and I said nothing went in my room to process. never did regret it. Somehow though others did find out .go figure I Continued being friends for the next six years .learned a lot that summer.

This is my story of my first cock, well four cocks, I had just turned 12 and was living with my mom, a single Mom who was a crack head, we lived in the projects and she worked nights at a bar and would get home about 1 in the morning usually all fucked up. We lived in the projects which was 95% black. I would walk home from school and be on my own when I got home. Right after I turned 12 four of the older black kids in the neighborhood. they were about 15-16 decided they needed a young white cocksucker and they would corner me on the way home from school and we went in a vacant apartment and they would make me suck them off. All four of them. Imagine being 12 and seeing four big black cocks in front of you and having them one by one stick it in your mouth and having you suck them off. the first time I was scared to death and when they came I didnt know what it was I actually thought they were peeing, but one of them told me it was a treat, it was a tasty treat I got from a good job. I was scared if I refused they might hurt me so I made sure I always sucked them off good, and swallowed their load, I saw how much pleasure it gave them so I knew if I kept giving them that pleasure they would not want to hurt me. I sucked them off almost every days for a year or two, When I was 13 they tried fucking me but they were afraid they would really hurt me, so they held off fucking me until I was 14. The first time I was fucked, I was 14 and one of the 16 year olds that had been forcing me to suck his cock had me in hs apartment leaned over a table and was about to force his cock in me when his dad came in the door, he smacked his son and told him to get out, and after he ran out I though I was saved, but his Dad pushed me back down on the table and forced his cock in my ass it was husge and hurt alot but he fucked me and came inside me, when he got done his son had sneaked back in the door, and his Dad said now you can have him, and I got fucked again by the boy, I left crying and cum running out of my ass and down my legs
part 2. So we started Watchung some more interracial videos and I asked her if she would do a black guy with my blessings and she said watchout what you wish for. But if you really want me to she was willing to do it. It couldn't be someone we both knew. We both had to agree on the person decided on how we would pick a guy out. I said I would like him to be at least 8".
we started looking online and interviewing about a dozen guys and one of us decided the 1st 11 were out. The last guy had just returned to the area after 8 years away. He had lots of experiences and some we good and some were bad. We also had to agree with his terms. Once we started I couldn't back out but some of the guys backed out for some reason after they started. Onlu the female could back out. So he said i had to be tied to a char and have gag so i couldn't say anything and i agreed. We set the date and the day came I shower up and my wife did the same. She told my to get on the chair naked and i was going to be rewarded. She used some sort of restraininnties on my ankles and knee area to the leg of the chars. then my wrists and elbows to the chair arms, she got dressed in front of me in some small panties and a see through top. She looked great. she started playng with my cock and balls and i was getting hard. She started sucking my . Every time i felt ready to burst she would stop. After a while the door bell rang and she went to the front door which i couldn't see. I couldn't hear what was being said. After about 10 minutes she came walking in having his big hard cock in hand and pulling him into the room. He said he had 8 1/2" and he did. He said are you ready for the show and i nodded yes. He started kissing her and i wasn;'t sure how to react. He removes her clothes and she kneels in fron of him. She started stroking him and sucking and looks at me frome tim to time. My cock was super hard. I wanted to cum so he lays her on the bed with her legs on his shoulder and i see him starting to penetrate her and she must have been real wet because it only took about 2 strokes, and he was in. I just wanted to blow my load. Part 3 should be posted later today or tomorrow.
I was not forced to suck his dick but he would jack me off so one night after he got me off I took his dick and suck him off and swallowed we did this about four times a week then he started putting a bra and panties on
Forced to suck c***I was never forced to suck c*** and get for and f*** I volunteered and I still do.
Forced? On the real....12-13yrs age. I was new to the neighborhood I liv in now n Wrd got out about a previous incident wit me n some older men I met walkin thru the park late at night. Soooo weeks well I was blazin blunts wit a few brothas♠️♠️♠️♠️ in an abandoned house n well they got closer n closer till touching n grabbing started. I was kinda ok but they were gettin ruff n rude. Well me trying to slow it down jst made it worse. I was grabbed by the ass ruff n hands around my more details to the story but to sum it took wat they wanted n left me a mess on the living room floor ass up which was all concrete cuz abandoned house was like stuck in remodel lol. But umm ya 🥲🤤😋

I went to a college professors apartment to get my cock sucked I was 55 at the time. I used to get my cock sucked often. After he swallowed my nut he stood up with is cock in front of my face. He asked if I ever suck a cock I said no not my thing he then grabbed the back of my head and told me to open my mouth and he stuck his cock in and told me it was time I learned. I sucked and gagged on his cock until I felt him squirting his cum in my mouth. He pulled out told me to swallow it. Then asked how I liked being a cock sucker. I told him I actually enjoyed it. After that I always looked for guys to swap. But now I prefer just being a cocksucker.
Sorry guys, I was about to tell about my first time being fucked, I was raped by my boyfriend in a field, but this sounds like a man thing so I will shut up. bye

ht805cpl man thing or not I think you can and should tell your story. If people get pissed off at what you say it is there problem not yours.

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Pussy Worship
I would love to be forced to my knees between the legs of a woman and forced to worship her pussy for long periods of time:-P
Forced Sex
I want to be forced to take 2 or more cocks in my ass at the same time! I've often been forced to take some really THICK cocks in my ass, and long,a nd thick cocks down my throat! I loved every minute of it! The only thing that is hotter, is knowing that others are watching, and waiting to join in!
Forced Rough
I cried the first time I was forced a lie and that was the time I lost my virginity to a man butts even though I didn't show it to him I started to enjoy it and it wasn't long after that before I was back down to my uncle's asking him if he would make me feel the same way he did at night
Forced Cock Sucking By A Woman
I want to be forced feminized dressed like a s***** little girl get my ass paddled forced to suck cock and swallow c** and he cum filled pussy
Dominant Women
I would love to be forced feminized paddled fuked with big strapon and forced tumo suck cock eat ssy and swallow c**
Forced Sex
I def have a fantasies about getting fucked by a dude that was FORCED to fuck me or even forced to cum in my ass ... someone controlling the two of us ...

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