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Wife Tells Husband What She Did While out That Night

Hi , Mariied with a strict wife I look after home while she works for a large company . Her sister now lives with us since her husband died. I sleep in spare room till wife tells me to sleep in her room for a night. Regards , Richard
52 yr old male, sense of humourand most of all likes to have fun. i have this fantasy to be with husband, wife watches while she teases me abd tells me shewants to watch me and husband suck each others cocksand to cum all over her huge tits while i eat her hot wet pussy. wow i sure would like to make it cum true!! MMMMMM. Any takers?
I am a 31 bi-sexual woman, I have had many experiences with both women, men, and threesomes (2 women and 1 male). I am easy going blonde 5'3" with a lerge chest and nice ass (so my husband tells me). My husband is the sweetie and most sentive man on earth (I tell him he's like a woman). He 5'11" with an average build. We are looking for someone who is serious about a threeway relationships, we are not really interested in one night stands.
I had my first bi-sexual relationship 10 years ago. I was involved in a threesome with a husband and wife. At first, just performing intercourse on the wife was enough, but as the night wore on, I was introduced to, and enjoyed, MANY other things including being anally fucked by both her husband and a strap-on by her. I have been enjoying bi-sexual experiences ever since then!
We are a BBW couple married for 14 years. We are looking for anything to spice up our sex life. We are mostly looking for a clean drug disease free male to have sex with the wife as the husband gets his cock sucked or watches and tells her what to do.
We like to try new and different thing. Married and faithful, therefore, wife does not really like to share husband fully sexually, but like a lot of different involvement with husband. We like voyeurism and other female to be involved. Wife is a dominant oral sex type person and husband likes it all, he likes to be active in all but wife is a little stingy with husband, but husband enjoys watching just as much. Not looking for a long term relationship.
Wife: Oh, come on.
Husband: Leave me alone!
Wife: It won't take long.
Husband: I won't be able to sleep afterwards.
Wife: I can't sleep without it.
Husband: Why do you think of things like this in the middle of the night?
Wife: Because I'm hot.
Husband: You get hot at the darnest times.
Wife: If you loved me I wouldn't have to beg you.
Husband: If you loved me you'd be more considerate.
Wife: You don't love me anymore.
Husband: Yes I do, but let's forget it for tonight.
Wife: (Sob-Sob)
Husband: Alright, I'll do it.
Wife: What's the matter? Need a flashlight?
Husband: I can't find it.
Wife: Oh, for heaven's sake, feel for it!
Husband: There! Are you satisfied?
Wife: Oh, yes, honey.
Husband: Is it up far enough?
Wife: Oh, yes that's fine.
Husband: Now go to bed and from now on when you want the window open, do it
I am a married woman to a very understanding and supportive husband. I met his friends and everyone gave me the impression that his friends wife was also interested in women, but then when her and I started talking she tells me that she doesn't even like sex with her husband and she truely doesn't like oral; giving or receiving. (needless to say, I read her free and clear, and I respected her for her honesty)
Here is where the confusion part comes into play, then she tells she she is curious. I told her that I had told my husband that all I wanted for my birthday was for him to get a hotel room for us and a female for me to explore. I was very honest with her about my desires to be with another woman.
My question is, at first she tells me she doesn't like sex and then she tells she she is curious. So many mixed signals. What do I do?
Never did this but it's my and another guy are naked, sitting on the couch and playing with each other. I am naked but wearing panties, my wife made me wear.
Wife says "my husband is a cuckold, cock sucker" and tells me to crawl over to them. The other guy starts slapping my face with his cock, with my wife's encouragement, and smears his pre-cum all
over my face. My wife laughs and says "look at him, he should have a cock in his mouth" The other guy forces his cock in my mouth and I suck for a while. He then pulls out and starts fucking my wife.
He cums in her and my wife tells me to lick her and lap up the cum, which I do. They rest a bit as I remain naked at their feet. He gets hard again and wipes his cock over her tits and then cums on them. My wife then tells me to lick his cum off her tits, which I do.

Being spent, they retreat to the bedroom and my wife tells me to sleep in the living room, my face covered in the other guys cum and the wife says "rest up" tomorrow, I want to see him cum in your mouth
A few days before Christmas, a man enters a pet store looking for a unique gift for his wife. The store manager tells him he has just what he's looking for! A beautiful parrot named Chet that sings Christmas carols.

He brings the husband over to a colorful but quiet bird. The man agrees that Chet certainly is pretty, but he doesn't seem to be much for singing. The manager tells him to watch as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter.

The manager then clicks the lighter and holds it under Chet's left foot. Immediately Chet starts singing; "Silent Night, Holy Night." The husband is very impressed with Chet's singing abilities and watches as the manager moves the lighter underneath Chet's right foot. Chet now starts to sing "Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way." The husband says Chet is perfect and that he'll take him.

The husband rushes home to his wife and insists upon giving her this wonderful gift immediately. He presents Chet and starts to explain the parrot's special talent.

Demonstrating, he holds a lighter under Chet's left foot and the bird sings "Silent Night." He then moves the lighter under the right foot and Chet lets loose a round of "Jingle Bells." The wife is absolutely impressed, and with a mischievous grin asks her husband what happens if he holds the lighter between Chet's legs instead.

Curious the husband moves the lighter between the bird's legs, and the bird begins to sing:

"Chet's Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire!"
A husband and his wife who have been married for 20 years,Were doing some yard work.The husband was hard at working on cleaning the bbq grill.While the wife was bending over weeding some flowers.
The husband say's to his wife "Whow your rear end is almost as wide as this grill !" The wife just ignores the remark.
Well later that night in bed the husband is feeling a little frisky,as he tries to touch his wife she calmly responds. "If you think that I am going to fire up this wide grill for just one little "Weiner" you are sadly mistaken !.
we are at weekend with two couples. I fall asleep in wife lulu lemon satin grey thong panty... she takes pics.... she sends to me..... she says why here? you gay? cannot control self.... I text back what you talking about? one husband came out naked and hard... I was on sofa jerking off to porn in your panties.... then he other wife walks out naked and says sorry if you hear you talking about? She said forget it..... come on out
when I walked out.... all the women were naked, all men were naked........... my wife and our neighbor switched and she blew her husband and she blew me on porch.... the wife then later attempted to say I could not get hard because I was gay etc. while she was drunk wives heard.... they sucked and fucked me until I came..... showing the wife my hard cock.... every husband got fucked by someone.... she got left with nothing.....

Later that night they were filming a gang bang next store... I garbbed two huge black cocks and said I need your help... I took them back and they woke up my wife.... me and another husband and wife who woke up watched as they took turns on her....

she then rode the husband until he came, then me until I came...


Women Watching Men Suck Dick
I live in Palm Springs area and am ready and willing and love sucking a man's cock while his wife watches and encourages us. I have a regular couple I service. She dresses him in panties and has him beg me to suck his cock. She tells us what she wants us to do, and how. Then she let's him fuck her while i am under them licking them both. When he cums I clean his cock while she holds his cum in her pussy, then she sits on my face and I lap up her cunt and clean her completely. If I do a good job cleaning his wonderful prick, he sometimes gets another hard on and she tells him to fuck me with his fat cock. Has taken me awhile to accomadate his girth, but I can now. She tells me to jerk off while he does it and tell her how much i like it when her husband fucks me. A few weeks ago they invited me over and they had some out of town guests. I was introduced as the cum sucker for the evening and I spent the night on the floor, under the table, sucking cocks and eating pussies while they chatted and ate dinner. Delicious dinner, i must say!:-P
Bisexual Slave
I want to be a couples' bi slave someday. Apparently it's not a big desire in Washington. But I would love to be ordered to do the dishes in my maids uniform and heels when the wife comes to me and tells me to start sucking her clit. Which I do until she comes then I go about my work. When I'm vacuuming the floors I suddenly feel a hand on my ass and turn around. The husband is sqeezing my ass and forcing my body around. When I'm facing him he forces me to my knees. Looking at the wife with begging eyes I hope she'll tell him to stop. But she's only smiling and her fingers are between her legs. He tells me to unbuckle his pants and take his cock out. I don't move fast enough and get pushed to the floor. I'm on my hands and knees and he forces my legs apart grabbing my cock and balls. Telling me that he'll cut them off if I don't move faster and do what he tells me! I just answer "Yes sir." To be finished later.....
Bisexual Men Giving Oral
One of my fantasies is to have my wife laying on the bed fingering herself as I suck her boyfriend. As he tells me what he is going to do to her. After I have him and her worked up, sit back and watch. After they cum, clean them both up as he tells me how hot her pussy wwa.
Fucking Husband While Wife Watches
I Love to Fuck a Man while his wife WATCHES me and plays with her pussy or stands in front of me and tells me to lick her pussy while I fucking her Husband
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
I caught my buddy and his wife fucking one night and hopped right in. after getting the best deep throat of my life from her, she was really turned on when I went strait to work sucking off her husband. Ithink he enjoyed it to by the way he filled my mouth with hot cum . from that night on when we got together she wanted to see us jack off or suck each others cocks.she would have been pissed if she had known we were soucking each other on the side.
I've had a little fun in crossdressing... But only a little... I would love for a man to dress me up in a soft sexy outfit of their choice and have (my wife or theirs) take control... To get on her knees and make me do the same while we make out with his tool between our lips... The whole time I have a vibrating plug in... Next she tells me to get him hard and wet, and tells him to enjoy my face... I want her to take me then him take me while I'm in her... The end :-)


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