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Tell us about the first time you masturbated

At my uncle's house and found his playboy collection in the bathroom. I spent my whole day in that bathroom lol. I was around 12 or so

12 or so would jo in the tub and watch it float around
I was 10 . . had no idea what I was doing and the first orgasm really confused me. Because I was so young there were no emissions until a year or so later and the first time that happened I was terrified because I thought I broke something.

Think I was about 12 or 13 years old my sister's best friend Donna oh she was so sexy but I was so scared to talk to her she was older than me of course about 4 years, but look good in a bikini, jacked off to her outside while she was laying in the Sun

I was standing in my bedroom watching her leg up in the Sun I think I came for like a minute it seem like shot all over the sheetrock wall when it dried and made a strange pattern

First tiem I masterbated was after I sucked a cock to see if I came like he did, and taste my own cum

12 years old. Cum hit the ceiling. Kinda surprised me and scared me. Sure did feel good though

Was about 12 spying on mom and her lover in the den late one night they were mkin out mom was playing with his big hard cock up and down then he started to Moon very loud I'm cumin mom put her big beautiful tits over his cock and he shot his big load of cum ! I went to my room my little dick was hard so I pumped it up and down like mom did and sure enough I came a big beautiful load of cum 😋

First time I masturbated myself, or someone else?
(Her) - Self: 12, Someone else: 13
(Him) - Self: 11, Someone else: 14

Can anyone please tell me why a good hand job seems to be a lost art these days? The last good hand job I had was way back in high school. Women just don’t seem to have it in them anymore
I was about 5 years old. I had several experiences w a friends Dad and became very curious after. So I started rubbing my clit in circles until something happened one day. I didn't know it but it was my first orgasm. After that I was doing it everyday as much as possible. Nothing has changed now, lol

I was about 11 and a friend who was 15 taught me. He had Penthouse magazines and we were looking at them and he jacked me off for the first time. It felt so good that I started doing it myself regularly and still love masturbating

I was 11 or 12 and another boy showed me how to do it.
I’ve beat off so many times I’m not positive how old I was when the occurrence was. Guessing I was 12 or 13, if I remember correctly it was a dry run?

Same not sure how old maybe 12/13. I remember just getting hard at random and stroking it until my cock or my arm hurt. I just had an uncontrollable urge to just beat it and beat it to no end. I thanked God when I could finally cum. Until I found out that only gave you a 10 minute break before you wanted to abuse your cock again.

10 years old. Had been getting hard for about a month every time the girl next door flashed her pussy to me. She was around 11 or 12 and had really light hair on it. Finally one day I started to rub my dick and within a couple minutes I had jizz all over my hand! Wow! That felt so good that I told her of it the next day and she pulled down her panties for me an let me touch it!
I have jacked off almost daily ever since with her nubile little twat as my masturbation fantasy.

I was maybe 14 and I watched my cousin who was the same age but had the cock of a grown man. He showed me and came. I was amazed and then went home and did it several times lol. This is also probably where my bi curious it’s began. Never been really attracted to men, but alway attracted to a cock.

I was maybe 5 or 6. My mom found me asleep on the bathroom floor. Didn't cum, but do remember doing it.
I was 5 years old Jack my older brother huge cock shot come all over my hand and his belly love dick ever since
Geez I don't even remember, I must have been like 8 years old when I figure that out. I remember I used to run it under the bath water, we had really good water pressure.

about 13 or so a sleepover bud jacked me off I came so hard up over my head onto the wall behind me, buckets. after that I couldnt cum enought, some things never change

I was 11 after I lost my virginity to a 14-year-old girl that was a very good friend of mine she knew a lot at 14, I received my first ever BJ, HJ, I licked my first pussy and I came in a pussy for the first time with her, and then 2 weeks later she showed me how to masturbate and I have been doing ever since.
I don’t know how old I was, but I remember it felt like somebody was pulling a string through my cock!

I was probably 10. Used to see my sister walk around in t shirt and nylon panties. I'd go in the bathroom and take a pair of her dirty panties and lay on the floor on my stomach and spit in my palm and fuck it until I came

I was 12 or 13 forget ,my 16 year old sisters door was cracked a bit,,i warched her dub her pussy ,wow i just strzted rubbing my lil pecker,znd got hard i shot a load on door knob lol,i think my sis kbew ,never said anything.,

Let’s c I know I was 3 when I sucked my first cock I’ll never forget it my uncle took me to the cellar and pulled it out suck it like a lollipop until you got the surprise an what a surprise it was to get back on topic I didn’t start masterbating till I was 6 and haven’t stopped since right now I’m masterbating in my car at a gas station

I started masterbation when I got as 7. The kid next door about my age got me started. I think his older brother got him started. We used to go out in the woods and jack off. I started shooting cum when I was about 11. Stated playing with older cousins big cock about then. He was the instigator. I played with him occasionally until I went to college. The first time I sucked him off I barfed.
I was 13. I was in my bedroom playing with my dick. All of a sudden I felt like I had to pee really bad. I could not hold it so I let it go. It was not pee , it was my sweet cum shooting out of my dick.

I think I was 5 or 6, one night laying in bed with my usual hard on I started rubbing my dick between my of a sudden I felt these convulsions erupting in my the hell out of me so i stopped and fell asleep. Next night I tried it again, this time I didn't masturbating ever since......

Around 10 or 11, no sperm yet, sure did feel good. Didn't know what an organization was but I liked it.
10 yrs old. I used to cross dress in my mothers panties and slips. She caught me once and made me lay across her lap for a spanking. Me totally naked, her in lingerie. She would spank me and I would get up with a hard on and got to my room and jerk off. One time I came on her lingerie and she wasn’t happy, made me lick it up.

I was about 11. Was at a friends house and he askes if I had done it. We sat on the floor of his room. He jerked his and I jerked mine. I did not cum but man, it t9ngled like crazy and felt good. When I started cumming I jerked off all the time. Still do when I get the chance.

The first time I was about 11 or 12. I was home alone and ordered a porn. My sister's friend came over and opened the front door, saw what I was doing and decided to come in. She was 15. She almost immediately took over and jerked me off. I told her it felt like I was gonna pee, so she put my dick in her mouth and sucked and jerked me at the same time until I came in her mouth. There was so much that it flooded her mouth and started falling out. She became my regular cocksucker after that.

I was in my middle school library, 6th grade, helping sick shelves or something. The staff all left me alone and I took a small break on a plastic chair, pretty exposed in the middle of the main aisle. I was wearing 80s shorts. Can't remember how or why I started but I pulled my little cock out of my underwear down one of the legs of the shorts. I was just pinching the frenulum over and over. All of a sudden a new feeling and then ecstacy. I looked down and just a tiny bit of cum was there on the tip. I was obviously out of it for a few and looked up to see the school secretary looking at me. No idea how long she was there but she clearly saw enough. She just asked how the library work was going as my dick was still out. I didn't know what to do so I just left it out there flapping in the breeze. We talked a bit then she turned and walked out. She handled the situation quite tactfully but I bet I was a red embarrassed mess.

As others say, then I just improved technique and frequency. Still a work in progress lol. Will continue to work towards perfection and will let you know.

I do remember playing with a boy much earlier in my neighborhood but I don't think that counted as masturbation. More explain.

I was 14 looking at penthouse pics in my closet. My cock was so hard and leaking clear stuff from the tip as I jerked on it the sensation was nothing like I’d ever felt. Then suddenly cum shot out about two feet into the air. There were I think 4 spurts that high then a few smaller spurts. There was stuff everywhere I mean everywhere. There was a smell that was very distinct. I was shocked beyond belief. I thought I might have broken my dick. I cleaned up the mess and hoped nobody in my family would enter my room. It was a couple of days later I did it again with much the same results.
This continued until I started dating my high school gf.
Then I discovered real pussy and it’s tastes and smells.

I'm not sure the first time I did it but after my first time, I jacked off many many times a day. I remember before finding lube I'd do it so much I would rub it raw. And then there's the cum! Lots and lots of cum. Glued many porn magazine pages together. Lol I think I'll rub one out now! Happy masturbation everyone!

The first time, I think I was 11 or 12. My friend and me were looking at a playboy. We were both hard as rocks. I played with his little cock and he played with mine. When I came, it almost scared me because it felt so good. My friend said about the same. It wasn't long after that we started to experiment with each other!

I don’t know how anyone can remember the first time they masturbated. That was a long time ago for me.

Around 12 but had already been having sex with Boys and Girls for over a year so was having "dry cums" and finally shot a nice load.

I hit puberty very early in life. Can remember it was about 6th grade, laying in bed i was amazed at watching my cock getting hard. I was just rubbing the head and was shocked when i started shooting cum everywhere

I was around 4 or 5 laying in bed when I discovered rubbing it felt good and made it get bigger. I didn't know why, but I'd lay in my bed every night before I fell asleep and do it. It was not long before my mother caught me. Her screaming and the beating did not make me stop, I just became more cautious. It was several more years before I had an orgasm, but I still liked it and would jack off any chance I got.

11 or 12, a friend of mine who was part of a four member group of boys, Him and I included, who used to suck each other and play with each other's cocks, we were upstairs in his bedroom, we were sitting on the edge of the bed and he was jerking my cock, his little sister was in the room also, I remember sitting there while he was jerking on me, and I started to feel something Cumming up my cock, I started to tense up, and when I did he motioned his little sister over and when I started shooting cum she sucked it all down, it felt so good, I remember the next day I was taking a bath and decided to jerk on it like he did and sure enough, it shot up about 4 feet and it seemed to just keep Cumming and Cumming, I was hooked 😉

1970 something. I’m sure it was all over the pages to a playboy, penthouse or hustler magazine.

I was 11 or 12. My older brothers always had porn mags hidden around the house and I had been looking at them for years. I was sleeping on the pull out couch in the living room up late and watching something on cable that had tits in it. I had tugged it a few times before but that night I was committed to making it shoot stuff out! I was amazed at the feeling and scared that I hadn’t broken something and it wasn’t supposed to do that. I tasted it and then ran to the bathroom to clean up.

I don't remember exactly but I think I was 11 or12

A male cousin did it for me and I returned the favor

In the shower airport gym teacher and I were the only ones, he followed me in,and he just put his hand on my dick and I loved it .Finished me off and told me to come to his house later.I did and he was crossdressers really asked if I would like to try it and I said sure
We spent many days after that together in lingerie and stripping for his friends who started to come over and strip naked and played.

About 13, I think. I was with a friend, we were walking through a field when he started talking about “hacking off”. He asked if I wanted to try it, said it felt good, so I said OK. I watched him for a while, then started stroking myself. He was right!

Probably 9 or 10. Would orgasm but no cum would come out yet. Took awhile but eventually started squirting cream.

I was about 13 when a friend showed me porn. It was alright until I saw my first trans woman and I was instantly hooked; best of both worlds in my eyes.

Was about 12 and saw a friend's sister walking around in her panties and bra. Got so hard I just had to. Best and worst thing about it is, she walked in just as I was going to cum. She watched, but, never let me forget that she caught me

I can honestly say that I really don't know when I started. I do know that I was very young, probably 7, when I started to be able to get hard on. I would play with it for hours, if I could. I do know for sure, that at 10 1/2 yrs old , I woke up one morning to find that I had had a wet dream, because I had cum all over myself.. Yeh !! game on after that.
I was 12 , had just stole my friends older sisters panties and went home to try them on and got hard immediately , I was rubbing my cock through those panties thinking of her pussy being in there before I put them on and next thing I knew my hand and panties were full of white stuff
I was 10 and was jacking off with my best friend then he made me suck his cock

I was 8 and I had a friend across the street that I played with. He was a few years older and one day we were in the barn and said let’s take our pants off. I thought it rather strange but I said ok and dropped my pants and he dropped his and I looked at his dick and compared to mine it was huge. He saw how amazed I was and he said let me show you what it wit do, so he stroked it a bit and suddenly it exploded. I said WOW how did you do that. He showed me how to rub it by said I was too young to cum. Well the barn because a regular place he would let me do his and then let me put my tongue on the end and taste juice, soon I was sucking the whole thing. But he moved away. Still think oh him and the fun we had in that old barn

I was self taught but not unage 15 1/2. Watched a friend madturbate at about age 10 but didn't understand why he said it felt so good. I was slso a laye bloimer and had only dry orgasms until probably age 18. That's when i started to get pubic hair and my cock and balls grew. I was horny fron age 3 or 4. You can imagine what a relief it was to start getting physical release at 15.

Not sure if this counts, but i hit puberty in like the summer of 5th and 6th grade. I had seen a lot of my freinds naked at sleepovers and none of them were in puberty yet. It really made me feel like something was wrong me. I pretty much had a constant hard on. I was pretty close with my aunt and went to one day asking, “aunt Cindy, I’ve hair down there and none of my freinds do, can you tell me if this is normal?” I pulled my shorts down, exposing my hard dick to her, as soon as started to speak i shot my first load of cum ever!!!

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Masturbation Party
I love to masturbate. I've masturbated for women & men. I've masturbated in mall restrooms, Gas station restrooms. Burger King restroom. The park. I love to cum and I love to watch others cum. I am a sucker for cum.
Girl On Girl While Men Watch
Watched my wife and another lady kiss, lick and suck pussy and tits and loved it. I masturbated while this was going on and when I was ready to cum they both licked the head of my cock at the same time. It was the greatest time to watch and play. Both the women loved it. I' glad she had this girl friend. We were both sorry when she moved away.
Men Sucking Men's Dicks
My first experience at sucking cock came at an early age,I was eleven. My best friend was a year older than I and we had masturbated together many times when I just got the urge to kneel in front of him and take him into my mouth. His taste was wonderful and I swallowed my very first time. We continued for several years and he used my mouth every time after that even going so far as making me suck him in front of our friends. Such wonderful memories of my childhood. I am still looking for more dick to suck,any takers in east Tn.?
Women Watching Men Masturbate
My ex-wife was the only women I've known that was into watching me masturbate. She'd had the fantasy since she was a teenager but was never brave enough to ask anyone until me. I was kind of nervous at first but once I saw how much it turned her on, I got into it. She liked being fully clothed or watching me from another room. A few times she would have me eat my cum which was a big turn-on for her as well. We both masturbated for each other once in a while, not all the time, just to spice things up and I enjoyed watching her as well.
Gay Incest
I have had gay encounters with a younger cousin of mine. he and i started out looking at porn together, then we masturbated and then went to oral on eachother. we have used sex toys including dildos, vaginas, a blowup doll. lastly we have had anal intercourse once where i first fucked him and then he fucked me a while later the same time. i came up his ass while fucking in a missionary position, and then he pulled out of me to cum on my cock when he fucked me.
Internet Masturbation
What can I say here but I love to be watched and I don't care if it's a woman, man or couple, if by the end we are all "CUMMING"! :) I know there more people out there who loved to be watched which they masturbate and this is one way to do it! I have masturbated for people all over the world on camera as well as watched them at the same time! It can be a truly great turn on!Laughing

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