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When was the first time a man fucked you did you like it did you want more?
1st time a man f*** me. We used D**** bore a bell for about twenty minut is by that time I was Lubricated his c*** wasn't real large. He f***** me for about a 1/2 an hour. I could feel him when he come it felt great since then I've had a lot more. I'm talking to you I want it now.

I was maybe 23 , I was curious about being bi and I met an older guy . We talked about stuff and he asked me if I was ever with a man. I said no but I've fantasize about it. Later that day we got together for a couple of hours, where he ate my ass and fucked me while taking his time. I loved it.

i was 19 fucked by a 40 year old ranger in the woods

and yes i did like it

Well I got started young. I was 10-11 yrs old and had been sucking this older (14-15 yr old kid ) at least twice a week for a year or so. This one day he decided he was going to use more than just my mouth. I didn't like it at first, but then began to like it. I can't tell you how many I have had since.

Long long time ago. Yes I wanted more. I want to be fucked today

I was ten and a man on my paper route answered the door in a bathrobe with an erection. I told him I was collecting for the paper he said he had to go get his wallet and asked me to step inside. I did there were magazines of men and boys nude and in various states of nudity. I became erect looking at them when mr Michelson came back with his wallet and I looked up he was smiling and let his robe fall open exposing a large beautiful cut cock. History from there I went to see him every day he taught me everything about bi sex I couldn't get enough.
Even after I married I would go see him best fuck I ever had. getting fucked convinced wife to peg me now she knows the truth that I like a cock in my ass or mouth than actual fucking. She is ok with as she enjoys watching and masturbating.

the feeling of a man's cock balls deep and cumming in my ass.

21 had a cabbie hit on me and I was curious. d it, but left me with mixed emotions

I was about 14, with another boy who lived two doors down who was 14, we had been sucking each other off regularly but he was the smaller of us so it was easier for him to enter me while my large member struggled due to how tight he was, so he would be ontop. We did that regularly untill i moved.

I would love to hear the details of that story…?

What is D****bore bell mean and what does it do?

My first and second times were about 2 minutes apart lol. I was pretty young and they were older than me by a few years. The first time was a bit shocking, but it actually felt good. I loved feeling his explode in my , that part felt amazing and I was sad that it was over, but then the second guy slid in and he was a little bigger and lasted longer and I really did enjoy it. Been addicted to that feeling ever since. I can cum just from having someone inside if they do it right lol

I was in hi school and it was my hi school teacher felt amazing too wanted it every day after that 😋

(her) - Well let's just say I was young, loved it, and have always sought out more.

(him) - College 1st year roommate. 18. Yes, loved it so much I was made into a bit of his toy until he moved on to others (and broke my heart).

It was the summer of my Freshman year in High School. I was sleeping over at a friends house. We both wanted to fvck each other but i couldn't get mine in to him but he got his in to me. He had me down on aff fours and took me from behind. I never came so hard and just kept cumming until he loaded inside me. It was hot.

That’s a hot story!

Had this place in Maine and was giving a BJ in park and he wanted to fuck my ass. So I stripped naked and bent over and let him stick his hard cock in my ass and pumped till he shot his load in me. This happened a few weeks ago in Lewiston area.

My ass is still a virgin. but I do fantasize about it regularly. I have a guy that gives me regular blow jobs. One night I was really horny and I was going to let him take my ass Cherry. However, he has ED issues and could not get hard enough to penetrate. no matter how much Lupe we used. One night I asked him if I could fuck his ass. He was a little hesitant at first, but agreed to it. It was a short-lived experience. I was so horny and excited no sooner then I made penetration a shot my load. Could not hold it .

Never been fucked, but have been thinking about it a lot as I get older. Would love to find a patient, gentle teacher to show me the way!
Never been fucked by a guy before but fantasizing about trying it. playing with myself with a dildo in my ass. Ready to try a real cock and feel it cum in my ass.

Truly a fantasy I would like to fulfill
I know playing with my ass feels fantastic and the thought of a man having his way with me, expanding my hole with his hard cock, sensing it swell and filling me to over flowing
Maybe through this site it will happen
Truly enjoyed reading your stories

I was 14 him mid back alot

I gave a stranger a ride home from a bar. When we got to his drive way, I asked if I could suck his cock. He had his eye on me In The bar so I knew he was interested.
He pulled his cock out and I put the whole thing in my mouth and jacked and sucked him.
I started to beg him to cum in my mouth. He responded with, I can cum, pull your pants down.
Well I always wanted to know what girls felt when a cock squirted cum in them so I obliged.
Well I have hemroids so it hurt. But I let him fuck me until he came. His cum was very warm.
He got out and went home. I drove back to the hotel, fingering my ass, with cum on my finger and licking it off like a lily pop.

I started late, in my 50’s, hurt the first few times, then got Alot better, probably been fucked a couple dozen times
My first time was a school buddy in 8th grade! I didn’t know what butt fucking was so it was quite a surprise when I realized his dick was in me! Hurt like hell but so erotic! He was the first to fill my ass with cum!

Never got but my wife dresses me ever sat night and Peggy me with strapon and we make belive it's a real cock ,I want real

In my 20's lived with a coworker that found out I loved to dress. We played with each other for awhile and he wanted to see me completely dressed. He was taken aback on my look and we actually went on a dinner date. When we returned to the apartment, he couldn't keep his hands off of me and we made love all night long. He was gentle and passionate and made me feel like the woman I wanted to be. We went out for breakfast the next day and then shopping for more clothes and lingerie. We spent our time together as boy friend and girl friend. And when I was laid off I was his GF full time. Then life threw us a curve......
I was kind of late bloomer - - I didn't start until I was about 35. I wound up in a MFM situation that got a little out of control, and the rest is history

I was 14, I had been sucking of 4 boys in the neighborhood since I was 12, and when I was 14 one of them had me in his house leaning across the arm o a chair ready to fill me up, and his dad came in and grabbed him and sent him to his room, an I thought he is going to tell my Mom, instead he pulled down his pants and slide his huge man cock deep in my ass and fucked me for about 10 minutes before he came, when he got donw his son was standing behind him watching and he told him " now you can have him" so I got fucked by the Dad and then the 16 year old son right after him.

I was 13, Had met a Older Gentleman in his 60tys, at a public bathroom, he was playing with his , I couldn’t keep my Eyes of it, He said if I liked it, I k I knotted my head yes, I told him I didn’t mean to e.. He said it’s ok, Some Bois are Feminine Sissies, and he told me that their Attracted to older men, He told me to touch it, I did, it was growing in my hand.. My legs were so Weak, my mouth 👄 was wanting it, He said to lick 👅 it, He had Pree Cummmies, then he said to take it in more.. I told him yes.. We met a few more times that summer, he asked if I wanted to make some money 💴 I told him yes please m, I started mowing his yard, and helping him with house duties, he said he wanted to show me some things, it was his Step daughter, He asked me to try on the panties, After a while, he started dressing me up, and fingering my but, he liked me being Dressed as his School girl 👧 👄👠💅👜🧑‍🦰👗🪒 after awhile as I got older, he wanted to Fuck me, I loved him using toys on me.. As I sucked his Man !! When he started me.. 👄🤤🍆🍆🍆🍆 I wanted it all the Time, as I got older, his friends would Cumm over, and I was a gd Submissive COCKOLD

I was 55, traveling for business, looking on CL for a guy to suck. Found someone and started emailing, it turned out we were in the same hotel. He was a bear, came to my room with some gay porn, which I had never watched before, thinking it just wasn't my thing. But after watching and stroking with him for a while one of the guys in the movie started to slide his cock into the other guy, I was surprised that it really turned me on, and he asked me if I wanted to do it. I told him I was a virgin and he would have to gentle. He was very good, I never felt any pain, just pure pleasure. He fucked me nice and slow and it felt incredible. I've been fucked since then but he was the best.
Had an interesting experience at my ha reunion! Ran into an old buddy I grew up with and was the first guy who got me to suck his dick! Had not seen him in 40 years! Kinda embarrassed when I saw him but more so when he mentioned it to me after a couple of drinks!

I was 44 years old and higher than a kite. I was fucked in my mouth and my ass by a buddy of mine who was 20 years younger than me. I had no idea getting fucked in the ass would have felt this good. I feel like I have missed out on decades of dick's in my ass. Now I can't get enough. I wish someone was cumming deep in my ass right now...

16-year-old brother sucked my cock when I was 10 then tried to push his fat dick in my mouth I pretended to be asleep later in life I would spend a lot of time with cousins where we fondled sucked each other off but mainly loved to jack off in front of each other and come on each other's dick then suck our cocks clean

I was 13 and it was our black neighbor down the street. He groomed me for several days and would blow me and I would come hard. He started by rubbing his 8” cock between my legs but eventually he laid me face down on his bed and prison fucked me! I was hooked and really dug going to his house for sex. He took me on an over night fishing trip once and fucked me several times that night. I miss those days.
When I was 19 I started going to a glory hole when I was 19 I had a 6-pack and a 7 and a 1/2 inch c*** and I had no trouble getting sucked. So 1 day I went to the gloryhole I wore a Jock strap When in the boat left, the door open, got naked. No time at all a young guy came in. I started sucking my c*** through the jock strap. While hes playing with my a**, tell me to turn around. Stuck his tongue on my a**t eating my a**Was so good, I almost fainted. He had some loop, he looped his c*** up and f*** me. He was young. I could feel when you come huge, warm load. So great, I want it mthen. He told me it was my turn and I'm f****** for about 10 minutes. Shut my load God. I miss it. I want more and more.

soon i hope

I was 17 with my male cousin. I fucked him he fucked me. I feel bad about how I took advantage of him.

1st time I was fucked, he hit my prostate and it felt so good. each time he went in he would hit it. I would love to feel that again.

Noooooo. I didn't like it. ☹️😔

My first time was no good. Hooked up on CL guy was not how he appeared in pics had a 3” cock. He complained I was too loose 🤣I’ve only cum being fucked once and guy lasted forever and had 8” cock.

I have never been fucked before, I am 82 and looking forward to a first time, Also I want to suck my first dick. Just curious of the feel.

I would never let a duck go in me again not my thing but I alo haven't fucked a man any takers

i was around 11-12. we lived in the country and there was a creek not to far neighbor/classmate lived closer to it. we would go to the creek and get naked and go swimming. we would lay on the sandy bank and jack each other. he wanted me to suck him so I did. we sucked each other. he got really hard and blowed a load of cum in my mouth. he asked me if I liked it and I said yes. we started sucking each other a lot. i was smaller than him so he said I had to be the girl. he had brought some lotion and had to give him my pussy. he lubed my behind up and i done his cock and bent over and grabbed my ankles. i felt his cock poking me then he popped it into me. took my breath for a minute and gasped. it felt like he split me open for a minute. I think i was half way crying. he grabbed my hips and shoved it all the way into me. then it started feeling a lot better. i grabbed my ankles again and let him fuck me. all kinds of thoughts were going through my head. why was i liking this so much? i am a girl now. my pussy is full of cock. does this mean i have to start wearing dresses? all kinds of thoughts. good thoughts. he fucked me all the way through high school. I loved it.

The first time I was fucked was when I was 18. My room mate and I were hanging out one night drinking. He asked if I would ever let a man blow me and I said it depended upon how much beer I had. Within minutes he came over and started rubbing my package. He pulled it out and gave me one of the best blow jobs that I have ever received. After I came in his mouth, he said I needed to blow him. I sucked on him for a while until he finally pulled out of my mouth and very worked up. He asked me to lay on my belly. He started to lick my asshole and got me worked up. He slid up and slowly entered it inside me. I tried to resist but his weight kept me down. He started fucking me harder and harder until within 5 minutes he was shooting his load deep inside me.

I was 6 years older when a friend of mine that was 15 at the time hade me sick his dick and he fucked me in the ass for 3 hrs and I loved it

I was 23,just out of the at a ABS in downtown were ghost set up there and I found one with 3 openings.I wasn't sure what to expect,but when the first hard cock came thru a hole I just grabbed it and started sucking a second cock appeared and I found myself switching back and forth.I was so mesmerized with those big beautiful cocks I didn't realize that my ass was pushed into the third hole.
I felt my shorts being pulled down,but didn't care,my focus was on making these cocks cum.
Then I felt a wet finger massaging my asshole and it kind of made my cock finger,then another,and another were inserted into my asshole.I started to feel precut drooling out of my cock.
The first guy then shot a load of cock cream down my throat just as I felt the cock pressing against my ahole.I gulped down his juice as that cock pushed into cock was drooling uncontrollable. The guy who was fucking me picked up the pace and his balls were slapping against second guy came in my mouth,and shortly after 2 more cocks appeared.I was getting pounded like a tenderloin by now.I took the third cock in my mouth,and almost instantly cock was twitching as I was unbelievable. Still my ass was getting cock was still hard and the two new cocks had to be drained.I sucked them like there was now tomorrow. The third guy exploded into my mouth with so much cum it spewed out of the corners of my then I felt that tingling in my balls t hesitating I sucked the fourth guy and I came together as I felt the cock in my ass pulse it massive load into me.
I have never had that type of experience again.

I am presuming that when the question asks about our first time with a man, it means our first time with an adult male. I am going to clarify that I had been with males many times growing up. My first adult male was when I was in the Army. I was stationed at Fort Jackson and me and a few of my buddies were playing D&D in the rec center. Well, there was one guy nearby watching and listening to the game (we got a little raunchy with a few slightly homoerotic overtones). We had to end the game when the rec center was closing and we all went outside, presumably to head back to our barracks. Well, the guy asked if we wanted to go somewhere off-base, which we did not turn down, since we didn't have our own POVs to drive, we ended up at a place called "Mr. B's", which turned out to be a gay club in Columbia. We ended up having a few drinks and one of the guys got drunk and left to sleep it off in the barracks, but the other just got a light buzz on, and called it quits for the night, heading back himself. I was the last one, and since I don't tend to drink much, I was doing just fine. The guy asked me for a dance, and I went with him on the floor, just as they started playing slow-dance music. He kissed me and since I didn't pulll away, he (rightfully) took that as a sign to go further with it. We ended up back at his private room on base, fucking like bunnies. We fell asleep with him spooned up behind me. When we woke up in the morning, it was him to a hardon and me to him prepping my ass for another good fucking. We fucked one more time before I got up, dressed, kissed him goodby and went home to my barracks. That day, my one buddy that left just before the guy and me ended up on the dance floor confided in me that he had wanted to sleep with me. We talked about it a lot, when we were alone, but it never happened, unfortunately.

was 10 and having a sleepover with my cousins, we were all cuddling in the same bed when my cousin, who was 12, pulled my pants down and he slipped his cock in between my thighs and rubbing it against my cunt before he pulled back and spread my ass and he started pushing his cock into me
i just layed there and let him fuck my ass open until he pulled out and finished between my thighs and he fell asleep
i loved it ngl
My first time… I was under 15, he was 68. He was a family friend and it happened when I was spending the day with him helping him do lawn work. Let’s just say after a few hours of sweaty outdoor work, we went inside to get cooled down. As I was sitting on his couch drinking water, he sat next to me and started rubbing my thigh. I kind of recoiled and he assured me it was ok. So I let him touch me. He saw me getting aroused, and he stood up and pulled off his shorts. I was in awe. His cock was huge and his balls were massive. He asked if I wanted to touch him, and I said ok. He straddled my legs and basically had his crotch in my face. He put his hands on my head and pulled me in. I kissed his belly and he said “no no no, open your mouth”. I obeyed and he put his semi soft cock in. I didn’t know what to do. He told me to suck it, like a lollipop. I closed my lips around it and sucked. He grabbed my head and showed me how to move back and forth. He was face fucking me. He grew much bigger and I gagged as he tried to go balls deep. I pulled off, coughing and tears coming out of my eyes. He leaned down and kissed me. He said let’s go to my bedroom. He laid on the bed, told me to get on top. He taught me to 69. I sucked him as he devoured my little cock. He then started fingering and licking my ass. I kept sucking his massive cock. He pushed me off, told me to bend over the bed edge. I listened and he got behind me and licked and fingered my ass. He said he wanted to put his dick in me and I asked if it’ll hurt. He said yes, but it’ll feel good after a few minutes. He got lube, which I had no idea what that was. He squirted it on my ass and worked it in. He put the head of his cock against my tight hole and pushed. He couldn’t get in at first. He rubbed my back and whispered I. My ear that he loved me and I should relax. He finally got in and slowly went in balls deep. Now mind you, I had no idea what cock size was and he was massive. He was over 8 inches and thick ( we measured years later). He began thrusting slowly. It hurt like hell, but he was right, it started feeling better. He fucked me for what seemed like hours. He leaned in and said “ youre going feel a warmth inside you”. I said ok. He came inside me and I felt weird. He was moaning and convulsing. He said “I’m cumming baby”. I just stayed still and he pulled out. I rolled over and he leaned down and we kissed. He said it was my turn to cum. I had never cummed before. So he started sucking my cock and rubbing my balls. I had no idea what was about to happen. He worked me until I erupted in his mouth. It was euphoric. He brought his mouth up to mine and gave me my cum back. He said to swallow it. It was disgusting and salty, but I wanted to obey. We basked in our sweat and cum and kissed. He said he wanted to do this often. I said ok. For the next twenty years, I was his sex boy and I loved it. He died when he was 88. I had just sucked him off a day before he passed and his cock was still magnificent and big. But he me taught the ways of manly love.

Great story jeffPA

About 2 weeks ago finally tried, couldn't handle it all. It was uncomfortable, but now that I've been opened up some I wanna try again.
Still waiting and wanting to get fucked.

I’ve not tried it yet, it’s something i want to try but it’s so difficult to find a top guy, everyone wants me to fuck them

I was in my mid-thirties and have been sleeping with a couple usually we just pleasured her but we already had sucked each other's and I had played with my ass quite a bit with dildos at home as I was fucking his wife I said would you please fuck me and as he didn't be doggie style and I did his wife doggie I never came so hard in my life. He wasn't real big and I've already worked that stretching my ass out so with loop he went in pretty easy and was able to fuck me good Really loved it and still love it

I was 19. It was a "date forced sex" experience. It became my introduction to gay sex and BDSM. Back then, gay sex was taboo. So I just forgot about it. But in my 30s, it really began to peak my interest in gay sex.
I got fuck in the ass. Last year. I met this gay man I would start off sucking cock first to make him nice and hard. Then to to lay on my stomach first he would used a dido and put his cock in my ass I have having him fuck me in the ass. It’s awhile since I had a cock in my ass trying to meet someone close to or near me. I only wish hear from someone that like to fuck me good. and I live in Bristol Connecticut. What’s it gonna to get fuck in the ass I am queer and gay bisexual. Plus I enjoy wearing woman’s clothes. Wear panties 24/7. I also enjoy being woman’s clothes.

Never, but I do want to try it! I want a daddy/mommy to fuck me/teach me how to please.

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Fucking Wife While Husband Fucks Me
Everyone - this is GREAT! A past gf and I did this - she loved to watch me suck cock and one day we had a guy over - we both sucked him, then she told him to fuck me while I fucked her - was the best - my cock in her pussy and his cock in my ass. The second time my cock was in her ass while he fucked mine again. The third time... she just blew me while I got fucked.. was probably the best session we had with another guy!!!!
Double Penetration
My ex boyfriend brought a friend by one night and the 3 of us fucked. He fucked me in the ass while his friend fucked my pussy. Nothing in this world feels better than having 2 huge cocks fill both holes. I've had both of them in my pussy at the same time, and both of them in my ass at the same time. But, my favorite is to have one in each of my holes, pounding me.
M-M-F Threesome
my man and i want a bi couple or bi guy and bi gal or 2 bi males at the same time. the point is i want to watch my man get fucked doggie style then i want to suck some big titties on bi gal and we both get fucked. then me and bi gal 69 each other while we get fucked in the ass, then i want bi gal to sit on my man's face and ride his tongue while he's laying on his back getting fucked and i'm sucking bi guy's dick and turn to suck bi gal's big bouncy titties. sound fun? so many positions... so many role plays... contact us . coming to dallas? cum with us!:-P
Cum In My Wife
I love letting my girl get fucked. She loves to go clubbing with her girlfriends. Most of the time she ends up hooking up with a guy she has fucked before but sometimes she meets someone new from the club and they either go to her place (we have separate residences) or his and fuck each others brains out. Afterwards, she comes over to my place and we have hot sex with me pushing through some other guys jizz. I love that feeling. I love to lick her pussy a lot of the time too. I cum so hard when she has been fucked. Sometimes I pull out and try to shoot all over her body. I've even hit the wall on many occasion! Sometimes she calls me and leaves her phone connected and I listen to her have sex. I get so hot stroking my cock that I have a hard time not cumming. We have had many threesomes and foursomes. It is a lot of fun to be in the same room with a new pussy watching her take a pounding from a new guy, or friend. I especially like the sounds she makes when the guy pumps his load deep inside her!
All Male Anal
I love to be fucked by other masculine men. I have had several over the years but my favorites are a gay couple that lives near my home. They are both natural tops and love one another. However, neither one is into being fucked that much. I always have a nice time satisfying both of them. Once they each fucked me twice. More recently they had another gay gentleman over whose partner was having serious medical issues. They each fucked me and each of their cocks felt distinctly different. Even though my head was buried in a pillow, I recognized each by the stretch or depth of penetration. I took all three loads that afternoon and would love to do it again! :-D
Gay Incest
I have had gay encounters with a younger cousin of mine. he and i started out looking at porn together, then we masturbated and then went to oral on eachother. we have used sex toys including dildos, vaginas, a blowup doll. lastly we have had anal intercourse once where i first fucked him and then he fucked me a while later the same time. i came up his ass while fucking in a missionary position, and then he pulled out of me to cum on my cock when he fucked me.

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