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Meeting That Special Someone Online

by nc27beachgal (nc27beachgal)
Online friends, Chat, Forums, Personals, Email... The list goes on and on. So how do you find that special someone online? Well, it depends on where you are looking. Let's say you are searching profiles and see someone who catches your eye. From here you can send them an email and ask them more about themselves. If you see someone in a chatroom that interests you, then you can also talk to them in open chat. Personally, I find that chatrooms are the best for one simple reason. You can get to know the person before pursuing anything with them!

Think about it. While you are in chat, you can not only view their profile as you are chatting with them, but you can also get a general idea of their attitude by watching how they react to different people and conversations. I also feel that someone who takes the time to enter a chatroom is also looking for more than just sex. They tend to be looking for friendship and possibly even a true relationship. Of course, if you start a conversation in email, you can ask them to meet you in chat at a specific time to talk on a more personal level.

There They Are!
When you see someone that you are interested in, what do you do? What do you say? Well, I will make it really simple! Say, "Hello!" Perhaps ask how they are doing. It's that simple. If they are interested in you, it will usually start a conversation right away. Ask them more about themselves, things that are not in their profile, or ask them about something in their profile. If the conversation lasts more than thirty minutes and flows freely (meaning very few pauses) you have a good start. Talk in open chat first and then ask if they would like to move to private messages if they have not already done so. Sometimes people can talk for only an hour or two and feel like they've known each other their entire lives. Other times it takes a bit longer for a bond to form. Once you both/all feel comfortable and are interested in going to the next step, you can exchange phone numbers. Just watch out. That phone bill will get you of you aren't careful!

The Real Thing
OK! So, you've looked at each others' profiles, traded email messages, chatted in open chat, sent private messages, and maybe even phoned each other a few times. Now it's time to meet this person you are interested in. When do you meet, and where? The answers all depend on you and where you feel most comfortable. Generally, people feel more comfortable meeting in a public place such as a bar or club, cafe, or restaurant. Each of these places has their pros and cons. While a bar or club tends to have a lot of people around, you must remember that there may be drinking involved and something could happen that you might regret afterwards. A restaurant is a good place to meet but it can get a bit pricey depending on where you go. A cafe is a really good choice. Many cafes have music playing and it's a very relaxing setting, especially for a first date. The other alternative would be to meet at either your home or theirs. If you are a single male or female going to meet a couple or a single female going to meet a male, please either bring a friend with you or meet in a public place unless you have talked long enough to gain their trust. After all is said and done, always go with your instinct. It's normal to feel a bit nervous or even a bit scared, especially if you are new to the scene, but, always go with your instinct. If you have a feeling or something is telling you that something is wrong, DON'T DO IT! Otherwise, relax and have fun!

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