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Maintaining and Cleaning Your Sex Toy

by Laura & Steve (ladyred77)
Here are a few recommendations to ensure your toy will treat you as well as you treat it.
  1. Clean your toys with a little soap and warm water.  You can also use hydrogen peroxide but do not submerge any part of a vibrator that holds the batteries.
  2. Silicone Sex Toys can be boiled for up to 3 minutes unless they are electrical and contain batteries.  You can also clean them with a bleach solution, or even run through your dishwasher.  If you're not sure what it's made of then stick to warm water and soap.  In the end you will want to replace older Dildos if cracks become visible.  These areas can potentially contain bacteria and be harmful to you.
  3. Do not use Oil products on latex! That means oil-based lubricants, massage oils, vegetable oil or any product that an oil based product. If in doubt always use warm water and soap.
  4. We hate to sound repetitive but WARM WATER and SOAP are your best alternatives.

The folks at Libida have the following advice, based on the type of material the toy is made out of:
Silicone: Vastly superior to rubber or vinyl dildos, silicone warms up quickly, retains body heat, is non-porous and easy-to-clean. Cleaning: Run it through the dishwasher or boil it on the stove (3-5 minutes) and viola! -- your toy is sterilized.
Jellies: These dildos are made of a translucent, soft, and flexible substance that looks like it contains air bubbles. Cleaning: This material is a non-porous form of rubber that can be cleaned with mild soap and hot water.
Rubber: Firm, flexible, and often heavy, rubber dildos are porous and often need more care to clean than the average toy. Cleaning: Rubber dildos should always be used with condoms, but can be cleaned with mild soap and water.
Trueskin: This material is soft and supple, and looks and feels remarkably like skin. Cleaning: Rinse with hot water, or disinfect by putting alcohol onto a cloth and lightly rubbing (avoid soap or harsh detergents); to keep the silky feel, sprinkle with cornstarch or talc.
Latex: Use only water-based lubes on latex, as oil-based substances will break it down. Cleaning: Latex is non-porous and easy to clean.
Vinyl: Vinyl toys are light in weight, easy to clean, and come in many different forms and colors. Cleaning: Vinyl products are non-porous, and can be washed with mild soap and hot water.
If using your toys with multiple partners and it seems to kill the mood to clean the toy between partners you can always use condoms for each partner.  However, at the end of your lovemaking you should always clean your toys and store them in a cool, dry place.

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