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Making BP a Safe Place to Play

by Lioness (Lionessa)
The Internet is a great tool for business, research, and social interaction with others. We control our own social environment. You can meet new people without fear. It is not as awkward as trying to converse in a crowded noisy bar yelling at each other to hear. You may be in the comfort of your own home sipping martinis, with the latest music on the stereo, or at your local library or Cyber Cafe chatting with friends while drinking a latte interacting on the Internet... You feel confident and secure. You don't have to worry about being shy.

This is all a part of the beauty and the lure of the Internet, but is this all good? You may unknowingly be putting yourself at risk. You need to stop and think about what you are doing. When we are face to face with someone it totally different from chatting on the Internet. We do not see body movements, or nervous twitches. We cannot here the inflection of ones voice to really know if what someone said was said with anger, frustration or jokingly. We miss that intuitive feeling we get sometimes when close to someone in person.

Bisexual Playground is dedicated to the security and confidentiality of your personal information. When members join, a profile has to be filled out. This is not just something to rush through to get on the site. There is a purpose for the questions asked. Common sense tells you that a site whose profile takes less than five minutes to complete, will not do as good a job as one that takes closer to an hour. Think about it...the faster it takes to complete your profile the more likely you are to meet people who are incompatible or worse. Put some thought into filling out your profile. Do not use your real name. Description is self explanatory. Don't put personal information in there such as where you go to school, work or the name of the bar down the street where you hang out. numbers, email addresses and other web sites are not allowed. Be open and honest with your answers and fill the profile out appropriately.

Members are required to provide accurate personal information and to use the web site, or communicate with other members, as explained in the conditions of use Just keep safety in mind when doing so. You do not want to put anything down that someone could use to find you with. Be sure to use a legitimate email address. No one will see this but the webmasters.

The Site may use your contact information to contact you concerning issues about your membership including but not limited to alerting you that your membership will expire, and the status of your membership or your mailbox. You can always turn emails off later. Remember this is an adult site and members must be 18 to join. Don't put a picture of you as a minor or one of you with a minor child in your profile. It will be removed. Think about it this way...When you go out to a swing club, or bar, you are not going to bring your children. Those are places for adults to enjoy. The same applies here. For member safety, if you are concerned about who may see your pictures, then you can put them under private so no one can see them without you giving them your pin number that only you have.

Well now you have joined, the site looks inviting...what next? The site has a TOS (terms of service). All members should read this and become acquainted with what it says. We all have to agree to abide by these rules when we join. The TOS covers everything from acceptance of terms to copyright notice, including refunds, violations, member obligations, fraud and misrepresentation and much more. The Site Guidelines are also listed for members to read. These are essentially the do's and don'ts that members need to follow while on BP. The privacy policy consists of facts concerning the collection and disclosure of your information. This may be important to you if you pay membership fees by credit card. It also covers control of your membership and much more.

Now you have read those over and feel confident knowing the site has member safety as a top priority, now what do you do? Of course we always want to believe the best of someone, after all, that's what we want them to believe about us, but we do have to be careful... Remember this is the Internet, and predators don't necessarily lurk around schools and playgrounds in trench coats. As a matter of fact, they mostly look like you and I, normal everyday people. They come from all walks of life, white collar workers, blue collar workers, priests and ministers, public officials and even teachers.

Here are some basic do's and don'ts about getting to know others, using the site to its best advantage and having a successful meet up with other BP Members...

Always plan meeting with safety being of the utmost concern. Leave the real name along with their site nickname, phone number of the person, address if you have it and the location you will be meeting at with someone you can trust.

Plan to meet for your first time in well lit places where there will be other people around in case you need help. This could be a local tavern or bar, restaurant, book store like Boarders, or even an open park.

Only when you feel comfortable, and feel confident the person is who they say they are and you are both in agreement, make plans to go to one or the others home or local hotel.

If something makes you unsure, follow that feeling. Don't just think its a case of over excitement or sexual jitters. It's always best to be safe rather than sorry later. Make plans to meet again and see if that same feeling is there. If so, then move on.

Never carry large amounts of cash on you. Always have change to use a pay phone if you need to call a taxi, or to a friend and for a ride home if needed.

Remember a good relationship will only be enhanced by respecting each other's concern regarding personal safety and space.

The webmasters, moderators, and assistants all do their best to help and make everyone's stay here on Bisexual Playground fun, safe, and a pleasant experience. There are times however, when we may miss something, and this is where we need members help. You, as a member, can help make the site a safer place by reporting anything that is a violation of the Terms of Service, or looks suspicious. We all try to do our part to make this a safe community where all can feel free to express themselves and explore their curiosities. See you on the site!

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