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Stainless Steel Sex Toys

by Tee & Not Playing (ionsawmill)
Stainless steel: whether it's wrapping a DeLorean, lying beside your dinner plate, or facing the appliances in your fancy new kitchen, stainless steel has an allure that is easy to understand. It's smooth, it's hard, conducts heat and electricity and reflects light like a mirror. It will also last forever, if treated with care. If you're the sort who likes a more firm G-spot or prostate stimulation, stainless is a must. The smooth surface is non-allergenic, won't absorb lubricant like latex, and doesn't break down with your favorite lube like silicone or latex can. It's also unbreakable, doesn't bend and actually has antibacterial properties. If you decide not to keep your toy forever, it's 100% recyclable. Beat that!

Stainless steel is made by mixing iron and chromium, with the chromium making up from 11% to 26% of the alloy, depending on the application. The chromium forms a passivation layer of chromium oxide when exposed to oxygen. This layer, which is impervious to water and air, protects the metal beneath and quickly reforms when the surface is scratched.

Because it's a metal, stainless transmits heat and cold much better than other types of sex toy materials. It can be placed in the refrigerator, freezer or a pot of warm water to lower or raise its temperature. Because it is corrosion resistant and impervious to water and air, it is incredibly easy to care for. Stainless is non-porous, and can be disinfected with a weak bleach solution (10% or less), rubbing alcohol or simply by running it through the dishwasher. (Skip the rinsing agents. They can cause corrosion in some low-chromium stainless and can also irritate the genitalia.) Dry well with a soft cloth and your toy is ready for action.

Metals are excellent conductors of electricity, so stainless toys can be used as one pole of dipole electrical stimulation kits. Just make sure the connection between the toy and the leads is secure, and follow the manufacturer's warnings.

Some of the anal plugs made of stainless steel are works of art, much like the new borosilicate glass items that have recently hit the market. Warning: you may like your new stainless toy so much you want to leave it out on the mantle, or on the headboard of your bed. They're just that beautiful.

Remember that scene in the Christmas movie where the kid gets his tongue stuck on the flagpole? Keep this in mind if you decided to freeze your stainless toy. Let it thaw a little before using. Likewise, if you decide to warm your toy, check it against your skin (like the back of your hand) to make sure it's safe for your more sensitive parts. Check for scratches or burrs before use, as even a small scratch can open up microtears in your anus or genitals, making lovemaking into bloodsport.

Stainless might be a little more expensive (around three to four times the cost of plastic or silicone) but with all of the above going for it, it's sure to become a favorite part of your adult toy collection.

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bisexual14uPaid MemberSuper Profile
Stainless steel is nice but is definitely a bit pricy in this particular day and age, as of this posting anyway.
Another nice alternative is glass toys!!
April 18th, 2023 4:36 PM

longcockSuper Profile
I agree ,stainless is a great way to go
April 20th, 2022 9:08 PM

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