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How to go about finding people on BP to hook up with

by Lioness (Lionessa)
Wow! I just joined this really cool site and it has all these neat hot horney people so I'm gonna send all these emails and hook up then get me some right away and, and, and lol ...whoa slow down there...

There are actually many ways on BP to go about meeting others, some right and others not so right if it's a good connection you are looking for.

The icons on the top of the pages can be very helpful. If you click on the browse or search icon, you can enter information to find that special someone. Just fill what you are interested in and click. Or if you are looking on Browse Online Members and you see someone who interests you click as well on their membername. Clicking a membername will always bring you to that member's profile. On each member's profile, there will always be a Send Mail button. Press that button to contact that member!

Members come and go. People sometimes ask why don't I get a response from all these people. They write nice letters and it's like no one cares. Well most of the time it's not that. They might be past their free trial and need to upgrade to a paid membership to access their mail. Go to their profile and look in the bottom right.

It will say: Last Updated: date and time PM
Last Uploaded: date and time AM
Last Online: date and time PM
Last Location: Online Members

Look at the last Online date. Is it over 30 days old? If a member is past their 30 day free trial and does not have a $ symbol next to their name they cannot access their mail here at the site until they upgrade. You can tell a member's status by looking next to their name. You can write them, and they will get a mail notification sent to their regular email address saying they have mail at Bisexual Playground, but they won't be able to read/reply to your letter unless they come back and become a paying member.

It has been proven that members will come back and upgrade if they have mail waiting for them. It could just be that money was tight that month, or something unexpected came up that they needed the money for. Some people have jobs that yes, (sigh) do in real life take them away from their computer for extended periods of time.

If that's the case, drop a quick note anyway if you're interested. It doesn't have to say much. It could be short and sweet like, Hi saw your profile and liked what I saw. When you come back to BP I hope you look me up. You could even make a preset message and use that for those members who do not appear active presently, but will return at a later date. Using preset messages could also work to your advantage, but make sure it is written in general terms so it would apply to any member or group. You could also create a separate preset message for couples, guys etc. if you so choose.

This will definately increase your chances down the road. Believe it or not we have had people come back to the site and upgrade after being gone for over 10 years.

Ok so now what do I do? Read the rest of the profile over. Look it over very carefully and make sure you match what they are looking for before going even one step further. One example that irritates so many members is that their sexual preference even though listed seems to be something that is totally ignored. I have heard many times from members that are lesbian (or gay etc) complaining when some guy (or woman) writes them asking for a date. Their complaint is well justified.

Are you too old or young for them? Make sure you're within their age category that they have listed. Also make sure if they live far from you that you check the Will travel distance. Why waste time asking someone who cannot travel to hook up with you who lives thousands of miles away and won't travel over 10 miles away and you can't travel to them?

On each profile is a little switch called Show Full Profile. Click this to expand the member's full profile. Another pet peave from members that I hear about is that they get tired of people sending email or trying to talk to them either in chat or IM wanting to cyber or have phone sex. Look in section three and take special note of where it says What activities are you interested in? If a member does not have cyber sex, or phone sex down, do not ask them to cyber or have phone sex with you. Just because in the Will go as far as section has internet and phone down, they are not there for that purpose.

OK now we have read over their profile and they are still as hot in your mind as ever and you're ready to initiate contact. Now what? Well you're over half the way there.

Email them! Let them know you are interested. In everyones profile on the right hand side you will find Action buttons. Click on the Send Mail button to send them a message. Now the biggie... what do I write? I loved your cock / pussy picture. Um NO! This is just one example of a poorly written email and your chances are slim that you will get the type of response you are hoping for. Do not use it. Be open and honest with the person. Tell them what you liked in their profile and share something about yourself. Also, ask them questions to keep the conversation going and show that you are interested learning about them.

Explain what struck your interest in them in the first place. Remember you're hoping to meet someone not turn them off. Don't make crude comments, or sexual wisecracks. Doing so could very well turn someone off that you could have had a great opportunity with down the road.

So today you come to the site and behold you have responses to your email! They loved your letter and are interested in getting together! Great but what now? You have an attack of the hornies and can't wait to finally get relief.

Well slow down there. What I have found best and other members whom I have talked to about this suggest the following... Get to know them better. You can share phone numbers and contact information through the BP email system. Send more emails, make phone calls back and forth, talk to them and get to know each other first and share pictures. Make sure you are comfortable with them, and you believe what they are saying to you. Now is the time to share any concerns you may have. If you have any doubts, then let it go and move on. New people join BP every day. Nothing is worse than going to meet someone and you discover they are not what they said they were.

Meet in an open place such as a bar or restaurant, and if at all possible always let someone else know where you will be and who you are meeting. It's always best to be safe rather than sorry down the line.

So remember, always use some class when writing an email. It will definitely get you better results. If you do not hear back right away from an active member do not get upset or send a rude email back. Some people do not get on the website every day. When writing to a couple, know that sometimes one half may read the emails and then prefer to respond when both parties are there to write back. Give them a few days to reply. If it's a newbie, remember they maybe a little nervous, even shy and unsure so give them time.

When I first came here I was very nervous, yes even very nieve to this lifestyle and not sure how to respond to emails. I had received a nice email from a local couple and was taking my time in responding. I wanted to, but wasn't sure what to write back and wanted my reply to sound right. Because of my hesitation, they blocked me from emailing or contacting them through IM here on the site. Had they given me a few days to respond we may have met and had a wonderful relationship or meet-up. Instead it was their loss and my gain, because not too long after I received another email from a wonderful couple whom I am still in contact with and see off and on to this very day.

Now get out, enjoy the site and have a great time meeting others!

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bisexual14uPaid MemberSuper Profile
We TOTALLY agree with Marcy!!!
April 7th, 2021 10:47 PM
MarcySuper Profile
This should be mandatory reading for Members... the new overzealous members and even the members that have been around awhile, yet still have not learned. And YES... READ THE PROFILE!! READ THE PROFILE!! READ THE PROFILE!!! It would save so much time and energy!!! Great article, Nessa!!
April 12th, 2020 10:35 PM
BillnPattieWebmasterModeratorPaid MemberOutstanding MemberSuper Profile
Nice Article Nessa!
April 12th, 2020 8:45 PM

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