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Bisexual, Bi-Curious, Bi-Friendly

by Tom & Jen (MysteriousUnison)
Disclaimer: We are not experts in anything except maybe Final Fantasy or aspects of D&D. As such, this is merely our view and not to be intended as a definitive guide to deciding any aspect of your life.

What does the term "bisexual" mean to most people?
Generally speaking, it describes an individual who is equally attracted to either sex for the purpose of a relationship, whether it be physical, emotional, or a mixture of the two. A person who identifies as bi-curious is commonly considered to be curious about their sexuality, most likely in the physical sense.

A lot of people get confused by the terms. Some will consider anyone who engages in any sort of same-sex physical activity to be fully bisexual, while others will call a man bi-curious even if he's been performing oral sex on male lovers for years, just because he hasn't experienced every possible act.

It's a personal choice. Some people dislike labels. Some people cling to them and proudly proclaim their orientation, while others are forced by necessity to remain silent about their lifestyle.

This is where I bring out statistics and affirm that at least one out of every ten people identify as GLBT, whether they're honest with themselves or not.

The fact is that like all labels they only apply to those who are willing to take them. It is no one's decision but your own as to how you identify. No one can or should try to change who you are for any reason; everyone has the right to their preferences as long as all involved are consenting and aware. So, are you bisexual, bi-curious, omnisexual, transgendered, gay, lesbian, straight, slightly bent or do you merely not care? It doesn't really matter, after all, not to the ones who truly care about you.
Lady of Mysteries, Daughter of the Arcane

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I couldn't agree more. I was bi-curious for a long time, driven not by any attraction to men, but by my curiosity about how a woman felt when she was giving head or getting fucked. I knew how I felt to have sex, what was it like for women? Over a couple of years I was encouraged by an online female friend to find out, and I eventually tried sucking cock. Now I understand why women like to suck cock! So I sucked more, and more, quickly replacing my curiosity with lust and desire. Not lust for men as I lust for women, just for the taste and feel of cock in my mouth. Eventually I satisfied my curiosity about anal sex too, and enjoyed a lot of cock for a couple of years, especially with two fully bisexual married couples. In time, I turned back 100% to women, and have only been with women for many, many years. I'm still not attracted to men other than their cocks, but I do fantasize every day, and would suck cock if given the opportunity. I just don't actively seek them out. A few of my past girlfriends know about my past, and I enjoyed fantasizing with them about sucking cock, being called cocksucker, cockslut, cockwhore, cumslut, etc. Our little secret! I do enjoy those labels, difficult to argue with any of them since that's what I've done. But am I bisexual? Certainly at one time, I think, but now, after many years? Or am I merely bicurious again since I'm not actively partaking. Actually, I don't care. Just call me your cockslut as we both suck juicy cocks while we're fucking.
April 15th, 2020 1:14 PM
I want feel good sex women or man..
April 30th, 2019 4:12 PM

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