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Age, Preference:
49, Bi-Curious
Gender, Race:
Male Caucasian
Practice Safe Sex:
Most of the time
I am a newbie (no experiences)
5' 9, 180 lbs. (Average)
Short Dark Brown
Eye Color:
I don't have glasses
Interested In Ages:
26 - 55
Looking For:
Single Men
Single Women
Will go as far as:
Meeting in person
Short Term Relationship
Long Term Relationship
Interested In:
M-M-F Threesome
M-F-M Threesome
F-M-F Threesome
Group Sex
I am a 30something single, cute male, traditional background but bored with regular heterosex. I am ready to try something naughty/taboo. Very taboo. I have been fantasizing a lot lately about being with a married couple who want a full contact sex playmate to please them both. I have never had any experiences with men, but I have finally realized that I really want it. My fantasy is to find a sexy couple that will help me (gently, but urgently and sincerely) explore this new side of my sexuality. My favorite fantasy is to find an older (39-55) sexy couple that have been happily married a while, but want a little-bit submissive male to tease, tempt, titilate, and then firmly fuck. They shoud be very classy, clean and professional and well educated. A big turn on involves both being effective, well respected, but harried professionals who need a hot outlet for pent up tensions. I am the outlet. or would that be inlet? I can't wait to figure it out. I don't mind snobs if you don't mind me not being to much of one. They should be well off, or at least quite comfortable. Part of this fantasy is satisfying a couple that are bored with other things, and want a lot of wet sex to placate them She can be busty or not (though a big chest is a serious turn on), but she should be wide in the hips (not overweight) and have plenty of cheek low and outside. hehehe. Oh, and her pussy should be big with think pouty lips and a sweet taste... She should like silky/satiny clothing that accentuates her voluptuousness. A atarting point of this fantasy is my extreme attraction to the wife even though I learn that I have the hots for the husband once an accidental introduction is complete He should be slim/athletic but not a bodybuilder. He is sensative to me, but also hungry for satisfaction and not afraid to make this happen... slowely, gently, then.... He should have model-like good looks, because at the moment that is the only guy I can see myself ready to try this with. He should be slightly taller (6 feet nice) and well hung. I will consider average size manhood, but I really want the "full" experience for my first one. Going all the way you know!, so I should have it served up right. I am average to small myself, so I guess this is terribly hypocritical, but over the last year or so I have gravitated to viewing traditional porn that features big/huge hung men and have developed a serious interest in the well endowed. I have numerous fantasies of being "feminized" by this sexy and horny couple. They are subtle, but communicative about sexual interest and desires. They are both discreet professionals with good careers who think of me as their little boytoy. They want to show me that "they" are in charge and expect affection and satisfaction from me. They DO NOT have other relationships outside of ours, for one simple reason - safety. I want to ride "bareback" on my new cowboy, and I don't want to have to say "no" when he is ready to fill me with pudding, Just because i am worried about catching something seriously bad. Let me be straight (lol)... I want cum inside me, and not my own. I want it in my mouth AND my love tunnel. I want to become a cum guzzler. Oops! damn, now I brought it down to that level.... hehehe. I am readyforboth of you! Are you ready for me?
Getting Together:
readyforboth has never gotten together with someone through a site like this before.
readyforboth can entertain at their home.
readyforboth would like to meet at a Bar.
readyforboth can travel up to 1000 miles.
Ideal Situation:
My ideal situation: She calls me to fix her computer. I come over and introduce myself. She insists on me calling her "Mrs. (insert name here)" , so I do. Obviously she wants me to know that she has a husband and considers herself HIS. We start to talk about her computer problem. I notice that she is wearing a skin-tight workout body suit that reveals every ample curve and REALLY shows off her pouty, perfect pussy and pillowy breasts. She is not the least bit shy about the fact that her clothing accents all of her best assets and though it is not see-through, and she could not be called "scantilly clad", she is still TOTALLY revealing herself. She leads me to the computer, I start to fix it, she is very close to me and I can smell her perfume (very slight) ad her muskiness (very pronounced) I am really starting to get turned on. She leans over me a lot, leans against me, presses her hips and legs into me, she doesn't press her chest to me but I can see that she wants me to notice and appreciate it. She is subtle about it all, but persistant and creative. This carries on for a while as I fix the computer, then she offers me coffee and we adjourn to the kitchen. There she starts the coffee and then stands facing me from across the room. I am extremely arroused, she is absolutely breathtaking. My eyes explore her from top to bottom to top again, over and over, she doesn't turn away. I can tell she wants me to appreciate her. I DO! She insists that I take a look at their other computer, which is in their bedroom. I follow her there. The computer is already running, and as I log in with the uname/pword she provides (which is very naughty...), some very revealing pictures immediately appear, I realize that she is the model. She feigns embarrassment and reaches over me (breasts against me now, and firmly) as she covers my hand on the mouse and makes poor attempts at closing the windows. I realize she is just closing them so I can see the others. Everything is very explicit, she is doing things to a well hung man that make my mouth water, and I find that my ass puckers slightly. I realize how turned on I am, she now pretends to be flustered and steps back from me a few paces. She says that she needs to check on the coffee downstairs. She dissapears to the kitchen and leaves me with her own pornography on the screen! I click through the images, feeling guilty but absolutely arroused at the same time. her husband is really giving it to her. She doesn't come back for a while and I sneak a quick peak in some drawers nearby only to discover her silky, satiny panties and bras. I look through some, feeling them, smelling them, when she comes back in. She is halfway into the room, I know she sees me, she smiles a cocky, confident smile like she knew I was going to do that. I put them down, I tell her, "I am sorry Mrs. Smith but you are so attractive. I can't believe how sexy you look right now. I know I shouldn't be saying this but I can't help it. You are gorgeous. " She flushes red and I notice her nipples are harder then before. I think I can see some wetness through the bodysuit, just around the center of her well-outlined pussy lips. She asks me what is so sexy, I move closer and gently touch her hips, staring at her ample chest, I slowely kneel, I proceed to caress her and describe in detail her sexiness. She turns and I continue the description of her fucking gorgous rear end. I imagine what it would be like to plant my face right in there. She turns back around, she has her hands on my arms now, i can tell she is so arroused. I say "Mrs, Smith, will you let me touch you?" she hesitates a bit long and then says "only through my clothes". This is fine with me because I can see a huge wet spot on her body suit now. I proceed to gently carress her there, her breath quickens, her chest heaves invitingly, i contine for while carressing her very wet pussy and her sensuous hips and thighs, then I go for more... I move my face next to her tummy and kiss her teasingly, gently, she doesn't make me stop. I kiss again in another spot, and another. I have my nerve and my desire up now so I go for broke. I ask breathlessly, "Mrs. Smith, will you let me taste you?" She says yes quickly, she starts to remove the body suit, as it slides off of her I become so exited, she slowly wiggles it down past her hips, and then I work it down slowly to her thighs as her very wet and pouty pussy lips are revealed. He pussy is slightly higher then me as I kneel in front of her, I taste her. I stroke her lips with my toungue and suck her juice right into my mouth and swallow. She doesn't make me stop. We continue for a quite awhile, she is breathless and moaning, and then suddenly her husband walks ino the room. I am a startled and frightened becuase he is a specimen of a man, but she is not perturbed, and gently grabs my head, guiding my face back into her crotch. he husband is watching, She urges me to remove my clothes, I am not sure about this I hesitate. She TELLS me to remove me clothes, I am very hesitant but I don't want to stop licking her, and the threat that this is the alternative is well implied. I take off everything. Her husband is watching. She plunges my mouth back over her flower, I suck greedily. Her husband is next to her now, and I notice that his pants are off and he is wearing tight briefs. I see how big he is. I am captivated by it. I keep stealing glances at his bulge as I a suck on her. I can see he is getting hard. His huge hard on is now starkly outlined by his tight underwear. I notice that his head is starting to peak above the wasteband. I am absolutely enthralled. Noticing were my attention is focused, she reaches down to her husband and carresses him gently, massaging him. He is very hard now, and as he peels his tight underwear down, his thick, long, swollen gorgeous cock falls forward, right toward me, I notice how excited I am by this, I look into his eyes, he looks right through me, and he knows that I am going taste him too. I realize how sexy he looks, and that I know that I am ready to try him, I lean forward, hesitantly, I hestitate longer, I look up into their eyes, I look down at his throbbing cock, I say " I've never done this before", they know exactly what I mean. He moves perceptibly closer to me. I feel his hand gently cup the back of my head. I resist lightly, he doesn't force me, I look into his eyes, he is smiling passionately because he knows I can't help myself now.... I lean forward until his huge swollen crown is centimeters from my lips, I slowly, gently move forward and close my lips around him, my tongue searches hungrily for him and finds him. I sensuously explore his head, I suck gently, then firmly, I taste him, I want to taste more. I don't know what I am doing, but I know I don't want to stop! After sucking him slowly, explicitely, lovingly for a while I switch back to his wife. She is sopping wet, I suck and lick and taste and swallow. I switch back and forth between them for awhile then, they lead me to the bed. I am between them, we caress and I suck them both even more. I am hungier now and she recognizes that I am ready to take him inside me. She lays on her back and pulls my mouth onto her. I lick and suck and love her musky, wet swollen twat. Without thinking about it I got on my knees, legs spread genlty, and arch my back. She has her hand on my head now, she is guiding my oral explorations. Suddenly I feel the bed move back and forth behind me, I don't know what is going on until suddenly her husbands hands are caressing and gently squeezing my hips and cheeks. I lsteal a furtive look back.. HE IS RIGHT BEHIND ME! His huge cock is towering just over my bum. It is absolutely rock hard and throbbing, and at that moment, I realize that he is going to enter me. There is no doubt about it. I anticipate it. I want it. I crave it! He caresses my entry with his hand... he is working me up to it. He is sooooo good at this. He teases and eases me, Then he gently probes the lips of my tunnel with his head. I begin to realize just how big he is. Over the next 10 mins he slowly works hes giant, swollen, steel-hard head into me, finally my sphincter collapses onto his thick shaft as the hard valley at the back of his head is crested. There is absoltely no doubt about it now.... I have a man's cock in my bum. There's no denying it, he works himself deeper into me. He pumps me, I respond, he throbs inside me, I quiver....

and the rest.... is reserved for the right couple to learn first hand!.

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7.9/10 by 14 people

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waiting for a hot couple to please

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I agree with LadyXandra!
I recently found my couple
Hi there, this is Vince. I have a suggestion... Take the situations in your description and ideal situation and write them in a fiction story format (staring you of course) and post the stories in the forum under the erotic fiction section because they are well thought out and I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy reading them...
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